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    I have a passion for gaming, I love reading tonnes of books, I also love anything Sci-Fi, and a variety of Manga (hence the tag name), And enjoy comedy especially stand up with political and social criticism, such as Bill Hicks and George Carlin

    I also love spending time with my gf and the kids who I love dearly
  1. Game.... what? Leo~
  2. Its a coin toss between Creme Fraiche and Scott Tennorman must die for me Leo~
  3. In music, both companies and managers have been notorious for screwing artists for many years, so it comes as no surprise that they have their sweaty brows and deft hands ringing in anticipation against claiming monetary gain from other peoples content. 'Your earning money from even thinking about using a smidgen, of someone else's IP? BULLS**T THATS OUR F*****G. JOB!' And I agree fully, EA and Capcom just to clear the air here, I'm pretty sure they didn't Reverse the claim, they just didn't act on a claim that already had been made (by who I would be very interested to know the truth there) I'm glad that at least some of the content has been made available again, however that by no means makes they good guys. As for taking people to court, I would recommend that Joe makes the proceedings as wide open to his fan base as he legally can, the more people can see how perverse some of these companies are the better. As for all the old videos Joe I think it's smart to 'pick your battles' some of those old videos probably don't get so many views any more and I would focus on the ones that are more likely to net the viewers. As probably many of the army here, if I can support in Any way let us know Leo~
  4. I have had no real issues as of yet, I hope this remains the case.I s it just crashes you have problems with, does the fan make a lot of noise or any problems with overheating or not booting up correctly? Leo~
  5. I was hoping beyond hope for starbase boarding, the possibilities are now even more fantastic! Leo~
  6. A number of similar experiences, the most recent of which was Assassins creed III, after many hours and wondering, an entire generation of Assassins creed games the final cutscene, all they keys are in place, the energy shield drops and I begin to walk across the bridge, the cutscene starts, explaining where everything fits into the grand scheme of things.... My gf walks past my 360 carrying some clothes, the clothes brush the console....ping... and the drive opens, she looks at me, I look at her, the tumbleweed blows across the room http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_tvGKdJ_eU oh well at least I got a nice bath O.O Leo~
  7. First stretch goal reached guys! That gives us away missions ! 44 hours to go Leo~
  8. Hey there Belutima, I am glad to actually see someone put up a good structured critical look at the show! Too many people simply say this sucks and do not take the time to explain their standpoint or reasons. I will answer each issue from my own standpoint, these are my own opinions based on where I stand about the point being made and the subject matter. Issue 1. Considering how busy Joe has been lately I would certainly agree that he has been at times lapse in timing. I would also liked to have seen some of the games mentioned that never seemed to come. I can appreciate time constraints in my own job and there really is never enough time in the day. I defiantly would like to see something along the lines of a shorts or bytesize video review that they could discuss a bunch of games and bounce around their own views and maybe even do a request one of the following section for the reviews to be the ones people vote on. as for the quality, i think they are all of a pretty consistent standard although I can see what you mean with certain ones I would say fall into the get-it-out-there category. Personally I love the lets play format and gives us a good look at how Joe experiences some of the content from a fresh perspective, but sometimes maybe some cuts thought the sections to more enticing sections might be fun, not sure how people would feel about that though? Issue 2. I can relate totally, I purposely avoid Facebook, Twitter and the other social media sites and so Its a case of a last minute WOAHCRAPITSON.... But I can realize this is due to my own fat headed stubbornness in avoiding social media . I think there is a schedule or something somewhere on this site, although I cannot verify this so please forgive me if I am wrong. Issue 3. Personally I just joined for the cookies and the foot massages. J/k I can see your frustration and to a manner I can understand how people might think a lot of what goes on should be public domain. Personally I donated and subscribed to help this community get up and running, and really I am just a member like yourself, who happens to have voluntarily donated to help build a community I believe in. Like many people here, yourself included I want my voice to be heard, and a perk or subscribing happens to be I can post in another forum area that there is a chance may be heard by a smaller audience. It is still only a chance though. None of us are above moderation or have say over the running of this site, we can just suggest. Personally I would have no problem with anything I say being public domain, and If anyone wanted me to post things into the lounge for the chance of it being heard then let me know. As for the elitism, it can happen, but then who is to say it wont happen in every layer of the forums (E.g People with higher ranks,more likes etc)? Issue 4. I think the reason Joe tends to stick to mostly AAA