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  1. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Good games with a bad ending   
    inb4 Mass Effe..
    oh wait...
  2. Doshka17 liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Good games with a bad ending   
    inb4 Mass Effe..
    oh wait...
  3. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Far Cry 4 Announced. Expected November 2014 Release Date   
    DUDE!!! that is the best version of the Daigo moment i have seen i cant believe i have never seen that before lol.
  4. Raizurhk liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Far Cry 4 Announced. Expected November 2014 Release Date   
    looks like saint row meets far cry lol.
  5. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in E3 2014 What Are You Looking Forward To?   
    Fallout 4, Fallout 4, and let's see... oh yeah, FALLOUT4!
  6. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by IrishRogue in Cyborg announced for the Man of Steel Sequel   
    I hear ya, but the reason Avengers worked is because we got to know each character individually and how they are connected together in this cinematic universe. Yeah DC heroes like Supes and Batman are more well known than most Marvel characters (in fact World's Finest should've been the movie to start the JLA universe, because everyone knows the origins of Superman and Batman) but people would still need to know how it is these characters from different movies can fit into the same universe and why they should invested in them. Plus characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, and Martian Manhunter would all need their own films as not everyone would know who or where they come from.
  7. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Gone too in Cyborg announced for the Man of Steel Sequel   
    A decent Justice League movie wouldn't really need each member to have a movie beforehand. What worries me is all of Warner's DC movies have been terribad, "gritty and realistic" turned all of them into Nolan's Batman somehow. Superman is (murderous) Blue Batman, Green Arrow is Green Batman and Nolan's Batman was not-Batman* so overall I have a bad feeling about this.
    *Not a detective, not a genius, etc etc etc.
  8. cmdragon liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Who Was the most Annoying boss for you in video games to defeat but in the end you enjoyed the fight   
    when i was a kid, almost every boss is annoying lol.
  9. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by JoelMattGarcia in Games That Should Make A Comeback   
    Crash Bandicoot.
  10. cmdragon liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Who Was the most Annoying boss for you in video games to defeat but in the end you enjoyed the fight   
    when i was a kid, almost every boss is annoying lol.
  11. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by GodPlzStopMe in IGN employee goes salty   
    IGN=IGNorance nuff said

  12. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Gone too in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    Gamers are people involved in gamer culture, usually nerds who frequent forums keep up with the news, buy a few games once in a while and is overall inserted in the culture. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy a game or two, some can argue semantics and state that anyone who plays a game is a gamer but that's not how the term has been used for a while now and the word casual has been created to define the type of person who usually plays mobile games once in a while or just one or two games. 

    There's nothing wrong with not being a gamer and a person who's not a gamer can appreciate games all the same even if they're not going to get every reference to Monkey Island or know the entire history of the Warcraft franchise. Ultimately there's no requirement or real way to define a gamer other than a broad definition but it's usually easy to spot who's into gaming and would discuss the subject endlessly on a forum and who just plays some games to chill out from time to time.

    It's like music you see, some people like music and get involved in the culture surrounding whatever they listen to, others just appreciate it and yet others casually listen to whaterver's on the radio. As a personal example, I happen to like Goth rock a lot but I'm definitely not Goth.

      I know some 40 year olds who play cod twice a month and some guys who play fifa once every blue moon, they're definitely not gamers in the sense the word has acquired. They don't read destructoid/escapist/ign/whatever, don't watch totalbiscuit/angryjoe/whoever don't go to gaming forums and have no interest in other games or gaming culture as a whole.

    The casual gamer is not pejorative or at least it shouldn't be so there's really no harm in using it. The casual gamer has a different approach entirely. My mother has pacman in her android, she's not a gamer.

    Lastly, no we're not special people but we can name more than 20 games have hundreds of them on our Steam accounts and that makes us more invested in the hobby. By your definition of "anyone who play a game is a gamer."  anyone who has ever done something briefly or from time to time is an experienced hobbyist in that field. I've sailed for a year with my father when I was 11, definitely not a sailor and I wouldn't say I was even then. It's ultimately subjective of course but the modern guise of the term has surely changed.
  13. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    Devil's advocate mode: on.
    So what about gophers like this?

