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  1. and I'm hoping with enough people/interest we can upgrade to a county or dutchy.
  2. Hey everyone. Some of you may or may not remember me from ESO. I've taken a bit of a break from heavy gaming. But I'm getting back into it and looking into up and coming games/revisiting ESO. So I was just curious if anyone else has paid into/crowdfunded Chronicles of Elyria? If you do decide to join please use my friend code F13AF0 for the referral bonus for my barony. You're also more than welcome to join my barony if you do decide to play later! Just shoot me a message and I'll send you the discord link to it
  3. I wish ESO didn't suck as bad as it did...because I love and miss you all! But ESO blew. I haven't been impressed by any current MMOs...but I'm desperately awaiting SW Battlefront and maybe someday I might see EQ Next be released. I'm an MMO girl. Preferably MMO PvP . But I've had too much going on with real life commitments to be around...
  4. Sorry I've not been around much! I am trying to get ready to go out of the country on July 11th and won't be back until July 19th. I've not been on much as I've had real life obligations take over. We will hopefully have decided what we are going to do with the PVP servers by the time I leave, so that when I get back we can go back to our happy raiding schedule. Know that I'll be thinking of you guys as I'm sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas in them on the beach
  5. it would be good to know what everyone thinks on this and know exactly what they plan on doing with the servers. I am getting ready to go out of the country on vacation and would like to have it squared away before I go...
  6. We are deleting the inactive members from AJSA and AJSA Silver so that we can merge the two guilds together to have all of our most active players in the same place. That means you may be kicked from AJSA Silver. Please check your notifications for an invite to AJSA. If you are no longer in either guild, please post to be reinvited!
  7. We will be having PVP training days for people who want to learn more before the big raid events every Wednesday at 7 PM CST. We will still be doing our Saturday events at 3 pm every Saturday. Tuesdays and Fridays we will be guesting to other servers to help guilds we have alliances with. The 1st Sunday of the month we will be doing skyshard quests for those of you who are asking. Thursdays will be PVE raid day - namely Craglorn...but for non vets we will try to organize raids on those days for you as well depending on who shows up. So to break it down: 1st Sunday of the month at 3pm CST - Skyshard questing Tuesday - Guest PVP raiding 7pm CST Wednesday - PVP training 7 pm CST Thursday - PVE Raiding/Craglorn - 7 pm CST Friday - Guest PVP raiding 7 pm CST Saturdays - Main PVP event! 3 pm CST
  8. Honestly, public speaking is the bane of my existence haha. You all put me on the spot which makes it worse! I'm not Joe. So not Joe. Last I knew Joe's not a chick, and I'm not a dude. And after 3 throat surgeries, my Angry Joe impression is weak lol. I'm not gonna lie, Joe's style of role playing makes it fun, and I do miss him coming to rally the troops. Thorker may be the Emperor, but Joe's the king of charisma.
  9. So basically the point is if you are not in one of the predesignated main groups, then you need to be helping the main zerg. Period. We already have the multiple group/targets strategy covered. Just because you can't hear it/don't know about it doesn't mean it isn't happening in the background. We just don't like to elude to it and let on to the other forces . If Joe broadcasts hey we have a team at such and such point, well that totally defeats the purpose of having that team stealth in there now doesn't it . If you want to be on one of those 3 teams, you have to participate in the daily pvp groups. That's the only way we know you know what you're doing . We set a limit requirement on those groups on purpose. It's just a lot easier to keep higher levels alive in a smaller group. Plus we have to draw lines somewhere. We can't fit the whole zerg in those 3 groups . There would be nothing left for the main zerg. They need strong players with them too. I will be having set training days for people new to PVP to train up to be in our higher up teams. Once we have enough trained up players filling out those 3 teams, we will add more teams. We already added more sargeants so that hopefully we will have more team leaders for more teams. But we need regular players filling out those other groups first. If you want to be on one of the regular PVP teams then show up to the dailies and get over level 30. My daily members gets passed into the other set teams. But if you show up to the dailies on time on at least a somewhat regular basis and are over level 30 you are almost guaranteed a spot for the next event. If you message me with your class and your specialty - healer/DPS/tank etc. and any special abilities you have stacked like silver shards for vamps or debuffs/crowd control it would greatly help me find you a spot.
  10. Well if you wanna be in a smaller group that's fine, but we already have that covered. But the officers run the groups in commander chat that everyone else can NOT hear. We do this on purpose because the other side has people that come in our TS and what not and can hear what the zerg is doing. We are entirely aware. What we need is once again for people to follow our orders and not go off on their own unless they are directed to do so. We have too many groups like this going off on their own and weakening our force because they split off thinking they know better and weaken our force. We NEED a main zerg. If everyone's breaking off then it defeats the purpose. Too many chiefs not enough Indians...
