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    I have been an avid gamer since I was 8, my favorite games include KOTOR, Mass Effect(1,2,3), Halo 3, Titanfall, Lord of the Rings Online, and Skyrim. I am a proud American. My main interests outside of gaming include Swimming, playing the Tuba, watching Netflix, and travelling outside of the country.
  1. "Well hate to say it but it sounds like Mass Effect Trilogy all over again but Andromeda Edition. The fact that we are once again only limited to one race partially ruins most of my hype, a chance to finally put in multiple race selection but nope they decide human again. If the DA team can give us four races then the ME team should be able to at least make two race selection. I thought we were going to get something new but from this post it sounds a lot like the same thing with just a few added things to vary what we are doing. I'm somewhat hoping this stuff does not turn out to be all true at all." I'm not familiar with the Dragon Age games, but I am very familiar with Mass Effect (I have completed 4 ENTIRE playthroughs of the whole series[DLC included]). I just know it makes much sense fiscally is to have 2 voice actors as the main protagonist instead of 4, especially if only about 5-10 % of the playthroughs of the game are of the different race(which you would have to get 2 more voice actors, design much more armor [try having as much custom krogan armor as human] , have many more cutscenes to design, class/gameplay options, etc...), For only about 10 % of the playthroughs. I'm going off of that about 88% of Mass Effect playthroughs were with Male Shepard and not FemShep. Basically, Bioware has to spend their money where the general public will notice/use it. For example, I think Bioware should spend more time/money developing dialogue of the crew, developing the main story (and not having public backlash), gameplay, HUMAN character customization (it's lacking compared to games like SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim), general designing of the universe (ships, buildings, land etc...). http://kotaku.com/5992092/two-thirds-of-you-played-mass-effect-3-as-a-paragon-mostly-as-soldiers In case you couldn't tell, I am extremely excited, but I am a little concerned that Casey Hudson is gone, but I believe Bioware Montreal will still craft an excellent Msss Effect game.
  3. Welcome to the Angry Army fellow Texan !!!!
  4. Just for grins What is your Favorite Game and Why? Example: Mass Effect Trilogy, because I love RPG's and Shooters. Mass Effect has the greatest/epic storytelling in gaming (to my knowledge). But most of all Mass Effect has characters that you become truly invested in by the time the credits roll on Mass Effect 3. Anyone Else?
  5. The Halo 3 easter egg that took 7 years to find.
  6. Hello Angry Army, I would like to introduce myself as Isurvive, Commando3597, or just commando(insertrandomnumberhere). I have been a big fan of Angry Joe since about 2012, I believe my first video of him I saw was the TOP 32 REASONS WHY FABLE 3 SUCKS. I never got around to creating an Angry Army account till I think 6 months ago(but I didn't do anything, literally). I hope to contribute to the community anyways that I am called to do so. I enjoy playing RPG's, Shooter's, MMO's, and any game that has great storytelling. The consoles which I have owned are PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC(personal favorite). My favorite games are the Mass Effect Trilogy, Skyrim, Sly Cooper 2, Half Life 2, Battlefront 2, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2. 2 many 2s? While I am not playing Video Games I enjoy traveling, swimming, watching Youtube, Netflix, movies, playing Tuba, going to church and of course HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS. Thanks, Isurvive