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  1. It appears that we're getting quite a few responses here, we should make things more official, how about we try and create a dedicated crew for the Angry Army; together we can "liberate" the necessary funds to ensure that the Army is well supplied and equipped to fight. We'll need to group together our fellow heisters in arms into teams, and ensure those teams have skills that compliment each other; teams that are subtle and sneaky, or those who prefer a more direct approach. In the words of Bain: "I'll see you at the safe-house guys, and I'll show you the plans."
  2. Ah, so good to see some fellow heisters around these parts. For me, what I like about PAYDAY 2, that is actually a tough question to nail down to a single thing, as I like all of it really. From the variety of the missions, the customization of your weapons and masks, the skill trees adding a greater degree of the sort of role you can play in heist, to finally the soundtrack is as awesome as ever (hats off to Simon Viklund and the rest). I guess one of the few downsides I can think of, is how dumb the A.I can be, both on the player's side and the law enforcement. I mean sometimes a line of SWAT will just willingly walk into a hail of gun fire, and can get downed before they even react, the accuracy of the law enforcement can be of questionable nature, even at close range, and the fact that the player side AI won't complete objectives like picking up loot bags; though I guess that may be down to programming and how easy something like that can be. All in all, PAYDAY 2 is a great game, better played in a group either with complete randoms or friends.