  11. We already have this in place. We have 3 teams of 30+ level players that were 12-16 man groups last Saturday. You couldn't hear commander chat during the zerg to know that we were already doing that. The problem was that we needed just a few more players on each team because as the day went on we kept losing players out of teams. We were also having HUGE technical difficulties with the last raid. It's kind of hard to give orders when you keep getting knocked out of the zone . Angry Joe kept getting knocked out, I kept getting knocked off. It is EXTREMELY hard to lead a group when you're not online/connected to Cyrodil . This was only our second LARGE event. But every day I run daily PVP runs. The ones who follow orders and do best in the daily PVPs get scooped up for our special teams to go away from the zerg. I already am on making team leaders for the main zerg groups for next week and doing sign ups for the next raid so that we can be better planned ahead of time and aren't wasting so much time dealing with making groups. I've been hearing a LOT of feedback from the last raid. We learned a lot of important things from our last experience on top of those technical difficulties. You have to remember....our guild is HUGE. Organizing an event with that many people isn't easy. It was only our second time doing it and so going forward I know how to help Angry Joe better. But yes, I entirely agree with you and that's why we already had made the Rat pack, Cub scouts, and Queensguard. It is my ultimate goal to have 3 filled teams of 16-20 players, at least one back up full 4th team for emergencies. In the ideal situation when taking a keep, you would have 3 teams....one for each resource to cap it to take out transportation early before they have time to start reinforcing from inside their castle. You go in cap those resources with the 3 teams all at once and they won't have time to spawn there or react. The problem with ANY tactic though, is sooner or later the other team catches on to what you're doing so the goal is to be able to keep it fresh and be able to switch targets on a dime. You can't hide a huge zerg...but you CAN hide a group of 20 good players who know how to stealth . The MAIN problem that we had was with people getting impatient and going off on their own/in other directions. Our force split up....we got weak. I had teams all over the place that were NOT one of our special teams that should have been with the zerg helping them. But they decided on their own to go defend another keep. Point is that if you are given orders, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE you NEED to follow them! You have NO idea what's going in commander chat during a raid. Odds are we already have a plan and have other teams out there on it. We need our force/zerg to stay strong and stay together. PVP is half strategy and half a numbers game. It doesn't matter how good your team is/how great your strategy is if the other zerg has ten times as many people. People need to learn to follow orders and be patient and things would go a heck of a lot smoother!
  12. We took the map tonight . I thought I'd share for those who think we can't do it. Well, we did it! Emporer went to another guild...sadly Thorker was #3 and I was #7 in line for throne so we missed the emporership but at least it belongs to Aldmeri!
  13. I posted a pic on the main thread...which I think they deleted cuz of this thread...but I cant post a pic here to show off our map . Everyone keeps griping about the PVP. Well...we heard your call and finally took it .
  14. Since we have gotten a good taste of PVP now, we have decided to set up some general raid times and rules to PVP grouping for the guild. Regular raid times for PVP will be 7 PM EST daily and 3 PM CST on Saturdays. Sundays are open to pick up groups but we won't be officially meeting up. General Rules/Group Etiquette for PVP is as follows: 1. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND! This means we stay together save for designated group scouts at all times. Do NOT wander off on your own! Do NOT go ahead on your own. Leave that duty to the designated scouts. If a player should die...if it is safe to do so we ask that you resurrect other players ASAP. No man left behind. We are safer in numbers. 2. PVP Raid/Group time is PVP time. Please do NOT take up the group's time asking us to stop for skyshards and quests. This is a detour that you can come back for on YOUR OWN TIME. It is very hard to organize and keep raid groups going at a good pace. These detours only slow us down. Leave PVP time for PVP time and quest time for your own time. 3. Please be in the teamspeak PVP channel when PVPING. You can not hear orders if you are not in it, nor do we have the time to type them when we are seiging. DO NOT TALK OVER your group leaders. Leave the chat clear for directions. If you see the group leader trying to talk...SHUT UP! If there is an emergency/you see an incoming horde then please pipe up but try to wait until the last person is done talking. 4. Mundus/Guardian Stones and Ayeleid Wells. If the group happens to come across/near one...we WILL stop to let you charge from it. If one person stops, we ALL stop together! Only one person can charge at a time. Charge and then back off for other people to target the stone/well. Do NOT leave the area until EVERY PLAYER is charged. 