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    Spokane, WA
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    Games, TV, Books, Music, Mountain Dew (Seriously it's an addiction)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone was interested in playing a long term (marathon length) game of civ 5. i was thinking 3-5 human players with a couple of computer players and a between 12 -18 city states. other settings like map type and that stuff can be decided later when/if enough people are interested and agree to play. however i don't know anything about hosting a multiplayer game so someone else will have to do that. Just reply to this topic if your interested and lets try and put a game together.
  2. Reaver.4098 is my account's display name, i am currently transferring to the northern shiverpeaks and depending on the time it takes may all ready have been switched over by the time this post is read.
  3. Thanks for the welcome, as i said this is my first time actually trying to play with others out side random matchups or being on the same console. this may sound like a noob question but what do i do to make sure i'm playing with other members of the army.
  4. here is a bit about myself, i am 19 years old although i will turn 20 in less than a month. I live in Spokane Washington, and i am a fan of the seahawks. i prefer rpg and fps games even if i am only average at shooters. i have a (bad) pc, a 360, and an xbox one. also a ps3 but since my tv only has 2 hdmi slots it is not hooked up right now. I have never belonged to a gaming community before, until now i pretty much just been a solo gamer. But i was a fan of joe's channel for a while and finally decided to join the army. looking forward to have fun playing with all you and being a member of the community.