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  1. Schwabsteiger liked a post in a topic by Light in Greetings, fellow gamers!   
    Welcome to AJSA!
  2. MrDragneel liked a post in a topic by Light in Badge Idea's Poll!   
    This sounds like a great idea but I think it would be best to wait a bit till all of the havoc of launch is over XD
  3. Light liked a post in a topic by Corporate Agent A2 in Snipermex's epic 1,000th post celebration thread   
    You appear to have made a small mistake in one of your questions. Let me correct it for you.
    Q1: How the hell did you do this?!
    Answer: Through spamming the shit out of the forums to great amusement for the other members of the community. 
  4. Red Riding Ranger liked a post in a topic by Light in HEYOOO! From Sweden!   
    Welcome! What kind of games do you like to play?
  5. Funkymugshot liked a post in a topic by Light in Favorite RPG?   
    Final Fantasy all the way
  6. Rarity liked a post in a topic by Light in Shipping half done games   
    I think the most annoying thing that a company will do is put DLC on a disc and then charge the player money to unlock the DLC. If you are going to have DLC on the disc then don't have us pay EXTRA! I understand to have to play something for a while to unlock it as a reward but to have to pay money is just stupid.
  7. Light liked a post in a topic by brewski42 in Proudest Moment   
    Hands down the birth of my son. 
    Nothing can compare!
  8. Light liked a post in a topic by JillyMcFillly in Proudest Moment   
    Traveling alone halfway across the country to meet the love of my life for the first time. We're still together today, going on 7 years strong!
  9. Light liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Tabletop RPGs   
    roll20.net. Using Skype or Google Hangouts. Trying to find people to play a game on rpggeek.com or on an official site for a game
  10. Twistedanthony liked a post in a topic by Light in Good to be here   
    Welcome to the Army! I hope you enjoy the community!
  11. Light liked a post in a topic by Angry Joe in The AJSA Teamspeak (Video Tutorial & Instructions)   
    Hey guys so im going to show you how to Find our Teamspeak and Setup your Correct Permissions so that you can participate in events, play games with us and interact with other AJSA members over our Voice Server!
    Video Tutorial:

    Text Tutorial:
    1. Become a Recruit! - You MUST have been Approved as a Recruit or Member on the these Boards FIRST! You should be able to tell whether or not you have been approve by logging into the forums - if you can post to the various public locations then you have been approved. You can also look at what your Member Group in your profile.
    2. Go to our Teamspeak Server - Our Teamspeak 3 Server address is ts3.ajsagaming.com with no password required.
    3. Wait for Angry Bot! - Within 5 minutes in the chat our friendly neighborhood "Angry Bot" will start a text conversation tab with you. Follow his instructions. Click the link he issues you.
    4. Relog & Wait for New Permissions - After you follow "Angry Bot's" instructions Log out of the Server and Log back in. Angry Bot should then automatically change your permissions and assign you to the correct group within a few minutes. This group is usually the basic group, "Recruit" unless you are being promoted.
    5. Manual Method (If Automatic Method Fails) - If Angry Bot is busy or not responding. Try adding your permissions manually. In order to do this, log onto the forums, Click your name in the top Right hand corner of the site -> My Profile -> Edit My Profile.
    On this screen you should see a tab called "Teamspeak Integration", click it. 
    On this screen should be displayed "Link Privilege Key". To use this key, click on it and connect to the teamspeak server using the link. To manually apply it instead, open the Teamspeak "Permissions" dropdown menu on the Teamspeak client itself and select "Use Privilege Key". Wait a few moments for your permissions to change. Relog if they havent changed within 5 minutes.
    If you still have not been correctly assigned your group & icon, please contact an Officer, Commander or Teamspeak Admin.

    We have a steam group, If you would like to follow up on events or any announcements about Joe and the community please follow it.
    You can always follow us on the steam group through the steam page link
    or just find us on through the steam client.
  12. Megabuster liked a post in a topic by Light in Hi guys, I'm Megabuster. Nice to meet you :D   
    Hello! I loved playing Ratchet and Clank as a kid and you just brought back many memories I agree with you on the Kingdom Hearts series being one of the best game series around and I am looking forward to 2.5 and 3 :3
  13. Light liked a post in a topic by Uberhat in Hello! :3   
    Hey Light, a fellow Runescaper huh? I was really big into it a few years back but I have a bit of a *cough* PC-problem at the moment, so I don't play as much anymore, though that may change a bit soon.
    Great to have you in the Angry Army! I look forward to seeing you around.
  14. Dixie15 liked a post in a topic by Light in Hearthstone / Shameless YouTube mention   
    Welcome! I actually have been wondering about this game and I will def. check out your channel to find out more about it   
  15. Uberhat liked a post in a topic by Light in Hello! :3   
    Hello all!
    My name is Tyler and I am a huge gamer. I am currently 16 (2 months from 17) and I live in California. I am a Junior in High School and plan on going into programming for my career. My dream is to be able to be part of a huge game franchise and be able to say that I helped to create something that brings joy to a bunch of people.
    I have been playing games since about the age of 4 and I think my first was a Final Fantasy VII. (Best game ever) As you can tell I am a RPG player, I love the feeling of progressing and getting stronger as I progress. I do take part in some shooters or other genres but you will see me playing mostly RPGS.
    But to add onto my gaming rep, I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE MMO player. There are many mmo sites out there and I have played pretty much any MMO from the last 15 years. I think my first mmo was Runescape Classic because I was at my school's bookfair and saw a strategy guide for it. After begging my parents for 6 bucks I bought it and started playing. And MAN was i sucked into the game. Long story short I never put it down and played for years then discovered more MMOs. 
    If you have any questions about me or what I like to do then just ask away!  
    Bye! :3