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Lord Kesharq

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    Warhammer, League of Legends, xbox 360, ps4, reading, PC gaming ect ect..
  1. You know what i hate about this whole mage update....,my main is now perma banned and i can never play him RIP being a malzahar main
  2. The AJSA LoL community is pretty much dead lol however i host none AJSA events every month (used to try and host em here on AJSA but there was never enough ppl), atm am hosting on EUW only but if ur intrested drop me a Friends request in LoL and come join us ^^
  3. Man i hate these things, iv had 0.00 good stuff xD like legit iv pretty much only gotten stuff i already have or dont want on my main account....on my EUNE account (smurf) i got 1 or 2 champ shards which i didnt have the champ to but there not champs am intrested in so errr =/
  4. Ppl like Age of Failmar i mean Sigmar? oh.... (tbf its not a bad game, ppl need to give it a chance, played a game of it and it was not too bad, tho am still happy i sold all my remaining fantasy lol)
  5. ^update to the above: i have added u down as GLX Lynx atm ok man, if this is not ur name i can change it asap and will let the other players know as well. http://challonge.com/winter1v1league
  6. Sure can man whats ur IGN so i can add u to the player lists and get u added in game ^^ And with ur joining we are now full and this event has started.
  7. Guys today is the final day to sign up the event and there is only 1 spot left so if u wanna join comment below or message me as soon as possible cos it will be the first one to message me gets the spot. Event starts tomorrow ^^
  8. Ok guys there is now only 1 spot left if u wanna play , message me or comment here asap, as its first comes first picked.
  9. Lord Kesharq DarkJedii93 Katasuma Thunderhawk (AJSA) Dusk Archduke Tempest Lord Dazzyman SiriCallsMeGosu (AJSA) Naferuos link931 Emilooo440 ShadowDemon1981 Current signed up player list, we are looking for a minium of 16 players so there is still space to sign up if u should want too.
  10. 1v1 Winter League Info/Sign ups open. First event of 2016: The following is all the info and rules u need for this next event (which sign ups are open for till the 14th, on the 15th we start the event) All games will be played on Howling Abyss map Games will be set up in blind pick mode A Screenshot of the end of the game scores MUST be taken and sent to me at the end of each game played (games will NOT be vaild if no screenshot is taken and sent to me for prove of game played). Players from ANY elo may sign up to this event Deaths and kills will be recorded, and will be used when decideding players standing in the league and in cases of ties. Suiciding - suiciding is allowed, but remember your KDA matters Each player is expected to behave and keeping flaming to a min, anyone who goes overboard on the harrasment WILL be kicked from the league and banned from future events, this also appiles to trolls and any other form of unsporting acts Games may be streamed if wished (if anyone records there matchs please info me, i have a youtube channel set up to post games on should you allow me to post them there, its a none profit channel before anyone asks) It is up to the players to add the player who they have been matched against and to then arrange with said player there game within a week of being informed, if a game can not be set up in that time both players will get 0 points and the game counted as a draw on there league history. To win a match, 1 player must take down the other players Nexus (Winner gets 1 point per victory) Summoner spell Mark/Dash (snowball) is allowed There will be a weekly table and games posted on this page at the end of each week to update players on there current table standings and on who they are to face in there next week. Each player will play at least 1 game per week and will play every other member of the event at once. In the event of a tie, the player with the best KDA will be decleared the winner unless the KDA is super close or there is no diffenercen, in which case then a best of 3 shall be player out to decided the winner. There will be a RP price of ???? euros for the winner (subject to change). There will also be a smaller RP for the second place player and the 3rd place player will win a Mystery Gift. At this current time we have 12 players already signed up with space for at least another 4 min so do not delay if ur intrested in playing PS: Due to the fact that this event has had quite a few silver level players sign up and only 1 high elo player we are currently looking to sign up a couple more higher elo players (prefer plat +) however lower elo players may still apply. Thank you
  11. xD the answer to that is to not get hit by her E and if u do dont stop running until ur in the respawn ^^
  12. ID Lord_Kesharq hit me up guys, i need ppl to play with: Games atm: Planetside 2, Loadout, MGS phatom Pain, Blacklight (also got war thunder and Warframe but never played em) Getting soon: Destiny, GTA V, CoD BO3, BloodBorne, For Honor, Star Wars: Battlefront, Bladestorm Nightmare (does this have PvP?)
  13. meh this is bullshit, first they take out the old battle system and now there making it episodic???? fucking my wallet is already worried by how much there going to charge us for this, and like that joke pic above says the DLCs (which come on there will be for sure) will also add to the cost....man i feel SE are going to milk us hard for getting this remake lol.
  14. illaoi is nothing speical if u know how to play against her, other wise she is just another top lane tank tbh. Sure she is fun and different but nothing speical. Iv yet to have many problems facing them or when playing as her (try her jungle XD yes i have done this and it was fun....at last after the first 15-20 minutes as early game it sucks balls) Also ahri in general should be good against her with her Charm and mobliaty allowing her to avoid most of what illaoi can throw at her or so i would guess?
  15. Started in bronze 2, got to sliver 3 promo to 2, then went on a massive losing spree and finished silver 5 (fail) but oh well lol, next season gold! ^^