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  1. My idea, option to res a player using a soulshard on their body.
  2. 6+ months ago solo'd them with ease on a nightblade, now I throw the kitchen sink at them on a archer/summoner and can't down them.
  3. @Fuegoo Going to give it a shot again since f2p
  4. Haven't seen a bot in weeks so where ya see em ^
  5. Her "Rally the troops" pep talks need work.
  6. Been to many different dungeons since last patch not 1 bot. About bugs, its an MMO they are commonplace and get fixed fast in ESO, so I'm good there. Mods create a 'Complaints' Sub Forum already as I am sure us that enjoy playing ESO with AJSA are tired of seeing rants on why eso sucks everytime we visit the forum.
  7. People saying "quests and boring" Have ya'll ever played mmo's and the repetive kill this monster 20x quests?
  8. Umm.. This patch hurts gold farmers alot, fixes a lot of quest so I don't see the reasoning? If you don't like the game, admit it, don't try to blame it on aa pretty good patch(even though they should have done this by launch.. Even though I tend to kill a boss 3x for his fillled soul shard.
  9. Farm, farm, farm!
  10. I have wondered why Zenimax doesn't insta ban the goldspammers in /zone chat or at a spawn like this. Truthh is it's more money for them as they will just buy a new code and do it again until banned.
  11. You 2 failed us, /gquit! JK, waaay to go dudes!
  12. TESO reminds me of SWToR, looking like constant bugs and issues and they dont care hey made 100+ mil off preorders. Is Joe angry yet?
  13. You are suppose to try the sweet flirty style with them before curse and RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!