is because it will appeal to the widest audience, I think it would be nice (going back to issue 1) to see a vote section where we can vote on smaller games that we would like to see reviewed, I don't really see any evidence that he avoids on the fence games. And controversial games, yes I fully agree would love to see more! Issue 5. All I can really say to this is, Joe has an opinion. We don't have to agree. Usually Joe keeps fairly objective, but I can see what you mean, If he wants to be portrayed as a more serious journalist then he might want to tighten up on trying to influence people if that how it came across. It is hard to balance objectivity whilst also trying to get your own point across, but then really he is 'Angry' Joe, so really who said he has to be objective any way =) Anyway nice to hear from you and hope to hear more Leo~
  9. My guess would be because he wants to see how well the original has learnt from it's mistakes and how well the new kinect handles, he cannot limit himself on the games he plays, he has an obligation to review games for us guys, and let's face it how much worse can it be? Then again lol.... Leo~
  10. As an introduction to the world of PS I really liked the review, it has everything that usual fans of the show would come to expect and a nice general introduction into what the AJS is all about for the potential newcomers; Some fun, Sass, Other Joe and critical game analysis in a nice easy to understand way. I have to say I am a little torn on the position Joe is in, it's a little catch 22, the unenviable position of being eyed by both sides here, the Xbox fans who have not experienced the Kill zone universe to date and the PlayStation guys standing on the sidelines with the bats in had just waiting for him to say the wrong thing about their beloved franchise or shiny new console, but on the flip side, he gets to reach a much wider audience in terms of exclusive franchises, this opens the door to a lot more in the world of gaming and what the AA could potentially help to change public opinions on. So the three things I would review here are firstly how he handled the introduction to the world of PS, which as I stated before I thought was a good general introduction for which I would give a solid 8/10 Secondly how objective he was whilst remaining fair and finally the actual review itself. In terms of objectivity, I would personally say that he was a little swayed by the amazing visuals and not wanting to down rate the game further and risk right off the bat annoying potential newcomers, really if you think about it games with a lackluster story before now have been severely punished, although that was then and this is now, as Joe stated if you want something to show off what this thing can do right now, this is the game for you.The poor level design as it appears in the video I have to say I was not impressed although I cannot add context to this as I have not personally played it yet, If you can skip an entire sequence without lifting a finger, that should have been fixed. And the wave after wave of enemies, coupled with poor checkpoint systems and lack of minimap/waypoints, seen this kind of thing before and still not impressed. He does point out both good and bad points like the gun animations and some of the more fun parts to play which adds to the overall objectivity. For objectivity I would give him 6/10 As far as the review goes about the game and how it is handles, I think it shows us enough to actually give a good idea what the game is about, without bogging us down with things we don't need to know, the twitch format I personally didn't mind so much as I think it doesn't really divert from what is being focused on although some of the comments should be blanked out, just to stop potential trollers getting comments in the review at a later date, Overall it was neat and edited with the usual efficiency I would expect from the AJS, although maybe a little more in the mission control center would have been nicer to counter balance the twitch streams and make it seem more 'official' for the show. For the review I would award a good 7/10 Sets a good standard that can act as a benchmark for improvement. Overall score; 7/10 The review in full sets a good standard of what to expect for the new generation, and despite being under the magnifying glass from all sides, manages to keep his cool in the usual Angry Joe way, look forward to the next one Joe Leo~
  11. I'm so happy this got funded, and you guys see how much of a difference the AJSA made in the funding times pic Joe posted ? This game looks amazing i cannot wait! It starts people, this is what we are capable of!! Leo~
  12. Alundra on ps one, I loved that little RPG, I spent serious time playing it too, I'm a bit of a completionist though, and so was my dismay after finding out the final weapon in the game requires you to win a game of chance 5 x 3times in a row, 10 hours of sitting there still no joy, I turned it off and never completed it out of sheer disgust That was one of the worst mechanics I ever saw for an ultimate weapon, and such a shame, I never got to see the ending Leo~
  13. Fantastic, cannot wait for this guys! Leo~
  14. I'm sure there will be an update from Joe at somepoint, and there are posts already in the Kickstarter forum, but just letting the ones who are interested know that the Kickstarter campaign for the game The Mandate has got its funding! This is what the AJSA can help do, when we band together,I also have a huge interest in this game and from myself personally thank you to all involved helping this mission be a complete success! Leo~