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  1. I think 13's success comes from it's marketing. A lot of the previous games didn't get as much a spotlight as Awakening did. With the smaller amount of other good games to choose from on the 3DS on it's release, and people hearing a lot about Fire Emblem thanks to Smash Bros, I'm honestly not surprised the first Fire Emblem to hit North America after Radiant Dawn was a huge success. I've also come to realize that Awakening is a great intro FE game. It's simple and quite honestly lacking in many of the areas other FE games aren't, but stepping back, it leaves a lot of possible growth for the fanbase as new fans look back and find all these great games waiting for them. I just hope FE:A's popularity means we could possibly see some remakes of Japanese exclusive FE games rereleased or remade and localized.
  2. Mesopatamian Gods would be pretty cool, like Tiamat or Apsu. I wanna see Baal and perhaps some Japanese gods, but I'd like to see them use gods from modern fiction, like books, movies, games, etc. It'd be pretty awesome to see Gig from Soul Nomad in there, but I won't hold my breath, it's kind of a dumb idea XD.
  3. I still stand by my feelings that this game got to much praise. Despite being very enjoyable, a game has to have depth for me to enjoy it. Past Zeldas have had depth via intricate, complex dungeons. The dungeons here are intricate, being nice, pretty to look at, and well designed, but they lack complexity. The puzzles follow a big theme, but don't seem to evolve very much. There's always one big puzzle that's solved through many little puzzles. While I agree that difficulty spikes to pad game-time isn't right, I want an enjoyable experience that lasts. I'm kind of in the middle of game content vs game quality. If it can't last me very long, then I'm inclined to believe I wasted my time, but I wouldn't sacrifice quality just for long game time, either. I think I beat the game in about 10 hours, when I've spent many an afternoon trying to finish Ocarina of Time for the first time just recently. I guess I can't harp on it's length to much, but after going back to it recently to see if my feelings weren't misplaced, I realized that the game's big flaw with me is that I was expecting to much of it. I was expecting a game of the same quality people claim LTTP to be of. I just sort of jumped on the hype train, hoping it would be as good as everyone around me was saying it'd be, being the "sequel" to LTTP, which they were all very nostalgia blind to. It's hard to put some of these thoughts into words. I want the say the game is great, cause it is very enjoyable, but I think so much more could have been done. Another overarching side quest that requires you to come back after getting something later in the game, less minigames, perhaps make the final dungeon longer (I blew through that one very fast compared to quite a few of the other late-game dungeons). Like I said, by the end of the game, I felt like the story was really just starting to gain real momentum, but it just ends up ending on that high note right there, which feels like I just cut off from half the story, where they inserted a happy ending into it. So to recap, I do think it's deserving of praise, but not all the nostalgia blinded praise it got. 10/10 from Game Informer? I call BS (if you read the article, there are some things that don't really match up with the actual game). I feel let down cause of all the nostalgia blinded hype everyone who'd played LTTP had, and that nostalgia infected me, who had never played the game, so I guess I may have set my expectations to high.
  4. You could pick up CTR (crash team racing) on PSN for $10, it's a pretty good racing game I'd say. As for the RPG, I'd like to recommend Disgaea 4 or Disgaea D2, but they're more of an acquired taste as well as both being fairly expensive. Borderlands or Borderlands 2 is a pretty good RPG game is if you like shooters. I'd recommend looking at the PSN store at the discount section. I've gotten quite a few good games for much cheaper from there.
  5. It's a tie between the Zinogre and the Rathian. I fight the Rathian a LOT, but the Zinogre is just awesome. The Plesioth is my LEAST favorite, however.
  6. I don't hate the ability to do dungeons out of order. I really enjoyed Ocarina of Time as well. What I meant was that I wish we could have gotten dungeon items in the first dungeons that we could do in any order, so we could feel that Zelda progression, and still be able to do the next set of dungeons in any order.
  7. Zues is annoying, but he can be dealt with pretty easily early game if you're ranged or are a tank. I know I've had tons of trouble with him late game, but never really early game. His brothers, however, are a different story. Poseidon is a pain to deal with if the player knows what they're doing. He can be a crippling supporter before going into the onslaught himself. Hades is a massive pain late gain with high HP and decent defense with all his lifesteal abilities. Taking down a Hades whose bulked himself up and added on a few lifesteal stacks/bonuses can be nigh impossible without 2/3 other people. But I wouldn't call any of these guys 'annoying.' They got obvious drawbacks that can render these situations completely non-existent if you take the right precautions early game. A lot of the other mentioned gods come down to just whether or not you can gain the lead over them before they become freaking unstoppable.