5. Attacking Mines/Farms/Lumber Mills. Always Always stick together and focus on and around the mage tower first. There is an order that makes this easy and prevents needless deaths. Attacking unnecessary NPCs only gets the group killed. Listen to your group leaders and focus on the mobs they are calling only. Mage on top of the tower and surrounding tower ground mobs first. Then Menders in the center circle and then the guards. If you do not take the mage in the tower out, you will have area effects in the center circle that will wipe your group. The menders will heal the guards if you do not take them out first. You must target the menders first. Doing otherwise will result in needless deaths. Once the center circle and the mage on the tower is down, the other NPCS in the area will switch alliances and save us extra work. 6. Attacking Keeps. Siege equipment gets expensive and is VERY necessary to taking down keeps. We are currently discussing a separate PVP guild to store necessary siege equipment and soul gems. Until then please be considerate of other players and keep soul gems on you and siege equipment at all times. The following siege weapons work best for their specified uses: Ballista - Helps take down structures and enemies and siege equipment. Best for setting up around doors and hallways to keep enemies at bay. Also helps take down walls and doors. Battering Ram - essential for taking down doors quickly Fire Ballista - Works best for taking down other siege equipment - especially in combo with oil trebouchets. Not good for shooting high like trebouchets...but burns other siege equipment fastest Firepot Trebouchet - burns wooden doors and siege equipment down fastest and enemy players Iceball Trebouchet- Slows down enemy players Lightning Ballista - Snares enemy players Meatbag Catapult- causes disease damage to enemy players Oil Catapult- Helps fire siege weapons burn down siege weapons faster, snares enemy players Scattershot Catapult- mass area effect of damage to enemy players Stone Trebouchet- takes down walls and doors quickest outside of the battering ram on doors Flaming Oil- Use over doorways and from on top of buildings to dump down on battering rams and enemy players. Works especially well on front keep doors when used over the grate. Seige Weapons need to be repaired. They do not have unlimited uses. The bottom red line on your siege weapon indicates its wear. You need to carry siege repair kits for your siege weapons! Otherwise they will break. 7. When entering a keep...do NOT rush in. Stay back and pull the npc mage guards from the transitus stones first. Their area effect spells will cause your group to wipe if you do not take them out right away. 8. REPAIR the keeps you siege before you leave them! 9. And lastly stay out of the water! Don't try to swim in Cyrodil. Slaughter fish will kill you! Angry Joe makes this guild what it is and for that reason times of his broadcasts and times that he's on creates a mass influx of players. PVP slots will be reserved for those players who are the most active/play the most. Additonal groups are formed as necessary, but do NOT expect to be raiding with Joe when you are on. We function as a group dynamic. If Joe should happen to stream a raid, we ask that you keep your focus on the raid and the task at hand. We all love and listen to Joe when he streams . We don't need to talk about it in the middle of trying to take down a keep . The leaders still need to be able to give orders. So we ask that you keep the show talk down while in the middle of raiding. Save for Angry Joe...he can do what ever he wants . By following these simple guidelines and rules and being courteous to other guildies and alliance members, we can have great results. The more who show up, the better the results! We have already taken Emporer once, we can take it again. After having played extensively on the maps, I can personally tell you it can change on a dime simply based on the number of people who show up. Please do not be discouraged if you see another alliance dominating the map. The whole point of setting raid times is so that we can all meet at set times to have numbers to push back! With your help and not giving in, we can rule Cyrodil!
  15. you can go here for more info on our PVP http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17155-general-pvp-group-rules-and-raid-times/
  16. we run practice pvp runs every day at 7 pm EST. Feel free to join us and experience up
  17. We can only get better!
  18. Oh, we're becoming a force to be reckoned with! We've got taking out resources down with a group of 8 -12 of us . Just as long as the resource stays empty and we can cap it before the enemy hits and get in the tower
  19. We are working up a very good solid core group of PVPers. We just need more people on our server at one time and we need people around to hold it. I'm working on forming up some coalitions with some other aldmeri guilds to see if we can form up some head rolling . 3 good raiding parties and we got this. And Quinnniuq you keep me on my toes! I have to catch up again
  20. we took an outpost today and took out resources like bosses! We almost had a castle....damn those mages! But good job guys!
  21. Well keep in mind....I form PVP pick up groups ALL the time. The problem with pick up groups that we are having is with having enough people with us . Daggerfall seriously outnumbers us, so we need the bodies in Cyrodil!
  22. and we can get it back overnight just as easily...we don't give up!
  23. We set times for 7 pm EST on week days and 12 noon EST on weekends.
  24. There is now a PVP rules and set raid times thread due to popular demand