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  1. motivational. Also semi-off topic. I got the joke. It just wasn't my particularly kind of humor.
  2. banned because, "Braaaaaaaaaains!"
  3. Bennett, Origin is EA's digital distribution service. It is similar to Valve's Steam, though inferior in many ways. Such as the fact that messages will pull you out of non-origin games. And at least with Titanfall if you are playing below the native resolution of your display because your hardware can't handle native, it will switch you to windowed mode whenever someone on your friends list does anything. There are only two things, in my opinion, that Origin does better than Steam. The first is the refunds policy. And the second is 'free weekends' with origin the time for the free weekend starts when you first launch the game. With steam, it is from point in time x to point in time y.
  4. I actually forgot the smart pistol is underpowered argument. Let me counter by saying this. Yes, if the approaching pilot can land several hits the smart pistol user is in a very bad position. But, the smart pistolers that I am primarily complaining about are the ones who move in a very erratic pattern that is very difficult to follow. And, I am not just bad at the game. Many of the people I play with play the game at a very high level and I'm around their skill. They are probably a bit better than I am. These highly skilled players still have difficulty tracking the smart pistol users when they employ their frolicking tactic. If that tactic did not exist, I would agree that the smart pistol is not over powered. As for people complaining about how there is no way the shot should have hit them, sometimes. I just know I and many others would feel less irritated were we to die from behind to someone using say, a hemlock or r101c. Because then it would be that individual getting an advantageous point and lining up his crosshairs on us. As for the RE-45 being overpowered... yeah it is very very powerful. I will not deny that. My only real counter argument to that is the fact that its iron sights are really bad, but it isn't a very good one. As for the killing a titan by rodeoing it in under three clips, from a lore standpoint it does make some level of sense. You are shooting a sensitive part of the titan at point blank. And, the final thing is the RE-45 is not as heavily used by players in Titanfall. You rarely find someone else using it, unless they are either messing around or working on the generation 4 regen challenge for it. So, it may be very very powerful, but it isn't overused. I have never met someone who quit Titanfall because of the RE-45. Oh, and sorry for the delay on my response. Just took my time to make sure I worded it properly.
  5. That would be amazing! Though with how aggressively I play, my titan only lasts about two or three fights against other titans before it dies.
  6. Here is why I believe the smart pistol is a bad idea. First of all is the most obvious one in a player versus player gaming environment a weapon which does most of the aiming for a player is imbalanced. Even if it does have a limited range. I have done extensive testing and found that the longest lock on time for the full three locks on a non-cloaked pilot is 1.8 seconds. This was done using multiple stopwatches, to ensure the accuracy of the test. There was a minor variation in the times beyond 1.8 seconds, but it did max out at 1.8 seconds on all of them. Be it 1.81 or 1.84 seconds. And with the amped smart pistol, the time to lock on has been found to be less than the time to kill with an amped carbine, r97 smg, car smg, and spitfire lmg. Though the one-hit kill kraber sniper rifle does have a faster time to kill than the time to lock of the smart pistol, it is also much more difficult to hit your target with it. The second reason why the smart pistol was a bad idea is that I have known hundreds of people I used to play with who quit playing the game explicitly because of the smart pistol. Which means it is another factor in the massive decline in the playerbase. This is only speculation, but I'm guessing that if the smart pistol had not been in Titanfall you wouldn't be so hard pressed to find a game mode with a thousand players in it worldwide, but would be more hard pressed to find one of the more popular ones like capture the flag, attrition, or hardpoint without over a thousand people. But, at least the numbers would be better than they are now. At least by a couple hundred. More likely the number would be in the thousands. The third issue is the attitudes of the people who use the smart pistol. When politely asked to switch to a weapon which is more in line with competitive play they respond with insults. The most common of which include calling the individual who requested them to play with a different weapon a, “butthurt queer”, “Whining bitch” and, “Angry child”. If the individual who is requesting the smart pistol switch their weapon to something that is more in line with the competitive nature of player versus player first person shooters remains calm and points out how the smart pistol user is simply throwing insults they say that the individual who made the request is ignoring their points. The points which they had not made amidst throwing insults. I have however noticed a trend in