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Hoody Wolf

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  1. Twisted Chi liked a post in a topic by Hoody Wolf in What music are you listening to?   
    Mostly covers by these guys, they make popular(ish) songs from now and sort of redo them and make them better (in my opinion)

    then there is Laura Shigihara, who did the original music for Plants Vs Zombies, she also does other video game music and covers. Its cool stuff.
  2. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Hoody Wolf in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    Some Nier music for you people, the game itself has some really great soundtrack so if you like this there are lots of other good tracks to listen to as well.

    some chrono cross cover I found, I guess its kinda cheating but I really like it so I thought i would share >>

    because that trumpet solo they have in there is pretty great
    Not too obscure, but I dont hear many people talking about how great the mario galaxy ost was so I thought I would put this here.

    yes it was the only battle theme you heard for a majority of the game but come on, its pretty great dont you think?
    And thats all I got in my list, I listen to quite a bit of OST so yeah, sorry if its a bit long or not obscure enough, or that most of my links are just links (I guess there is a limit to how many I can put up)