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  1. After 8 years we are finally going to get an anime continuation. I just got done rewatching the original a couple weeks ago only to see this news on crunchyroll. Im so happy right now. <-- current trailer that shouldnt be copyright flagged http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/12/19-1/katsura-hoshinos-dgray-man-gets-new-tv-anime-adaptation-in-2016 BERSERK is coming back as well. 2016 shall be the best year in a few years for anime. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/12/19-1/katsura-hoshinos-dgray-man-gets-new-tv-anime-adaptation-in-2016
  2. If you are on a NA Server and looking for an invite, you have come to the right place. Please post your account name that has the 4 numbers at the end in this thread e.g. Razor.1234 If you wish to do world vs world with the guild, then you will need to be on the Northern Shiverpeaks Server. Plz join if you want a guild that plays together and is always helpful to each other ,that also has events weekly (no purely Joe fanboys) We are mainly a PvE/PvP Guild. also if you pm Tyler or Goodnuff for invite you will not get an invite, as we delete most messages because of the cap on mails (and also we do not have the time to invite everyone personally. and do the things we need to do)
  3. Jeb can never spell anything correctly.
  4. They basically say in that post that everybody is going to be broke unless they do fractals/raids which is what i don't like. The one thing i liked about this game when i was still new was that i never felt like i was strapped for cash since dungeons gave gold and lots of items everyday. I feel that people who are veterans shouldn't feel as threatened to this as new players since we can do fractals/raids while new players just have dungeons. Also rip Orr farm forever if salvage rates go down (I know no one farms this anymore but still). I loved the days of just farming that place and having a full stack of ectos when i was done.
  5. Amnesia is free today on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/57300/ Offer ends Wednesday 10 am pacific
  6. Ghaleon, I feel you are nothing but a troll trying to start flame in this topic. Next time before you decide to troll, please at least do a google search or two. NCSoft didn't delay Blade for Wildstar. Wildstar was developed by Carbine Studios while Blade was developed by NCSoft. Even then, there is a difference between the publishing and developing side of NCS. The development group as a whole is divided into teams for each game, which Blade is done by team Bloodlust and the publishing side has no way to speed up or slow down either of these games.
  7. As of now, regular members can only deposit and withdraw items/gold from the 1st section of the guild bank. Members can deposit gold in the bottom section but cant withdraw it. The purpose of this thread back then was we had a persons higher up remove gold w/o asking and not putting the gold back in when they had enough to pay it back.
  8. Updated with link
  9. Please don't post gold seller websites. Most of the gold they sell you comes from accounts that were hacked then destroyed for gold.
  10. does anybody know how you get these codes. I got one randomly and i dont know how i got it Edit: Nvm found out where it came from
  11. The Daedalic Armageddon Bundle is currently 90% off on steam for $15.99. There are 10 games in total.
  12. you forgot tarkston. Also I run in-game events and missions perfectly well. I just suck at making events.