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About LeoDLuffy

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    The Pirate King
  • Birthday 09/29/1981

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    United Kingdom
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    I have a passion for gaming, I love reading tonnes of books, I also love anything Sci-Fi, and a variety of Manga (hence the tag name), And enjoy comedy especially stand up with political and social criticism, such as Bill Hicks and George Carlin

    I also love spending time with my gf and the kids who I love dearly

About Me

As you walk in through the battered outer door to the apartment, you notice the paint flaking on the door frame, the wallpaper which looks like it is clinging onto the walls for dear life, and in some places failing miserably.

The apartment is musty and has clearly long past its former glory. The smell of damp fills the room, and lazy light shines through a grimy window.

As you look around you see countless dilapidated bookshelves filled with various Sci-FI and fantasy novels, Manga and biographies of long dead performers. A siren passes by outside and as it fades you notice a movement in the corner of the room.

As you look over you notice a silhouette sitting in what appeared as though it used to be an armchair. The silhouette takes a long drag from a cigar faintly lighting up what seems to be a stubble lined jawline.

“I heard that Leo could be found here sir? You ask

“Been a long time since I heard that name, I’m not sure he wants to be found “ the gruff voice replied

You take a few steps closer and through all the cliché induced imagery and the faint whiff of Jack Daniels, you realize you are sitting at your computer reading Leo’s Introduction post.

Well hi guys, I’m far from the gruff army veteran the start may imply but I have seen my share of battles.

My online Alias ‘Leo’ stems from numerous incarnations of the name used over games I have played. I’m 32 from the UK I am a highly motivated individual, or at least I am now. Things have changed for me in the past few years. And as a result of wanting a change in careers and other personal issues I kicked myself in the ass and I’m currently studying for a degree in ICT and Networking.

I used to have an entire community that I was part of and in fact through various beta testing and numerous MMO’s I was Promoted to healing Officer and helped to coordinate healing duties and recruitment of healers for many of the large raids that our guild would partake over different games. And in fact our guild had a few server firsts on some games which I was happy to have been part of. Over time I drifted away from the guild and community as many of the people I used to know had changed or left altogether.

And so just like the Army veteran above I no longer have a community to be part of. So I hope to offer my skills and find new comrades in the ranks of the Angry army, that I have in fact been a member of for the past few years albeit as a shadow rather than an active member, and have been following Joe’s reviews for many years now as I respect his honesty about them.

As Gold Rogers once said to Silvers Rayleigh “Do you wanna turn this world upside down with me?”