  8. I don't know if we're allowed multiple threads in the Nintendo section, but here I am with another rant! As of late, I've been noticing that Nintendo games have been really...weird. They've been trying to do something new and flashy while staying with the old, but still making it an amazing experience. Some of these games, like the new DKC: Tropical Freeze, and Kid Icarus: Uprising, are amazing, but others, like the topic of my previous rant/review/whatever, Fire Emblem: Awakening did not quite hit the mark it maybe should have. So here we are with the next game on my list to rip apart: Legend of Zelda- oh it's in the title already! This game has been praised so much, but the only reason I can find is that it's because of nostalgia. This 3DS Legend of Zelda takes a slightly altered version of the overworld of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and creates a beautiful world to explore and do classic Zelda-y things in! But it has a twist: you have to rent the dungeon items and can therefor do dungeons in any order! This single mechanic is something I hate! But I don't hold it against the game for that. It's a mechanic that would understandably split fans a bit. While you can do the dungeons in any order and go exploring much earlier, it also reduces the character progression of Link to ONLY passive upgrades and stones to power up the Master Sword! Besides some sidequests (some of which are necessary to continue), you can only get items from the rental shop! Though you can buy them later for a large price! Not that that isn't an issue! There are rupees EVERYWHERE. If you spend even a short time exploring, you can make a ton of money! While I'm OK with Zeldas having an emphasis on money, it shoulded be the reward you get for almost ever secret area you explore! The items themselves? Well none really push the envelope. The Tornado spinner, which lets you fly upwards and stun enemies around you, is a cool gadget we haven't really seen before. The rest? Hookshot, Bow, Hammer, Another Stick that Raises Sand, Stick that Throws Fire, Stick that Drops Ice, and Boomerang (why isn't this a dungeon/ side quest item at least?!). Series standards. The fact that you lose these upon defeat can get annoying on hero mode. But since I played normal to completion, I already knew a bunch of places to get large amounts of rupees very easily, so I didn't have any issues there. Heart Containers (not pieces, containters) return, but to get them, you have to play the minigames and beat certain scores! I wouldn't have an issue with this, if there weren't so many minigames that kind of overshadow the other ways you get heart pieces: via exploration. The exploration in this game is great! It's short lived as you can get pretty much all the side items right away which means you can at least find where they're hidden. The reusing of the LTTP map made the world feel really small, and I never felt like I was going that all far a distance to get anywhere except when climbing the mountain. That said, the minigames are fairly unique, save for the one where you pay rupees to go find rupees. The side quests, too, are a bit of a disappointment. The one for the swim power is ok, but it also lets you get the Pegasus boots. So once you have the painting power, you can get those instantly! The quests are also very very easy! All involving bringing an item you can easy find or finding something that's in a blatantly obvious place. The main side quest, the rescueing of the mamiamias is the best in the game. It's like the gold skultulas from Ocarina of Time, except they give you a map telling how many are in an area, which makes it much easier later in the game to get a ton of them just wandering around. And I have to admit, the powered up weapons are very fun to use, despite getting old quite quickly. Now I'll talk about my big issue with this game, and the reason for the topic's title: THE LENGTH. This game is short. If you've played a Zelda before, you can beat this game easily. The dungeons are short, the overworlds are fairly small, the bosses are so EASY. The bosses I have forgiven after looking back at previous Zelda games, but it sucks that some are recycled normal enemies and get recycled themselves as minibosses, some are even minibosses from previous games! The unique ones, however, are pretty cool. The dungeons, however, had so much potential. Each dungeon is amazingly crafted to fit it's theme and challenges you in ways a good Zelda should! But then it just abruptly ends and you get a boss fight. I'd have liked to see either more dungeons or longer dungeons. If you compare the average length of LBW (Link Between Worlds) to complete a dungeon, to the length of Spirit Tracks or Phantom Hourglass to complete a dungeon, the latter two take noticabley longer! I had an interesting conversation about this with someone awhile ago. They said that this was ok because, if