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  1. Don't forget all the Harambe planets.
  2. Trust me, I'll make it work.
  3. Unfortunately I can not be a part of this challenge, since my naming policy will most likely break all the community rules.
  4. Thor#1741 I play on both EU and US.
  5. Just some of my escapades as Reinhardt!
  6. How precious of both of you. The fact that I care already proves you're wrong. Either way, way to add to the discussion.
  7. Actually no, when I made my first post the deadline was still not up, and I read the article you quoted, and I also watched the video the article was based on, AND I checked the official website store at the time. You see, when I join a discussion I don't like to post while misinformed, and all the facts I found are the same ones I have been posting so far. The community video the article was based on, barely touched on the subject and was not explained very well, and then the author decided to write an article based on that little snipped of badly explained information. And then you (after several times demonstrated in this thread) out of biased hate towards this game made an angry post about it. However it does not matter any more, I have reported this thread in hopes that a competent forum moderator will close this thread. I don't mind debate or discussion, in fact I encourage and love it. It's a good way to learn new things. However, as I have stated several times here, this whole thread is pointless.
  8. Here is how the original post is factually wrong: 1. The thread name: STAR CITIZEN PRE-ORDER BONUS: THE ENTIRE SINGLE PLAYER! This is not what they did. First of all there is no pre-order bonus, it's just been divided into different purchasing packages. 60$ - You get the full game as advertised in the kickstarted and everywhere else. 45$ - You get the Online Only portion of the game, in other words the MMO. You can then upgrade to the full game if you want to for an additional 15$, totaling in 60$. 45$ - You get the Single player portion of the game, in other words the story mode which is a full AAA title with professional voice acting and a 15-30 hour campaign. You can then upgrade to the full game if you want for an additional 15$, totaling in 60$. That is the change in question that was made in the time that you made the post, there is nothing about pre order bonus or anything like that, making the whole thread moot. There is not point in discussing a topic that is baseless. 2. The Source of your original post. The article you posted was amateurishly written, there were no sources except for a community video, where the author of the article had misunderstood the whole video to the point that he was naming 90$ prices to basic game packages that didn't even exist. Not only that, but every other credible video game "journalistic" websites never even talked about this topic at all. In other words, your entire original post was based on rumors, misunderstandings and misinformation. There is nothing factual about your original post. This entire thread is pointless, which is why it should be closed. It has nothing to do with me disagreeing.
  9. First of all we ended that discussion weeks ago. Second, no one is even discussing the topic of this thread. Third, we've been through this before. Your original post that started this thread is misleading and misinformed. It has nothing to do with disagreement, the post is just factually wrong.
  10. Just FYI the whole "lord and savior" thing isn't really about fanboyism. It originated with the kickstarter where Chris Roberts said he's making a PC game for PC gamers. That's rare now a days for a developer to solely focus on PC's and on top of that aiming for high end computers. And thus started the whole "Chris Roberts is the savior of PC gaming", it's mostly about praising his dedication to PC gaming and his past achievements in PC gaming. EDIT: Also why is this thread even still open? Are there no moderators in these parts of the forums?
  11. I feel a lot of people missed the whole point of the "Martha" part of the movie. It was pretty obvious to me, but then again, not too many people pay attention to movies like these, especially after 2 hours of non-story. There are two parts to this moment: 1. The moment Superman yells "Save Martha", Bruce is immediately put back in that moment where his parents were killed. But in that instance Bruce is the guy holding the gun, this image in his mind is enough to stun him, to stop him from outright killing Superman on the spot. This makes him confused and angry which leads him to yelling at Superman "why did you say that name?!". 2. Throughout the fight Batman keeps berating Superman by saying "you're not a man", "Men are courageous" and so on. This and previous events establishes that Bruce doesn't see Superman as a man, but as a wannabe god, someone who doesn't belong or deserve the respect he has. However when Lois explains to Bruce that Martha is his mother, it dawns on Bruce that Superman is just another guy who has a mother just like him. He's not some God, he's just another guy trying to do the right thing. This may seem pedantic, but this honestly made sense to me when I watched the movie. I didn't over analyse it or anything, I just paid attention. This whole "Oh we're friends now because our mothers had the same name" is moronic. Sure the rest of the movie was all over the place, but this part made perfect sense. Especially since the whole movie kind of overplays how Bruce and Clark feel about each other. EDIT: Just for the sake of clarity, I made this post in response to Joe and the other guysreaction to this scene in the review. So it's not technically off topic.
  12. It's one of two things: 1. You're laptop CPU just can't handle it, even though it's a gaming laptop, streaming works completely different and is a lot more CPU dependent than games. So if this is the case you're going to have to upgrade. A way to test this is to get any software that monitors CPU activity and have it up while attempting to stream, if it hits higher than 70% usage then it's struggling. 2. It's your internet connection, mostly your upload. Don't know your internet providers so I can't really advise you, but you should have at least 3mb actual upload (My provider is giving me 20 upload, but the actual upload is more like 14-16). Do a speed test and check. If both of these are in order, then I'd recommend checking your laptop while your streaming, it may just be the capture card that is struggling to sync video and keep the frame rate stable.
  13. Well I missed a lot of stuff rushing this, didn't do a single NPC quest except for the one required to get the final achievement. I'm replaying it now properly. Not spending more than 2 tries on any of the bosses helped too (except for the second last boss was stuck almost 2 hours on that one).
  14. Thanks guys! Now to play through the game properly and not rush everything.
  15. The whole point of the video is that he can't handle drama, he's shown that again and again. I'm aware of the situations you've mentioned, I'm not entirely convinced that TB's intention was to send his fanbase as attack dogs though. My point was that he has never been intentionally slanderous. Sure he's opinionated, and he makes his opinions very clear. I'm just saying he's a guy under a lot of pressure, who's not really adept at handling extremely negative situations.