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  1. i am looking to step down as co-leader of the guild this is for many reasons, some being real life issues that will mean me running fixed events will become more unpredictable but also i think it is time for a different leadership as there is a rift in the guild that me being the leader would not be help the issue. one thing I would like to make clear is that i am not leaving the guild just stepping down as co-leader. i hope we can find a replacement co-leader or toriko is able to take the mantle on his own ( it would be preferred if we could find the replacement before the new year)
  2. the next two guild raid runs at 19th dec and the 9th in the new they will start at 4pm sever if you can not make it plz tell me
  3. the raid run will be at 4pm sever time on the 5th of December now because of last week if you do not turn up of the run or tell me in advance that you will not be able to be there then your spot in the raid group will be lossed. also if we do not get at least 9 people turn up then the guild raiding will be rethinked and put on hold. also reading to do before the run http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/32275-sv-boss-1-guide/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/32276-sv-boss-2-guide/ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/32285-sv-boss-3-guide/
  4. Sabetha The Saboteur Health: ??? Enrage Timer: 9:00 or Platform Destruction (4:30 if mechanics ignored) Phases: 4 Attacks: Blunderbuss, Flak Shot (Applies Massive Burning), Time Bomb, Flame Thrower (every 45 seconds), Summons Cannon (every 30 seconds), Spawns Adds, Throws Heavy Bombs, Platform Crush. Adds: + Champions: Kernan (Cone Attack), Knuckles (CC - With Breakbar), Karde (Flamethrower - with flame turret). + Regulars: Sappers (Summon small bomb), Thug (CC), Arsonist (Flamethrower). **You will want to go to your control settings and bind a key to your "Special Action" (F11 -> Control Options -> Skills > Special Action). This is so you can throw the small bomb which is part of the mechanics for the fight. Phase 1 Sabetha stands in the middle of the platform and never moves. Running in, she will put a Time Bomb on the first person to enter, and from then on the closest by proximity. Run away from the group as this deals massive damage to your allies. Her Flak Shot will always be on the person furthest from her, so try to bait these out. + At 8:30, she will use her Flamethrower - a counterclockwise moving 1 shot wall - and from then on its on a 45s timer. + At 8:29 seconds in, she will spawn a cannon - which is on a 30s timer from then on. + Cannons always spawn S > W > N > E > S > N > W > E. These will deal massive AoE damage and damage the platform. You want to destroy these or the platform will break at 4:30.Throw the small bomb onto the corresponding launch pad (with a person there) to launch them onto the cannon. Keep DPSing till 75%. *Note: Every 25% Sabetha leaves the main platform and summons an Add. Also, she will throw "Heavy Bombs" which are on about a 10 second timer before they deal 25% platform damage. Run up to these and interact with them to kick them off. ~Phase 2.1~ Kernan: + Kernan spawns at 75%. You want to DPS her as much as possible. She has nothing special other than a cone attack. + Sabetha will come back in 1 minute. Be careful, she will Flamethrower when she returns! ~Phase 2.2~ Same as Phase 1 (DPS till 50%) + Flamethrower is a little faster. + There are now 2 Sapper bombs. ~Phase 3.1 Knuckles + Knuckles spawns at 50%. He is CC oriented. Break his break-bar or he will knock everyone up and launch them back (possibly off the platform!). + Sabetha will come back in 1 minute. Be careful, she will Flamethrower when she returns! ~Phase 3.2~ Same as Phase 2 (DPS till 25%). + Flamethrower is now noticeably faster. + There are now 2 Time Bombs. ~Phase 4.1~ Karde + Karde will spawn at 25%. He has a massive flamethrower attack that deals heavy damage (these projectiles work similarly to Binding Blades). Karde also summons flame turrets throughout the platform while he is alive. + Sabetha will come back in 1 minute. Be careful, she will Flamethrower when she returns! ~Phase 4.2~ Same as Phase 3.2 + Flamethrower is SIGNIFICANTLY faster. + Sabetha will use 'Platform Crush' during this phase. Giant orange AoEs will fall all around the platform. They deal around 3K Damage so mitigating some of this, or avoiding entirely will be beneficial as they add up EXTREMELY fast. DPS till death. PoV Videos: [NA] Dom | DPS | Reaper [LOD] Enko | DPS | Tempest [LOD] Ather | Support | Chronomancer [NA] Liahm | DPS | Daredevil [NA] Rickay | Healer | Druid [sC] Sesshi | DPS | Engineer [DnT] Narc | DPS | Dragonhunter [sC] Perry | Support | Phalanx Berserker [vC] Thilaya | DPS | Herald
