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  • Birthday 02/24/1991

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    RPG's mostly, and more important, I'm a PC-guy.
  1. Please Invite - Zaphire Silverdragon
  2. I've come back to the game. I would like an invite too. @Holscher. Thanks.
  3. @Holscher - Sorc with Two-handed - EU
  4. There should be a link to do it in the bottom of the subscription section in account management... written with small letters ofc... I'm not entirely sure, since I haven't played in long time.
  5. Tried to make a question wrapped in a joke, ofc I'm gonna get jokes back
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to the army, and was looking around the forums (Don't know if I look hard enough), and I couldn't find a thread about the "Rings of Mara" in TESO. I'm looking for a partner to lvl with, preferably one who lives in Europe, somewhere from GMT 0 to +2. You need to have preordered the game, but I don't know if Imperial edition is required for both parties. If anyone's interested let me know.
  7. Already preordered the game, so it's a yes from me, if it's possible to create an Europe guild too. Faction wise, I'd say Dominion or Pact. - In the beta Btw, it didn't matter which faction I played, I was still in my guild, could use the bank and etc. but don't know how that would affect the pvp.