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    Gaming,sports,my friends and the AJSA.
  1. It disappointing me that everyone is upset over the monthly fee. Compared to what their giving us a monthly fee seems totally justified to me.
  2. Bioware has stated in the past they do not want another commander Shepherd, so the next ME should be refreshing.
  3. It was ridiculous the amount that effort that was put into this hoax. Very elaborate, what with all the fallout style hacking on twitter and Reddit.
  4. I like the fact that Fallout NV has much more content and quests then fallout 3 did. The weapons in 3 got repetitive very quick. I also liked how all 4 NV DLC was linked with an overarching story connecting all 4.
  5. I know im looking forward to it. Bit long to wait though.
  6. Why would you even compare the 2? GTA V came out 5 years later and was meant to be improved in every way.
  7. Wow, im surprised to see snake winning.
  8. I like injustice because it isn't too technical and i love the DC universe.
  9. This is a hot topic among my friends. Although i think Skyrim is the better game, i can see why others might say GTA V is better. What sold me on Skyrim was the shear amount of content, the exploration, and the amazing fantasy setting.
  10. I've gotten used to the aim assist, when i try to use free aim i hit everything except what im aiming at.
  11. Shouldn't we be worried about actual GTA V DLC instead of the next game in the series?
  12. It wasn't really the fact that Shepard died that ruined it for me, its the fact that it left so much unexplained! What happened to the galaxy?
  13. Definitely the comet. Or the bati 801 if your talking about motorcycles.
  14. Am i the only one who thinks the beach bum update is a disappointment? All it did for single player was add a near worthless dinky little pistol, and a broken off glass bottle using recycled animations. The boat and the off road vehicle are the only things worth anything, as you are not guaranteed to get into these 30 new missions, as they are a part of the rotation.
  15. I must be the only one who thinks Michael deserves to die, and i would have picked that ending if he didn't have a family.