  5. Health: 21.6 Million Enrage: 7 Minutes Phases: 3 Attacks: Swipe, Knockdown, Summon Spirits, Breakbar, Egg Encasement, World Eater Combined mechanics of the Enraged/Anger spirits and the Spectral wall on the path running to Gorseval. - Angered Spirit: Tosses an AoE cripple (to you) and a regen (to enemies) field. - Enraged Spirit: Gains an immune to physical damage buff and CCs (Similar to warrior 'Kick') + Important Mechanic: There are four updrafts around the platform. To access them you must break the spectral wall around the platform You can only use each updraft ONCE. Phase 1 Jump off and glide toward the center. Gorseval won't aggro till the first person TOUCHES so get as far to the center of the platform as you can. 1. He will always do his knockdown by raising his left arm high into the air (similar to Lupi Kick). This is done as: Swipe > Knockdown and then Swipe > Swipe > Swipe > Knockdown. 2. Shortly after he will do his breakbar. For the first 2 pulses the center is safe. You want to break this ASAP as he has heavy damage reflect (similar to retal but MUCH stronger) during it. Each pulse he isn't broken, the black goop will explode dealing massive damage and 25 vuln. At the end ,the entire platform is covered. 3. He will then summon spirits. It is ideal to pull him to a wall and cleave the spirits down. Each spirit 'consumed' gives Gorseval a 10% damage modifier (stacks additively). 4. He will do his World Eater. GLIDE ON THE UPDRAFT AND COME BACK AFTER AoE IS DONE OR INSTAKILL. 5. Keep DPSing upon landing. He will tele to center for breakbar. Break it and deal with the spirits he summons and DPS through until phase. ~@66%~ Phase 2.1 Gorseval will run to the center of the platform and go invuln. 4 Charged Souls will spawn on the NE/NW/SE/SW corners. If they reach Gorseval, he will do World Eater. + You can only SOFT CC the Souls. Can: Cripple, Chill, Immobilize Can NOT: Stun, Knockback, Daze * Strat 1 (5x2 Split): Split up into 4 groups of 2 and duo each soul while the Chrono and Druid support where needed. * Strat 2 (3-7 Split): Have 3 people each CC a soul while the 7 run around and zerg each soul down. Phase 2.2 Same as Phase 1. * Added Mechanic: Orbs of 'Spectral Darkness' will spawn periodically. They will bloom out an AoE that debuffs. - Debuff: 10 stacks for a total of: -10% outgoing damage; +10% incoming damage; ticking periodic damage. - To cure, kill an orb (ranged DPS works best for this unless freshly spawned) and pickup the golden light it drops. Each light will remove 5 stacks. Make sure to keep Orbs in check! ~@33%~ Phase 3.1 Same as Phase 2.1 + Orbs still appear. Phase 3.2 Same as phase 2.2 Make sure to keep Orbs in check! * For his breakbar in this phase, the AoE has a different pattern. Center is dangerous for the first 2 pulses and safe for the next 2. * Egg Encasement: After every knockdown, Gorseval will spit eggs (indicated by an orange AoE). You must RELOCATE out of the AoE or use a HARD INVULN. Evade frames and blocks WILL NOT work. If you get caught you will tick periodic damage on yourself and be effectively stunned. - If Egged: Notify your team, they can cleave eggs for you. - If Egged: Mash the 'Rebel' key (Set a keybind for special action in your controls). Burn till death. PoV Videos Footage from my guild. Nee | DPS | Revenant Bulldog | DPS | Tempest Dom | DPS | Tempest Wiingyy | DPS | Tempest Rickay | Healer | Druid
  6. Entry Area Boss: Vale Guardian Mobs: Green Guardian, Red Guardian, Blue Guardian. These are not always in the same order. Green Guardian: This mob is a minor irritant and gives you practice avoiding the teleport attack. It’s 4 small AOEs that create a blue flash when they hit. They tend to cluster around the largest group of players. Space your ranged and melee out so that it mostly targets the melee, this is useful for the actual boss fight. The teleport does not hurt much, but it can cause you to pull other mobs, and get moved into some very bad places later on. Melee should stay behind the boss, opposite the tank. Tip: vocally call out “blue” to indicate the teleports for melee to dodge. Red Guardian: This mob will only take condition damage, and spawns red orbs that follow and hurt players. The fastest way to fight this mob is the opposite of what you would do in the boss fight. Condition players pour on the damage, and power players play crowd control, using knockback and snares on the orbs. Tank as normal. Blue Guardian: This mob has a boon that prevents it from taking damage until it is removed. Every time the boon comes up, strip it. It might