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  1. Oh, no! It wasn't rude at all! I was trying to explain why we don't see Angry Army so active anymore. If someone wants to team up and do things as a guild, please do! You have my support. I could add the info to the guild message, like "This person wants to do these things on this day!"
  2. We had members responsible for guild events. Unfortunately, real life got them all. Guild leaders left and promoted others to take their places, just so the guild doesn't die completely. I'm one of the current leaders, but honestly, I don't feel like one. Before that, my job was to recruit new members and to keep the guild hall looking awesome (that's why we have a fully upgraded and decorated guild hall and you see me here on the forums). Lately, I'm playing very casually. When I do something as a guild, I do that with The Forest Guard [TFG]. That's our "sister guild". They were initially a Northern Shiverpeaks WvW guild (and still is for the most part), but lately they've been accepting people from other servers and promoting PvE events. So, if someone is interested on joining TFG, lemme know. I can send you an invite.
  3. Invitation sent! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  4. It seems you reached the limit of 5 guilds you can join.
  5. Invitation sent! Welcome to the Angry Army!
  6. Yes! The guild is still there, though not as active as a guild as it used to be. I play pretty much every day, but I've been doing guild activities with another guild, since the game allows us to join up to 5 guilds. If you're still interested on joining us, just tell me your account name (for example, Treeps.5712) or one of your characters names.
  7. Invitation sent, Lolmaster! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  8. Just for the record, Adodoplayer was invited to the guild by Bast. So, welcome to the Angry Army!
  9. Invitation sent, FhaeTaL! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  10. Invitation sent, dragonborn67! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  11. Invitation sent, LukeDraconis! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  12. Invitation sent, AngryAlavant! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  13. Invitation sent, Thandor! Welcome to The Angry Army!
  14. Already have my copy and can't wait to play it! I wanna claim the new Guild Hall for our guild.