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  1. There are some supposedly upcoming interesting Star Wars games which hopefully won't be as dissappointing as Battlefront. There is even a chance that they could announce Battlefront 2, but that would be hilarious.
  2. To be fair, Project Spark was not that good and i was actually surprised it was not closed already.
  3. Activision has listened your feedback and will feature Campagin and Space Battles in their next Call of Duty game!
  4. It's like AJ said in his review, He was excited because DICE, creators of Battlefield, which is pretty much what Battlefront is, were making a new game, so nothing could go wrong there, right? Right? I don't know honestly, i think what happened here had to do with Disney too, DICE knows how to make good battlefield games, they did not have to put much effort to do another one, but this is not the kind of game you would expect from them. We'll see what happens in the next one...
  5. Nah, i'm not surpsied, i'm dissappointed. But i'm not surprised about the new BF either. Now it's not just about if it's the old battlefront or not, it's about the lack of content. They saw 14 million people bought it anyway, so there is no reason to not to repeat the strategy. The only thing i can actually blame them is that they named the game Battlefront. They knew what would happe and that pisses me off.
  6. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/star-wars-battlefront-2-confirmed-features-content/1100-6439682/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0b The DLCs are not even finished and they are confirming the second battlefront already. They really hate prequels even if they had the best wars, but whatever, i won't buy it anyway. People is complaining that the yshould blend all battlefronts together but i'm 100% sure that won't happen, Basically because they just wasted 110 dollars on a game that is going to be dying just like every cod game. EA is gonna milk this cow hard, but i'm not impressed.
  7. Weren't we asking that to Call of Duty? Since their campaigns are "decent" (or were) we wanted a good CoD based in WWII or at least "modern warfare" setting, which is why Infinite Warfare got so much dislikes? But instead we got more space battles in the new CoD than in Battlefront. However, this is the kind of things you never needed until you see it. I'm really digging this one, specially those planes (hopefully you can finally controll them with mouse).
  8. No one addressed this but i don't know if i'm the only one. As fun as the game is (and i had a lot of fun), i think i played in a couple of days and i think i had everything the game had to offer for me. I don't find a reason to buy it unless the full game has way more than the game currently has. I guess i can call this the online multiplayer only/Battlefront syndrome. The game is really fun, but i won't play it after a while.
  9. I like the character itself but there are too many things wrong for me story-wise in the games, so unless they put him with a new story, even if it's kind of similar, i would not like him to become canon to be honest. I agree with that for the most part except Battlefront the game being canon, which makes no sense.
  10. For those who don't know, it is confirmed they won't add any other era to the game, only Galactic Civil War will be in THIS Battlefront.
  11. Damn i just got rekt Good luck for everyone though
  12. I believe the problem with Battlefront is the following: This game is a game for STAR WARS fans, not for BATTLEFRONT fans, and that's pretty much about it. After 10 years, there was a lot of expectations to meet that they did not, and even if you like the game or not, one must admit, the content is just lacking. I do respect everyone who likes the game and thinks it's fun, and that's fine, it's fun playing it from time to time, but i just get bored so quickly because it lacks maps and old modes such as Galactic Conquest and Instant Action, and some of the things are not even replaced, so objetively, outside of opinions, this game does not have as much stuff in it as the previous Battlefronts, and i don't think we can argue about that, that's how it is. And i actually played probaby over 1000 hours on my PS2 on both Battlefronts, so we can debate about that, but i believe we don't have to. If you like STAR WARS and you like shooting from time to time, then you'll love it, it's great. But this is not a game for the old Battlefront fans, and people won't admit that. They just took the brand name because it's a popular name, but that's about it, and that's sad. Just look at the trailers the released previously, they were so excited about making a STAR WARS game. They weren't even aiming for a Battlefront game, they just wanted to make a fancy Star Wars shooter, and they did. In conclusion, i don't think the game is horrible, i just think this was not what we were asking for, as Battlefront fans.