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  1. welp no one from north america gonna show up.
  2. I dont get how this is diffrent than what we have now. Its basicly community games.
  3. Massive anti-climax incoming.
  4. We asked the guy in charge of CS:GO if he would like to do an fps sunday event and he said no. If he changes his mind I would be all for it, but ultimutly its his decision.
  5. AJSA FPS Sunday Event! #6

    Attention all soldiers! It's time for another FPS Sunday event! This FPS Sunday will be a little different as we have restructured the layout of these events. Instead of playing multiple games in a single event, we’ll now be focusing on a different game per event. This will allow us to be more flexible with our event timings. Plus, we’re planning to set-up events for more FPS games in the future (feel free to leave any suggestions below). This Sunday 5/3/15 from 4PM EST (9PM GMT) to 6PM EST (11PM GMT), the AJSA will be playing Heroes and Generals. Please join the Heroes and Generals TS channel in the AJSA TeamSpeak. Heroes and Generals is a great Free-to-play WW2 FPS game that contains a mix of vehicular and infantry combat, along with a Strategic Multiplayer Campaign. ‘Heroes’ refers to the players engaged in the FPS-part of the game and ‘Generals’ refers to the players managing war resources and commanding Assault Teams (army units) in the Strategy-part of the game. If you have any questions about Heroes and Generals, please contact Tigerjack. See you all on the Battlefield!
  6. also you didnt put in a time.
  7. cant come i'm working.
  8. insurgency starts at 6pm GMT / 7pm BST and H&G starts at 8pm GMT / 9pm BST http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/edt-to-gmt-converter
  9. I wanna thank everybody for joining us for the event this week.
  10. The problem with that is its not gonna be widely avalable, we cant add a game that most of our mebers cant easily obtain.
  11. this article went up way too late. it should have been up two days ago.
  12. i screwed up the time for GMT its 8:00pm not 11 pm. sorry about that
  13. Heroes & Generals Inaugural Event

    Time: 03/15/15 4:00pm Est In celebration of Heroes & Generals becoming an unofficial game, we are having our first event filled with guns, tanks, and bicycles. The event will be held on Sunday March 15 at 4 pm Est / 8 pm Gmt, we encourage all players to come out try the game and have some fun. So come join us for a night of riding bicycles and shooting dudes in the face.
  14. Hero & Generals is a free to play FPS game that i would like to nomminate for unofficial/official games. We already have a strong player base and several dedicated players including myself who are commited to seeing this game succeed and thrive. I already have a POC as well as a commader wildfox99 who is officaly supporting me as well as other officers who are interested in seeing this game succeed. Current players: wildfox99 Olson808 Balthazar Aurora2021 jaymawdo deadpoolmcgee and more pros: free to play; no pay wall easy to pick up large varity of weapons team based class based mix of tactical and strategic gameplay nammable weapons bicycles modifiable weapons player/weapon skins good character models three way battles cons: avrage graphics somewhat grindy limited vehicle selections for certain classes microtransations are kinda expensive limited number of maps some balance issues some matches can be one sided browser plugin as front end adenndum: this game is still in beta and many of these points are subject to change.
  15. The event will be held in the stratgy games channel.