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  1. I'm getting a ton of lag spikes and connection issues on Battlefront. Just lags really bad during some points and says "bad server connectivity can affect gameplay" ( or something along those lines) in the top right. I go from having a blast, to wanting to throw my keyboard across the room. Anyone else?
  2. I'll rephrase. What trade packs has everyone been doing? Where are you taking them? How much do you average? This info is good. But some example packs would be awesome info for brand new players to have.
  3. Can we get info on what the most common trade packs for us to make would be? And where to take them?
  4. I'll be available to help out all this weekend. Also, Dan, is it possible to get a loose schedule set up for events, or farming? Ill be on tonight after i finish up some classwork.
  5. 30 is a kind of a weird point in the game. If you're burned out on quests, i'd say focus on building a ship or doing something with crafting. Definitely see if someone will group up with you for quests, if you decide to continue. Halcyona and up are all PVP zones. So its grindy with a chance of getting ganked. But at 40 things get really interesting with lots of gear, your income will increase a lot. Hope this helps. Other guilds have a battle rhythm. We don't. Hopefully something we get started on in the next few weeks. Everyone's just kinda doing their own thing. Which is cool. But it'll be awesome once we start doing more things together besides trade packs.
  6. I wouldn't use labor to level unless you're making Hereafter stones. Its such a waste to burn all that Labor for that little exp on Iron Ingots. Seriously. if someone has the Raw Stone, or Stone Bricks, i'll be happy to buy them a Labor Potion and Blue Salt Wedges to level up. Maybe even scrape together a EXP boost potion for it. Its best to plan that like a week ahead so you can gather the materials, let your labor cap at 5k. and then craft 500 Hereafter stones. Massive massive exp gain.
  7. It was expected. I just thought we were going in with a little more force for PVP and Endgame. Its my mistake. I misunderstood, completely. So again i apologize for that. I interpreted everyone's heated arguments in that last guild meeting as a desire to do some big things. But I think i misread that. Full on- really. I got it in my head that we were doing something other than trade packs and crafting. But that isn't anywhere. So its my own damn fault. In my head, i thought we were gonna get a few people up for end game. at least 5-10 people focused on it. I don't think Kyrios is a lost cause. I just think we all have different goals. Id love to see us get on a schedule for tradepacks and pvp. and other events. Just to get a battle rhythm going. But i'm not sure if everyone would like that or not. I do agree with you though, MoVe. I think we should befriend some big guilds. I did some asking around while in Hasla. PRX is not a PK guild. They are huge. They will however swarm you if you attack one of their guys. Death Law is a BR Zerg/PK guild. Laughing Coffin is split between two servers - a PK guild from what i hear. Ive only had good interactions with the Mostly Harmless guild. But im not sure their stance on PK/PVP/Ganking. Impenetrable, ive only heard bad things about. Basically they do what they want because they have the numbers to do so.
  8. Yea. Hoping to help people up. But no one ever takes up my offers. Asked twice today if anyone needed help (With anything). Nothing. No passive aggression there - Just saying. If anyone needs help, im happy to oblige.. I have a new Hasla weapon to test out. I apologize to everyone if i seemed torqued off. I really did think we were going harder into this game. Just not sure why we all got into a big debate over a game we aren't really invested in. That doesn't make sense to me.
  9. The reason we were picking a server was because we couldnt focus our efforts... It was either be competitive on Kyrios, or have no competition and risk losing an entire server... If my memory serves me right. My question/point is: are we going to even try to be competitive on Kyrios?? Or are there no aspirations to do anything big on AA with AJSA? Crack the whip. as in MOTIVATE people. There's zero motivation here. except to do trade packs...
  10. I misunderstood the goals listed on the overview of the guild listed on the forums then, my mistake. And I didn't suggest "forcing" anything. But we could easily organize events to help people level up and get gear. And we've made zero efforts to make contact with other guilds, so far. I dont understand why we just had a huge meeting about how to dominate a server, and then all the sudden its "We have no aspirations to do this."
  11. The severe lack of 50s and overall high levels in our guild is making farming Hasla for gear all but impossible. Other guilds like PRX and Impenetrable are beginning to "claim areas" for themselves and ally guilds. And not invite anyone outside of those guilds to parties in the area. I'd like to know what we can do, or if there is any plans to increase our members. I'm seeing 30-50+ members of these other guilds in Hasla.. Which means they have 30-50 Level cap players. We have 4-5.. We really need to crack the whip and get people level'd up. We are falling way behind on the game, not because of these other guilds but because we don't have enough people and we don't have enough level 50's. I thought AJSA's goal was to take over? we need a lot more manpower for that...
  12. Edited Gilda Star Info. Again if anyone has any info on places to gather materials, or farm equipment please post it up and i'll get it edited in.
  13. With your permission, can i add this to the guide we got? This is awesome.
  14. Pretty much since Day 1 of headstart. ------------------------ I'm gonna stop myself before i talk myself into trouble.. And just say this... Many of us on Kyrios have worked VERY hard to get to where we are. I for one have a close friend of mine on the server that i recruited into the AJSA guild. If she agrees to go to Lucius and we get transfer ability, then i will go. I think the decision was hasty, however. I think clear guidance was put out by the Commander, and people seemingly jumped to Lucius anyways without giving it some time. If i'm misunderstanding that, than so be it. My mistake. I think people are emphasizing land too much. Houses and Farms will never equal more than the AJSA guild focusing its efforts on whatever we need. Sure they help. But they aren't the only way to victory. If we can't transfer - then i will stay on Kyrios. I understand its frustrating for some peopel to be stuck in queue for a couple of weeks. You have NO PROGRESS. i get it.. But for us, on Kyrios to reach 50, and then start over from 0 is not only no progress, but its also a huge burnout for us because of all we worked on. I don't know if the AJSA is willing to try this idea as a worst case scenario, but why don't we just have a guild supported on each server? If Joe ever decided to promote AA and the guild.. holy crap. you'd need two servers to hold everyone anyways. Unless you want a single guild managing a metric buttload of people on the game and TS.... Just food for thought... Whatever AJSA decides, i will try and accommodate.. I've already pre-emptively contacted support to see IF i can transfer, WHEN it can happen, and what all it entails. Waiting on a reply. Until then.. I am level 50 on Kyrios and I intend to gather Gilda Stars and help other guildmates with whatever they need.