be valuable to pick out an order for removing the boon, so no one’s stuck waiting for a cooldown. A Chronomancer would be best simply because their Sword AA has built-in Boon-strip. In addition to this boon, this mob spawns a blue lightning orb, showing a green circle on the ground. You MUST have 4 players within the circle when the countdown ends, or the entire raid takes 80%. Designate support and ranged to stand in these circles whenever they appear. DPS and tank as normal.Tip: vocally call out “green” to indicate the circle for ranged to jump in. North Wing: Spirit Vale Vale Guardian Health: Rage: 8 minutes The boss can be found in the center of a circular arena with 3 wedges, each with a colored obelisk. Shortly after the fight begins, a barrier is erected around the edge of the arena, and anyone outside dies instantly when attempting to enter. It is strongly recommended that you use a ready check, and use food and other buffs prior to entry. The boss uses the same skills as the trash mobs, and they should be dealt with by their respective players. This boss is a marathon, not a race, keep to your role, and stay alert. The melee and tank should fight this boss on the outer edge of the red wedge, support and ranged stay closer to the middle of the wedge. This provides separation: the red orbs can be pulled/snared away from melee, the green circles are easier for the ranged/support to reach, and the blue teleports should mostly target melee. Dealing with downed players: one person can drop combat to aid the downed player, or a rez skill such as a banner can be used, but when someone is downed, bandage will not work. If someone dies, they cannot be rezzed. Aiding a downed player when a green circle appears or near a red orb will do more harm than good, these obstacles should take priority. Phase 1: 100% to 60% The support watch boons and healing. When a green circle spawns, at least 4 players must stand in it immediately, so anyone that can do ranged damage should be in the circle. Secondary: use crowd control when the red orbs get too close; either a snare or knockback will work. There is no need to kill the red orbs, just keep them away from players. The tank is the player with the highest toughness. Their job is to make the boss point away from the rest of the raid. If you have to dodge, dodge into a wall so the boss doesn’t move. Do not get hit by a teleport, block or dodge the attack. Mitigate as much damage as possible, and heal yourself as much as possible. The melee do damage, and stack boons. Just hit hard, fast, stack might and burst the boss down. Dodge if the teleport targets you, use knockback if a red orb gets close. Ranged/condition should do the same as melee, except when a green circle spawns, they must go to stand in it immediately. Phase 2: Guardian Split The guardian becomes invulnerable and starts moving to the middle. Immediately, players should disperse based on their primary role. If a green circle is counting down during this time, keep 4 players in it, preferably only ones who match the wedge it’s in, or players with high mobility. Once the 3 guardians spawn, a player is granted an attunement based on the wedge they are in, and will take damage and deal less to others. The color of the obelisk, and symbol on the ground indicates the guardian’s color. Red attunement: Condition damage players Simply kite away from the red orbs and do as much condition damage as possible. Look to blue or green when done, help if needed. Blue attunement: Power damage players ALWAYS watch for the green circle, every fighter with blue attunement must stand in it, no exceptions (it must have 75% of players with blue attunement). Strip off the boon, and DPS in bursts. This portion of the fight is why mesmers, revs, or reapers are essential. Look to red and green when done and help if needed. Green attunement: Support players Just stay alive, stay in your wedge, and stay away from the teleports. If you cannot handle this, you do not belong in the raid. You don’t have to kill him, because everyone else will help after. This organization can be manipulated if you notice one squad is taking heavy losses, blue is the most dangerous because of the green circles. Phase 3: 60% to 40% This is identical to phase 1, except one wedge of the arena will light up, and become deadly ground. Starting from the green wedge, the glow will rotate clockwise 1 wedge every 20 seconds, and needs to be avoided. The tank needs to follow the lit up wedge by staying behind it (Counterclockwise 1 wedge), and moving forward with each shift. Everyone’s role remains the same. Watch the wedge, and follow. During the first 10 seconds or so of this phase he will