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  1. Ahh, so its less "Windows 10" edition and more Mobile Edition. I get it now. So their is basically no reason to get it.
  2. Just need to know what is the Minecraft 10edition I am hearing about? I am currently playing minecraft on a windows 10 and it works fine what difference does it make. It's confusing and thing i look up people stop talking about mine craft and start talking about Windows in general which is absolutely no help.
  3. Wasteland Survival? Interesting. Cant wait ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. I like dirty bomb.....
  5. I heard it going B2P and i got excited. I have gotten the game about a month after release and i did have a good time But I deemed it completely unworthy of paying more then once for it so i stopped. Now i can gladly go back in and enjoy it like i did when i first gotten it.
  6. NO, But i also do not support the subscribtion fees. I feel its the subscription fees why people are not really a fan of this game but refuse to admit it.
  7. Jeezus thata fat budget. Building a PC Built specifically for gaming is of no issue with that budget dude. Since its you first time If ya wanna just buy a pre built by all means but if ya wanna build it yourself it would be much better then a pre build with less cost and more stronger. HArd to give tell better way to tell ya what to do but a 2k budget is 3 times the amount i used to make my PC so hehe lucky you, eh.
  8. I think Cop-n-robbers would be great with COD. No more beastly america its just the daily struggle with Swat and joker level criminals. that be great.
  9. So running of that idea the Spartans and Elites(or brutes) would be similar to a MAX unit except not slow. tons of armour and shield and probably more agility then a light trooper. not saying that badd or anything.
  10. Geez you having a terrible time i see. The worst i get is Terrible terrible stability issues where i am freezing every second but that is fixed by restarting the game. Kinda the same difference i had with BF4. i had nearly no issues except in dawnbreaker were that map was like my archnemisis and freeze me. Average ping i get is 9-60, and framerate hovers around 58. all and all i kinda stable just that one issue so far.
  11. I wish i can get the beta access so i can confirm or deny my suspicions. I am having bad feeling about this Cop's an Robbers approach. I feel as though CodAW should switch places with this new battlefield. Since well CALL OF DUTY would fit nicely with cops. But BATTLEFIELD seems nothing to do with cops. I loved battlefield for its massive open maps. i hate the normal maps in BF4 because of the tight city running. Mhh.. i gots bad feels all around. Just got done playing a few round of it, It is not bad. the beta is pretty solid, smooth playing. seems to be going for a stylish approach though that could just be the beta graphics, and its still has the battlefield feel to it. I like it, i can't wait to see what more comes from it.
  12. CIvi, Civi, Civi, Civi, Civi, Cive <cive ,c iE c, ci
  13. For me based of what i have seen. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 1.Anarchy Reigns (aka Max Anarchy) = Awesome Multiplayer Brawler 2.Tropico "series" = I AM YOUR PRESIDENTE! 3.Persona "series" = Just love it 4.Planet Explorers = Still early Dev and huge learning curve to make anything decent but love it 5.Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army = awesomely fun 6.Lost Planet 2 = Some of the most fun i ever had 7.Resident Evil: ORC = Was not bad at all, multiplayer was fun when working with a coherent team. 8.Brink = In my experience never had a problem and was fun till the end. Which sadly wasn't that long.
  14. SO that way i am checked to recruit. well i know a few people that would join....if i can get then to stop playing xbox for a bit.
  15. Unfortunally it must have been completed when i left to work and since i get home short midnight i just went to sleep. Woke-up then next day to a lost battle.