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  1. Hello, im back from a long pause with GW2. Would like to join EU branch. server no longer matters... does it ?
  2. Thx for kick without mail. I don't get many mails i'd notice it. Whatever.
  3. Mistfire Wolf is deluxe [or so was called the edition] bonus. About racial skills... you get skills assigned to your race. For example humas get "god" skills, norns get "sacred animals" skills and so on. You unlock them simply by leveling and spending skillpoints. About guardian elite skills... i find only one quite usefull, the one that recharges virtues [ cant remember the name, sorry ].
  4. I'm about to transfer into NSh, add me when ready
  5. i'm full in, just give me few hours to change server into NA.
  6. I know what you guys mean and i support it, but really, i've been a premium fan of BF since Bad Company and had all the collectors editions of Mass Effect. BF4 was the last nail into the coffin of EA games in my callendar. NO MORE. GL with your future politics EA, im tired of being a full price betatester, hope more of Angry Army members follow my lead.
  7. i want my money back. Due to your game is broken i want my premium money back. I'm a customer, i get broken product so i want my money back, i'm fucking tired of game scamming assholes. If it was shoes broken i bought id get my money back right away, i want my monry back for your not working product. BTW, this was the last BF game i bought, GJ EA you just lost another premium member.
  8. 3udzian i suck at this game, but maaan, i love it
  9. Blacktide, pozdrawiam.
  10. i really miss replayable story missions grom GW1. it should be possible to replay missions, to relive the story. i know there are dungeons, but thats not enough =). i remember playing thunderhead keep mission over and over in GW1 just to help others. it made GW1 so social and would make GW2 the same =).
  11. No worries, you will be able to join even if AJSA is on different server. i just hope it is finally going to be created. I'm tired of talking about it.
  12. i'm in. Just give me a word to join
  13. yes, it's been discussed in other topic. EU and NA divisions are best solution.
  14. Yes, and distance makes pings too high. Lags would kill me more than other players .