trigger his break bar to use a massive, sweeping AoE while standing still. This will always happen, so either break the bar quickly, or use the strategy below. During the first 10 seconds before he uses this attack, he will behave normally, so there will be blue teleports, red orbs and at least 1 green circle to be aware of before he begins his attack. Tank and melee stack in the center ring for this portion, so when he uses his AoE blast, you can focus DPS and heal through the damage (Still send 4 players to take care of the single green circle). DO NOT BREAK the bar if you are using this strategy. The bar will slowly decay over time, so you cannot stack long. Conditions that drain the bar faster to avoid using: Interrupts (stun, daze, knockdown, knockback, pull, fear, freeze), movement impairment (chill, slow, cripple). Conditions that are safe to use: taunt, blind, torment, confusion, bleed, poison, burn, vulnerability, weakness. Phase 4: Guardian Split #2 See phase 2. Phase 5: 40% to 0% See phase 3. He will still activate his break bar 10 seconds in, but, now 2/3rds of the wedges are lit (green and blue first). And rotates every 15 seconds instead of 20 in the 3rd phase. Rage Timer: 8 minutes It’s likely the end of the raid if time runs out. Everything hits harder, and he begins using his break bar attack. Every player must have 1 interrupt at the ready, and as soon as you see the blue-green bar, use it. This will stop him immediately and provide a window for damage. If you are in phase 3 or 5, it will NOT stop the ground from lighting up, so don’t just stand and fight if you’re close to the deadly floor.
  7. this is our first guild run of the raid and it will start at 4pm sever time. everyone who has applied plz turn up if you can. our goal for this run is to kill vale guardian and see form there. reading/watching to do before the run https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pQQQb1cuxG3zYyY62kVck4Xu31LzV9OUyUPE0immYUM/edit (boss 1 and 2) (boss 1)
  8. Can everyone who has posted here be on at 6pm sever time Saturday (pm me if you can not )for testing of commutation and skill
  9. treeps is jumping puzzles mostly xio is random form month to month and inot is map to map zergs
  10. if you want to raid with the guild we do have some requirements of people. these are the two of 3 rule: you have to have ascended accessories, back piece, rings and necklace (everyone must have at least this) but also you must have one of 2 of the sets below 1) have full ascended armour 2) have ascended weapons and ascended chest piece we will need screenshot proof of gear, the proof should go like this 1) say chat all your gear and screenshot like this http://imgur.com/gy917FW 2) inventory screen shot with your chest piece like this http://imgur.com/LkdpygW 3) lastly a weapon screenshot like this (do not use the sigil I am using "night that is") http://imgur.com/ASl1xcF that the requirements for applying now if we get more than 10 apply there will be a vetting process to see who get higher on the list (this will like be in the form of a 50 fractal ) our plan to to start raiding in 1 or 2 weeks edit 1 : plz only post on this topic with applying with proof of gear, everyone but me and toriko have to apply for you to be looked at for raids. EDIT 2 : plz also put the role you want to fill and the class
  11. the new guild event timetable is now in a Google doc that will be updated as things change. also this time table will come into affect on the first of December (apart form inot event which is starting in November). it will likely be updated as i still have to speak to some people. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k_J9LLe4Gj2Qn8s1lbZeQSA1_Q6AnteWtZ0xHjW5wsA/edit?usp=sharing also guild missions are restarting as of this post on the normal time of 9pm server time on Sundays.
  12. THATS TAME ALT-ITIS try 2 of every class but rev(17 atls)
  13. also if any normal members or vets have question about the direction of the guild or general questions this meeting would be a good time to ask them (after the bit we need to cover is done that is )
  14. the meeting will be at normal guild mission time (9pm sever). the guild meeting is about events/missions going forward . so if you lead a event before HoT plz turn up for the meeting or if you are wanting to lead events going froward. also sergeants and officers are wanted for the meeting.
  15. i am waiting for the final part to be released (raids ,squad and in dec pvp leagues) to make a my opinion fully. with what has been released i think the systems added are good and the map design is good but the main things that is a nevgive is guild hall cost and the number of maps