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  1. i would like to sign up as well
  2. Lol IGN: DemonicDeus Rank:bronze 2 (currently) sil 3 last year. Lol exp: season 4 roles/mains: Top, Mid mages. Mains: garen, graves, velkoz, nautilus, viktor, jayce. What i know/can teach: i can teach cs, positioning, how to build properly, how to prioritize one champion over another. What i want to learn: maintaining map awareness, broadening my champion pool, how to communicate with teammates other moba exp: hots, smite 1year, battlerite.
  3. I haven't seen any posts recently about league, or at least to the extent of people playing games. If anyone wants to play league with me, be on the public chat room around 4:30 Eastern time (my time zone is eastern na, however if your from another time zone your more than welcome to join). *i have also realized that this is in the wrong section. admins if youd like to delete this please do so.