you compared it to LTTP, the dungeons then were short and the bosses simple, making this an evolution of that formula. I say: Ok, that's fine, but as a Zelda game trying to fit in amongst the rest, we also have to compare it to past Zeldas in the areas where Zeldas stay the same, so if the dungeons, often the highlight of many Zeldas, are majorly lacking in length or well-scaled difficult (which these aren't), then it truly is a fault for the game. You can't fault LTTP for it's dungeons, because it was the 3rd Zelda and trying to establish that formula, but recent Zeldas have taken the dungeon and turned it into an amazing highlight. The ones in LBW just don't leave that much of an impression aside from the well-designed themes and puzzles. In respect to the dungeons, the game, overall, is short. I beat it 100% in less than a week. I still haven't beaten Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, and whenever I go back to them, it takes me 2-3 weeks to get to where I last left off, which is close to the end of both. Now, length can be looked pasted if the experience is great. Here, the experience IS great, with a nice new villain, interesting plot twist, and nice characters who we never really get to interact with. But, with how short it is, when you get to the final dungeon, you feel like the next plot twist is on its way, but it isn't. You're at the end, you'll beat Ganon, end of story. So while I liked the way the game played and the characters it had, it didn't have enough depth or size to it to make me want to enjoy it further after beating it 100% on normal and hero modes. Even the painting power isn't that memorable. Yes, you use it to create a bunch of new puzzles, but it doesn't do much aside from allow you to walk around walls. Without any other real application, a lot of puzzles are basically: 1. See if you can use any of your items to do something. 2. turn into a painting and walk around the walls. 3.after find a the area you needed to use the painting to get to, use the required item for the dungeon to do something. The formula repeats and repeats. It keeps it fresh with the large variety of puzzles, but a lot of them use this formula more than once to solve them. If you liked LTTP, you may enjoy this game. But I don't think it's worth the hype or popularity it got. If a game cannot keep you engrossed long enough to make the experience feel fulfilling, no matter how great that experience may be, you won't find yourself very interested. If the game had had some more creative bosses, maybe just 1 or 2, and the dungeons had been longer, maybe a few more sidequests and items you can get in dungeons that you NEED for the second half of the game, like getting the hookshot in the dungeon requiring you to rent the hammer, or getting the boomerang from the dungeon needing the wind rod. I feel that could have worked. Overall, my friend put it best: "It's like a shiny gold bone, it's pretty and you love to look at it, but it doesn't have enough meat on it to make it a meal." I'd love to hear everyone elses thoughts on the game, whether they agree or disagree.
  9. I can't stand RA. He's everywhere and can level so quickly thanks to all of his piercing attacks against the minions. Plus, he has so much range! Numerous times I've had to run away and he snipes me from way to far away. His healing circle doesn't bother me though. Thanatos is pretty annoying, too, but I believe it's only cause he has the tiniest too high range. Artemis players piss me off a lot, but not as much as Neith or Ra. In general, I hate playing against all the starting gods cause they're all so good!
  10. Yeah, I can see a JRPG working better for that crossover. Well I guess heres hoping the next Fire Emblem is the one to wait for!
  11. I don't know which game is which by numbers, by I haven't most of the series. I've only played the two for the GBA, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Awakening, and I was playing Shadow Dragon for DS until I accidentally stomped on it and broke it a few years back. So I guess I don't have as much experience in the series. I do hope, however, that the Fire Emblem crossover with SMT fixes the many issues of Awakening if not reverting to previously well founded and refined systems.
  12. That would have been cool. The lack of any other threat besides just the other enemy units also hurt this. If poison and stage hazards had been as prevalent here (only 1 stage? Come on!) I think it could have balanced out the game a bit more. I still think Radiant Dawn is the best FE I've ever played. It had a much deeper battle system where I feel pressure with every move I make. I want more of that hours-long pressure, not 5 -minute slaughter fests.
  13. Civ? No, sorry. While I enjoy strategy games, I have a hard time enjoying games like Civ where you build up forces. I prefer Disgaea or Fire Emblem, where it's more battle oriented.
