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  1. cpgrad08 liked a post in a topic by b7504 in The Elder Scrolls Online: Monthly Subscription for a Full-priced Game   
    It disappointing me that everyone is upset over the monthly fee. Compared to what their giving us a monthly fee seems totally justified to me.
  2. cpgrad08 liked a post in a topic by Jackschmit in Unknown Error   
    I've got a fun one, when trying to enter payment information it's telling me my address is wrong..... therefore I can't enter a subscription plan, and thus can't enter the game. I'm actually TRYING to give them my money, but apparently then don't want my Canadian dollars.....
    I was already falling back to 19th on the leader board, this will not help my score :'(
  3. cpgrad08 liked a post in a topic by Nightshade in Fellow 3 day early access players   
    the best part about the 3 day access is i get it on my Birthday
  4. AkariJ liked a post in a topic by cpgrad08 in Hello everyone   
  5. cpgrad08 liked a post in a topic by AkariJ in Hello everyone   
    Welcome aboard!
  6. cpgrad08 liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in Hello everyone   
    Thanks for the big ol' nice glass of sweet freedom.
    The SWTOR group is here:
    Good luck with your bachelor's.
  7. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by cpgrad08 in Hello everyone   
    Hello I'm cpgrad08 I'm 25 year old Marine Vet. I'm a full time student right working on my BA in History. I just got into PC gaming and thinking skipping over the PS4/Xbox one. I'm currently in SWTOR and that's were you will find me in the AJA team speak.