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  1. ThE_MarD liked a post in a topic by Parahellion in Battlefield... Hardline?...   
    I wish i can get the beta access so i can confirm or deny my suspicions. I am having bad feeling about this Cop's an Robbers approach.
    I feel as though CodAW should switch places with this new battlefield. Since well CALL OF DUTY would fit nicely with cops.
    But BATTLEFIELD seems nothing to do with cops. I loved battlefield for its massive open maps. i hate the normal maps in BF4 because of the tight city running.
    Mhh.. i gots bad feels all around.
     Just got done playing a few round of it, It is not bad. the beta is pretty solid, smooth playing. seems to be going for a stylish approach though that could just be the beta graphics, and its still has the battlefield feel to it. I like it, i can't wait to see what more comes from it.
  2. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Parahellion in Fallout new Vegas: legion or NCR?   
    Nothing better then popping the heads of legionaries from the tops of cliffs. of course i'm more freelance with a dislike of legion. but if the NCR ask'd me to help then sure.
  3. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Parahellion in Huge Skyrim Modding Project   
    Yes...the way the should have handled skyrim. Instead of ending it on Dragonborn, they should have worked to Put the rest of world into the game.
  4. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Parahellion in I hate Minecrafts Fan-Base   
    Ehh. Seemed on topic then it turned to just a turned rant...
    I say its on topic in Spirit...
  5. Exterdeath8 liked a post in a topic by Parahellion in Entering...ParaHellion!   
    Hello Everyone. I Go by many names, buts my Permanent is Parahellion.
    I Always Wanted to be part of a Guild And well I have been watching AJS for a while now and finally decided that i will join the Angry army. I hail from New York Yet grew on the internet. I Been Playing a Wide assortment of games of various genres for a number of years and wish to put my acquired skill for the betterment of this Group. I am looking forward to Playing with you guys in the near future.
    Parahellion, Signing out.