  14. The newest installment in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Awakening is a great game, let me be clear. In comparison to previous entrees in the series, however, it can be found lacking in almost every aspect. I realize the game is old news, but I'd like to still bring up these points, just for conversation if nothing else. Ok, so if you're unfamiliar with Awakening, it is the 3DS installment in Nintendo's SRPG series, Fire Emblem. I'm sure that for many, it was the first time they'd ever experienced Fire Emblem, and I saw the game gain a ton of popularity. For awhile I, too, was a major fan of the game, until I took a look back at the previous games. What is the game lacking? Well let's start with the battle system. It is pretty standard for Fire Emblem; a weapon triangle where sword beats axe beats lance beats sword, throw in 4 (many previous ones had 5) magic types and bows, and you've got the weapons of Fire Emblem. The issue with it is that this is pretty much it for the complexity of battles themselves. Sure, you can team up units for stat boosts, but there aren't any weapons that turn the weapon triangle on it's head anymore. In addition, magic weapons are now no longer limited to the mage's attribute. Any mage can weild any magic except dark magic. This isn't too big of a deal, but it confuses me how they can not throw in light, an element present in many other Fire Emblem games if this was how they were going to do it. Also, Dragons lost they're weakness to thunder, but gained weakness to wind, which I find stupid as it made the dragon knights more than just Pegasus knights with axes. Speaking of mounts, mounted units can no longer make up their moves after performing an action. This staple of many FE games (at least all 5 I've played) had this. Previously, mounted units could move, perform an action, then, if they hadn't moved their full move range (say moving 5 spaces when they can move up to 7 spaces, they'd then be able to move 2 spaces after performing an action.). Without this, mounted units have no distinction between them and normal units save for a larger move limit. In addition to mounts losing an ability, the returning monster forms also seem to have been diminished. The Taguel, a race of people who can transform into giant, death-dealing bunnies, are very reminiscent of the Laguez, a type of human able to transform into a species of cat (Lion, Tiger, Wolf or Wild Cat), bird (Swan, Raven, Hawk), or dragon (Red, Black, or White). The Laguez were seen in the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn games, but were very unique compared to normal units. They had to build a gauge to transform. Until they did, they're stats were crap, but shot up like a rock once transformed. Here in Awakening, this is brought back, except without the gauge. The Taguel will automatically transform and gain those increased stats whenever they get into a battle. SO WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE REDUCED STATS? In case they don't have the BeastStone item? It feels pointless, very pointless. In addition, staves can no longer be used as weapons and are not only for healing (since status effects were removed entirely for some reason), now serving pretty much as items than tools. We're not even finished with how diluted this battle system is! The Ballista/Catapults have been completely removed. Meaning that now it's just you and the enemy army. This makes the experience more formulaic. Especially if you add in that only 1 non-DLC stages in the entire game has stage hazards and there are ONLY 2 types of missions: Route The Enemy and Defeat Commander. Despite having numerous stages where you could easily have had it be Survive for __ Turns or Defeat __ Enemies or Escape or Sieze. The lack of these victory types makes the game feel like you're just going through, slaughtering every enemy. THAT IS ALL YOU'RE DOING! The game lacks any real special sequences save for the fight against Gangrel and the DLC stages. Along these lines, I'll now bring up the world map. It works. But with it, we can now grind levels, exp, and supports. With the ability to grind, challenge goes right out the window if you're playing normal or hard on casual. Playing classic can lead to more challenge, but not if you're careful for the first bit of the game, after which you can just get a bunch of legacy units and wreck the game. Playing on Lunatic and Lunatic+, no matter which difficult, is extremely difficult, but it's meant to be, so it gets a pass. In this game, you can also get Legacy units, characters from previous games. These units use the custom character model and the in-game classes, but have the stat growth values of their actual counterparts. The issue is that they often don't have the skills or equipment choices that match the characters. It's really not worth complaining about, however, until you factor in DLC. Many of the DLC stages are great fun, but you get nothing worth your money unless it's a new class or special story segment. The stages have music from previous games, but can you use that music for grinding maps? Nope. What about the special legacy units? They're the exact same as the non-DLC version you can get yourself, except they have a character portrait drawn by a guest artist. That doesn't make it worth the money. These Legacy units, the DLC ones, don't have support conversations, don't have dialogue outside the stage you get them (it's ...... for everything), and aren't worth it. But what about the custom character? Well, my response is: WHY IS THERE ONE? Having the custom character was pointless. Your choices are so very very limited, so the character doesn't feel unique. Differences in story are non-existent, and we could have easily just had it be the default setting male or female. It would have saved so much work that could have been used to improve the battle system! Also, for how the game tried to tell you that it's support system is new, it isn't. Sure, now instead of rescuing and ally, you team them up, but at the cost of balance. Before, you could have 2 characters have a support and they'd give each other minimal stat bonuses when nearby. These were crucial in the many tension-filled sequences of past games, but here, you don't have to set the support, you can get all of them! While this isn't a major complaint, the teaming up ability isolates your legacy units, and even a couple of story characters due to their lack of supports. You just won't use them as much while trying to get those support conversations. So after all this, what upside does the game have? The writing. My god, this game has amazing writing. While I wouldn't say the story is the best of the series, it's definitely GOOD. The characters are all 3-dimensional and many of the support conversations you can get between these characters are hilarious. But does have A-grade writing save this game? Unfortunately no. While having this does help it, you'll be spending most of your time grinding (which doesn't feel that tedious as you're doing cause you want to most of the time), so you won't really be enjoying the well-written story consistently. You have my thoughts, what are all of yours on the game? On a petty note, I think the Fighter, Warrior, Knight, General, and mounted General all look really really dumb. Also the character models are missing feet.
  15. Nice ta meet you, too!