  14. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by JarlBalgruuftheGreater in What does it mean to be a "real" gamer?   
    a "real gamer" is someone who's passionate about video games. If a person only likes one type of game or they only like a certain generation of games, their still gamers. I don't like the term "real gamer". Like if a baseball fan doesn't like every sport ever or doesn't know every play that doesn't mean he's not a real fan. If someone truly loves video games, that makes them a "real gamer".
  15. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by The Moonlight Warrior in What franchise needs to DIE???   
    Whoa dude Valve is 100% awesome. Some of the greatest games ever were made by Valve
  16. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Entstehung in What franchise needs to DIE???   
    Call of Duty personally I liked it in WW2 but its changed and I don't like it anymore. But Halo in my opinion should never die because simply it is Halo.
  17. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Delrith in AJSA COMPETITIVE TEAMS - READ   
    Hello there and welcome everyone to this forum thread! This thread will be detailing the current plans for the COMPETITIVE TEAMS of the Angry Army and what you can expect in the future!
    First of all for those of you who do not know me, I am Delrith! I am a decently talented player that was brought on to assist with running the AJSA community and managing the competitive aspects of it in the future. For those of you who are new here, welcome!
    Now a lot of questions and messages have been sent to me over the past week asking a multitude of questions revolving around this subject. So I figure the best way to start is to answer the ones that were asked the most in this forum thread, then elaborate on things I want to afterwards.
    Q: What games are we going to be going competitive into soon, or in the near future? A: Well, as of right now we have major plans for Battlefield 4, as well as a few other FPSes that will be coming out in the future. We have plans for Star Citizen, TESO, and a few other MMO's.. but those are TBA and we have not decided on whether or not we'll be fielding actual 'teams'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What do you do to get invited into a competitive team for the AJSA community? A: You go through a screening process. People who believe that they are *exceptional* or *amazing* at a certain game, like Battlefield 4, send me a message personally through my inbox and I set time aside to evaluate them. This process requires a good amount of time as I have to go through stats, watch you play, and play with you myself.. as well as conduct an IN-TS3 interview with experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: When I send you a message about being apart of a competitive team, what should I include? A: The best thing for you to include is experience. I need to know if you have experience playing with teams, participating in tournaments, winning tournaments/events, or management of any of those categories. I need to know if you're great with strategy or tactics as well, as that is an important role. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What happens if you're accepted into the competitive team for a certain game? A: Your team manager (Competitive) for that certain game will be setting a strict schedule and guidelines for what you're required to do. This will include set training days, set meetings, and strategy discussion with the other players on the team. This will be taken EXTREMELY seriously, as in the future there's a chance that teams will be paid for to participate in-person at events. Joe must not be disappointed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What if I have a great team already with a record and I want to bring them over to compete for AJSA in games that are not necessarily on the radar for competitive tournaments? A: You need to contact me with your team, the team's history, the names of each individual player (So I can check records) and their history as well listed in the message. If it's a game worth investing into and something that would help further the community there's a high chance you'll be pulled aside and spoken to. THIS TEAM *MUST* HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE AND *MUST* SEND PROOF OF SAID EXPERIENCE BEING REAL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: Will there be team jersey's, outfits, etc for players that are formally accepted into a team? A: Probably, but that's not confirmed right now. If a serious amount of money begins to get offered in a game and the team in question proves itself to be reliable/competent it's entirely a possibility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: Does anyone have a chance to 'try out' for a competitive team here at AJSA, say for Battlefield 4? A: No, there's too many for me to go through 'every' person that sends me an application or simply wants to try out. I will be personally evaluating the stats of each individual before even contacting them based on history, performance, and time spent on said game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Q: What are you looking for? Just pure talent in killing the enemy, or something else? A: I will be looking for a range of players. Each time requires an extremely balanced build of individuals that WORK WELL TOGETHER and act as one. This includes killers, support players, strategists, etc. A team will be comprised of all of those, with a few more killers then anything else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Now take in mind we have not formally formed any of these teams yet! This topic is simply being posted to allow you to start messaging me with your applications and for you to post questions here that were not answered.
    Anything and everything is subject to change based on what Joe wants and this was simply a courtesy being extended to all you fine people at the AJSA community!
    Just keep in mind that I HAVE TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, and do not look down on me if I deny your application or cannot accept you into a team. I have to be selective in every aspect, as the players chosen will be representing not only the AJSA but Joe himself, and that's important!
    P.S - Ask questions in this thread  and I will update the post responding to them.
  18. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in new "H1Z1" Zombie Game   
    I am sick and tired of zombie games, so make something cool and new Sony!
  19. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Capcom cam't catch a break.   
    Crapcom will probably make Hyper SF4 Turbo Edition or some shit like that with ten more clone characters.
  20. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in Tons0fun incoming!   
    Hey AJSA soldiers!
    I am Tons0fun, you may remember me from the primordial age of the Angry Joe Show. I have been here from the beginning but life has required I take a back seat for a while. I've always had a blast working on the show and I'm really looking forward to seeing where we can take this!
    I've been a gamer for damn near as long as I can remember. I've owned a Turbo Graphix 16, NES, SuperNES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and Playstation 1. Then my passions switched over to PC gaming thanks to the likes of Dune 2 and Red Alert. Loved me some RTSs back in the day.
    I've worked in the video game industry for 4 years. Working stints at NCSoft, Zynga, and Portalarium giving me contacts all over the industry. I'll be using these contacts in our favor seeing what I can get for us in the AJSA.
    I'll be dabbling in just about all of the official games and bring a new concept to the channel centered around Kickstarter, stay tuned!
    Call your friends to rank and lets make this the best gaming community ever!
  21. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Wolfspawn in What April Fools joke did you successfully pull off today?   
    I think the lack of an April Fools joke would be a good one. Make whoever you want to play a joke on know you want to. Make it obvious. Make them anticipate a joke. Then... never pull one. Leave them hanging. It takes very little effort, but it's probably one of the best April Fools jokes you can do, without blowing everything out of proportion.
    Also, I haven't pulled any jokes today. Mainly because April Fools has only just begun over here in Amurrca. Also, because I'm a lazy bastard.
  22. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Sol Omega in What April Fools joke did you successfully pull off today?   
    April Fools is just another Tuesday for me.
  23. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by IcedAjack in Are Gamers Killing Video Games?   
    Without gamers, there would be no video game industry.
  24. Captain Estrata liked a post in a topic by T33-Kahn in Other Joe "Knowledgefied" print   
    this looks awesome!
  25. T33-Kahn liked a post in a topic by Conor in Did you buy InFamous: Second Son?   
    Game length doesn't really make me decide on the game, anyway with the trophies Finish with Good Karma and Finish with Bad Karma, I will probably get double the length of the game anyway.