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  2. Meh very small buffs and nerfs over all very nice balance patch. We shall see how the coldsnap and forge changes will effect vokers
  3. Well who ever wants to learn the basics of everything just add me so we can arrange a lesson.
  4. Around 4300 games if you count all my 18 smurfs and my main account that has 2580 games played.
  5. I just like kunkka and I really don't know why. (The hat had over 1000 kills before the gem update so I had to use a name tag to get back its old name)
  6. I have to say wei is right he is op he is not broken like imbaspirit but he is not balanced QW is too good and it needs to be nerfed.
  7. After taking your opinions in to consideration I would still say he is op mana burn is insane and as I have said many times before this hero requires a lot of game knowledge to play but he is not that difficult and he has high impact on the game even if he has bad farm and unexperienced pilot.
  8. Few questions about invoker.
  9. I think the 1v1 tournament would be good as a side dish when the next tournament is going.
  10. The Coach tournament would be the one that I would really wanna see I would be willing to fund prices for that.
  11. 1v1 is usually mirror best of 3 or could be best of 1 and you do have a point with overwhelming so it could be two coaches each team or something like that. I really like the constructive comments on this because this is an idea we can shapes into something that all of us can enjoy either by competing coaching or watching.
  12. I just think getting newer players involved would make the community better over all.
  13. I really would like to see a 1v1 or a coach tournament. The community seems to have a growing number of newer players, because of that I tournament for them would be nice and a coach per team so they could also learn as they play against each other. (No I am not saying coach gets to play instead they should coach a team of newer players. If this would be and done well it would be one of the most effective ways to get many newer players more experienced with the competitive side of the game.) I am suggesting 1v1 tournament only because that would be a good way for casters to learn casting and new casters to step forward.
  14. Exploit weakness in the enemy lineup.
  15. I added you because you seem really new to the game so I might as well help you out a bit