smart pistol users defending their weapon choice. That since Respawn put the weapon in the game it's okay to use it. Now, I personally know the lead software engineer at Respawn. When I asked him why they put it in Titanfall he said, and this is an exact quote, “We put the smart pistol into Titanfall for the less skilled players on the console.” So that argument personally does not hold water for me. Not to mention the example one could give that just because say, car manufacturers give you the ability to go over a hundred miles per hour means it is okay to do so. Or a more gaming related example. Just because you have the option to play a splitscreen game with settings that make the person you are playing with get motion sickness or eyestrain doesn't mean you should. Another argument they make is that the only reason one could request someone to stop using it is they are not skilled enough to beat the smart pistol. I can beat a smart pistol player. But, I do not want to have to deal with it. I also find that their accusations of me simply not being very good at the game are invalid because if I am so bad at Titanfall why is it that when I fight these smart pistol users in a one versus one titan battle I win about ninety-five percent of those battles. There are a few where they do get the better of me, but that is a very rare occasion. There could also be the argument for the smart pistol that it helps bad players compete with more skilled ones. I haven't heard it yet, but if you do, here's how I would counter that argument like so. “The smart pistol may give less experienced/skilled players a chance against more experienced/skilled players, but it also limits their improvement. It makes it less likely that they will develop the skills that more experienced/skilled players have.” The only argument I can think of for the smart pistol is that it is a change to the first person shooter genre. That it's an innovation. To this I will point my other arguments, and another. Just because something is innovative, does not mean it is good. There are many very bad innovations. For example, would you say that the innovation of always online DRM in Diablo III on PC was a good one? Would you say that the innovation of autotune in music is a good thing? Would you say that the 'innovation' of data bandwidth caps on broadband introduced by companies like Comcast are good? In conclusion, the smart pistol is a bad idea because it decreases the number of players, slows or halts the growth of less skilled players, most smart pistol users use more insults and profanity than arguments to defend their position, and testing has shown that the smart pistol is an imbalanced weapon compared to others. Yes, if the smart pistol user is not using the frollicking strategy employed by most of them it is a bad weapon. But ninety plus percent of the smart pistol users I have encountered use that tactic. Let me say this, if you are using the smart pistol and don't employ that strategy, I don't mind your choice. I and many others may be frustrated when we die to you getting the drop on us, but we don't hold ire against you. If you were using another weapon we would probably have died anyways. We will advise you to use weaponry other than the smart pistol, but that is more our trying to give you advice that will help you perform better in the long run. Yes, the odds are at first you will do worse when using a weapon like the carbine or an smg, but you will build up skills and accuracy that will overall make you a better player. If you are struggling with your aim or using a weapon I know many of us in the Titanfall community who are vehemently opposed to the smart pistol would gladly take some of our Titanfall play time to help you practice and improve. Because, in the end when I am asking people to not use the smart pistol it is not because I don't want them to have fun. Quite the opposite, I want them to have fun while playing Titanfall, and I am able and willing to put the time in to help them become better. I don't want anyone to have a bad time while playing Titanfall. And there are many highly skilled players who have a horrible time because of the way so many smart pistol users play. And lastly, if you are a smart pistoler I would like to have a civil discussion with you to try and understand why you use it.
  7. Removing the smart pistol entirely. Or at least removing its ability to lock on to pilots. With any other weapon, if the other guy is behind me and I don't notice him, I have a chance, no matter how small, to turn around and kill him when he fires on me. But with the smart pistol its one click one kill lock on does not give players that chance. I'm not opposed to noob weapons, but I typically find noobs using the carbine, while the more skilled people use the smart pistol. Hell, I rarely play attrition anymore because it's just a constant flood of smart pistoler after smart pistoler. Also, Nexle, how is it nerfed to hell? It locks on in less than two seconds, has a huge lock on radius, and with a full lock can basically insta-kill a pilot. If anything, it needs another nerf so that it isn't used by 95% of the people in attrition.
  8. I still play a ton of titanfall. If you do get it, feel free to add me on Origin. (An_Angry_Albino)
  9. banned because cookies.
  10. banned because batman.