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    So I just arrived to Sweden, Gothenburg to chill out with my Relatives (The Grey Beards) and already having fun exploring northern Europe great selection of food, pubs and of course the great outdoors. I enjoying cooking for my friends, practicing my oil painting, gardening, nursing domestic animals (my kittens) and trying to find some clubs to join. Hoping to join a archery, fishing, MGT and Otaku club (I have to catch a salmon for my pasta). I am also a gamer when heavy winter comes. >.> since I can't get out the door with 2 meters of snow. I like RPGs and more story based or community based games like MMOs, not really into shooters. My younger brother has that gene. Did I mention I built my first robot last month?

    Oh and places I've been: Cromwell and Queenstown in New Zealand, in Canada Montreal and Toronto, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Udine city in Italy (yes I make pizza). Not gona add cites I stayed for just 1 month.
  1. I need a officer to help me recuite member on sunday, I convinced some ppl to try out guild wars 2 again after they left the game due to no activity on their old guilds. So best time to show Angry Army is when we do the guild event on sunday and win them over.
  2. I hate shooter games, but I am going to download it and shot some one about it.
  3. >.< oh' but saturday night is party night. I just had my pants ironed
  4. *Sigh* I am having a hard time finding a Otaku Community/Club in Sweden Gothenburg. Isn't their a website listing all the Otaku Organizations? So far I learned that their is a Otaku Cafe in Stockholm which is pretty far. Anyone got tips?
  5. Cookies

    From the album My creations

    Damit people I was serious about the cookings I was baking during the raid
  6. Ginger Bread House

    From the album My creations

    Took me 2 days to Build and 1 month to eat,
  7. My Room

    From the album My creations

    I get plenty of sunlight.
  8. Home made tacos

    From the album My creations

    yes I make tacos
  9. Don't boot me!
  10. Woohoo
  11. >.< we need more officers for the EU server
  12. Can we please have a EU server Channel?
  13. Got to miss the Classics
  14. Lets see, we need a guild in Stronghold, Star Trek, Neverwinter Night, Tera, Rift, World of Warcraft (need to save some souls their), Hawken, Warframe, Age of Conan, Darkfall, Eve online. Coming soon Shroud of the Avatar, Everquest Next, Novus AEterno, The Mandate, The Repopulation. So many games so many choices with so little time. Muhahahaha.
  15. So when are we gona per up?