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  1. lol lindsay lohan
  2. MK9 is canon. and MKX is after MK9. NRS is Ed Boon and his crew so everything they make is canon. and MKA sucks dick btw, i'm glad that they rebooted MK series and try to make their games deeper for the competitive community.
  3. inb4 Mass Effe.. oh wait...
  4. still don't know why capcom ruined their own mascots. :-/
  5. I swear if someone says MKX's gameplay is like Injustice's, i'll beat the shit out of them lol jk But srsly, the game is totally different than injustice and even mk9, the characters are bigger, the walkspeed is alot faster, the stamina bar for backdashing, running and interactables, the projectile interactables are now blockable, 3 variations for each characters, combo breaker costs 2 bars in the xray meter and full stamina bar... The depth, footsie and mind game sound awesome!!! If it's done right, it'll be the best game NRS has ever made. I don't know why some people can't be hyped for this game!
  6. looks like saint row meets far cry lol.
  7. are you guys fucking kidding me? this batsuit and batmobile look awesome,
  8. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/07/new-power-rangers-movie-announced Power Ranger is cheesy as fuck, but i love it when i was a kid, can wait.
  9. still waiting for Capcom to announce something that doesn't make me mad at E3 this year. >.>
  10. cyborg is probably just a small cameo in the movie, like hawkeye in thor, people should stop crying and say "oh this is a JL movie". the real problem is DC doesn't even believe in their characters, they don't even have a real plan like Marvel. They are just like "Hey, MoS is good and made shitload of $, what should we do next? oh, bring Batman". Jesus WB, start believing in your characters. You have the 2 most iconic superheroes of all time, and the best/biggest superheroine ever!
  11. street fighter 4, mk9, mvc1.
  12. this x 100000000
  13. I don't play DmC but i know the DMC community, and it's like 99% of them don't like DmC lol. They said that the game is too easy to make combos. Making combo videos is their lives lol so i believe them. As a casual fan, i hate it. Man, Dante looks fucking emo and Vergil is like white hair Michael Cera.
  14. when i was a kid, almost every boss is annoying lol.
  15. The Company: "Let's grab more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from fans".