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Everything posted by KaySLAy

  1. Guys my gta 5 is running at buttery smooth 60 fps on my ps4 since today possibly after a small patch. I really wonder because i cant find any news or anyone mentioning gta 5 went 60 fps on the internet. Do you guys also have it?
  2. I realized it was the tv settings. Its a latest sony shit and makes it smoother than 60fps only on hdmi1. It does the same to the cable tv. However the setting is not recommended for movies. Makes them look like a documentary
  3. its 60fps in both sp and mp. i really wonder what has happened here. it is really fluid 60 fps makes a huge difference. its really awesome playing gta 5 on 60fps i dont think i can go back to 30 fps now. Maybe considering the extra fluidness im guessing it even might be the TV thats doing it here, but its still awesomely weird.
  4. Single player. Mp didnt work due to server maintenance
  5. Im pretty sure its always been 30fps but since yesterday the difference is so obviousalmost like when you play games on 75hz monitor. Its just way smoother
  6. The development kit 2 is out. Can't wait for the total immersion. I'll wait on investing on proper joystick and rudder pedals since i've preordered the rift 2. I think dualshock4 does a pretty good job in flight control except shortage of one or two but not that much necessary buttons. Hope there will be no motion sickness effect in space combat. I can just imagine getting closer to my huds to see the details or peek up to see whats down below. or stare at random stuff in space as flying by. What's your take on oculus rift support on star citizen? who's preordered the rift 2?
  7. im doing it right now. servers looking good so far except the long loading screens as usual
  8. okay so got my DK2 yesterday. felt sick after trying different demos for couple of hours today. it seems there is no official dk2 support for SC yet. anyone have any idea when is the support coming out or a way around to get it work?
  9. The first thing i noticed was if the missiles are fired from the front the flares can't do nothing. could be the key to get a real player with missiles.
  10. As we followers aware of the next great starship event, we have witnessed some true passion and talenthood from participants. The winners are: 1st place : Four horsemen - Redeemer class gun ship. Totally glorious looking piece of art. I was digging the 3rd place winner 3dingo's ship before i saw the white version of the four horsemen ship. 2nd place: Shard collective - Origin AX114. A trully badass looking ship. It reminds me of a super fast, aggressive attack helicopter. I must point that collective shard's semi-final round presentation was utterly badass, but unfortunately the video is not found on youtube. 3rd place: 3dingo - Anvil Phoenix AX. This is my personal best from the start. It's more of mass-effect type badass looking ship. Gives me shivers seeing the presentation video and how aggressively the ship flies. THE NEXT GREAT STARSHIP FINAL : Four horsemen and shard collective's ships are definitely going to be flying in the verse, but i haven't heard any confirmed statement about 3dingo's ship from either devs or Mr. Chris Roberts. I would very much like to see 3dingo's ship in my hangar in the first place. As much as i wanna own 3dingo, i also wanna have that white skinned redeemer. Which one of those would you like to be cruising in?
  11. Will probably update with a video impression when it arrives july-aug. it already looks way better than the original dev kit which i've tried only once. 1080p, motion tracking and zero noticeable latencies already looks one step away from the final release. People at Oculus rift already suggesting to wait till the full release, but i just could not wait T__T besides the star citizen, there are many goodies like assetto corsa (with drive force wheels) and you won't believe how many games out there for rift now. mot of them are free or cheap on steam.
  12. Boy we glad to have people like Weynard. More than having group of friends to cruise together, big organizations like this will be very dope. I hope we'll have big space stations and be able to land in the stations to take poop.
  13. Will you be selling Reality Corp stock? XD
  14. i'm thinking about completely stop playing from now on. save my gta cravings until the PC version comes out. btw just wondering if ill be able to transfer my character from ps3 to the PC. anyone got info on this?
  15. i enlisted a regular hornet here. now its + 300i
  16. can't wait to lock your speed on allies and flying in groups, looking for galactic intruders
  17. buttery smooth 60fps, but since the last patch theres blurry stuttering here and there. it eventually goes away in 2-3 seconds though. although when enemy ships explode or couple of ships at the same time on the screen it drops about approximately 30fps I7-3770 16GB ram gtx 780ti
  18. I'm a member of AJSA in star citizen. It means im part of this ranking and stuff right? I currently got a hornet, but thinking about getting freelancer as well, so can i be part of both exploring and fighting squads at the same time?
  19. Thrustmaster t16000, and thrustmaster t-flight, i heard they are on a bit sensitive side. they got too narrow dead zone i believe. My ideal combination is Saitek x52 HOTAS (105euro here) + Saitek rudder pedal (115euro) + Oculus rift DEV kit-2 (350USD + global shipping) I have ordered the rift already, but gonna wait on the joystick set until squadron 42. I'm so hard for squadron 42 now.
  20. I hope it's going to be some serious collective squadron.
  21. mouse is frustrating with this game. i tried dualshock4 and it works pretty well. might get a proper joystick when squadron 42 comes out.
  22. noone plays anymore?
  23. to be honest laser beams and space ships kinda sounds off to me. i was expecting more ultra realistic ww2 or even cold war even though they made it on the black ops. I came up with a cool idea for cod, it would have seperate country campaigns like the old cod games. its about russia and us (maybe some nato) against China/india/northkorea. East Ukraine dispute continues until 2017, and there had been a cold war going on already between NATO&US vs RUSSIA/NORTHKOREA/CHINA.US negotiates India to step in the game and side with the western allies by letting americans build army camps in their territory. (to aggregate china) - and papers been signed and its all over the news worldwide America ships its troops to india - meanwhile india, china, north korea secretly establishes an evil alliance and comes up with a plan occupy the whole world and make it one big communist empire. and they left russia out of this for also some fictional political reasons.US army lands in india (large amounts of soldiers and tanks and other equipment). the second day large army with no insignia tags attacks their temporary base and the us army barely holds off with large casualties. With large casualties, those soldiers will stand off days of attack until the reinforcement start arriving. and they prepare for offensive.In this part of US campaign, there will be multiple hold the ground missions, vehicle warfare and infiltration ops (stealth missions)Russia gets angry and sends large amount of troops to northern china through mongolia. meanwhile china orders north korea to launch its soon to be tested new type of nuclear rocket on saint-petersburg, Russia. So that's where the russian campaign kicks in. U start with russian special ops Spetsnaz intercepted the info about the north korean nuclear launch, infiltrating the north korean nuclear facility. Then you switch between two russia and us campaign like the old school cod games.the US will push from india side, the russia will push from north side and they meet up around beijing and final offensive.the best part is they are fighting up against half the populations of the world china and india combine, so you get to blast through large hordes of army. (like sometimes)
  24. firefly lamp that you can strap from your belt is pretty dope. and horse ui where u can slay enemies from your horse and your companions can ride horse. u can choose the saddle and horse style for both your comapnion and yourself. feels pretty guud to charge gloriously on the horse and chop off enemy heads