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  1. Thank you for posting this Kiwi!
  2. Great interview!
  3. I've always had the auto update system on, so I have not really noticed just how big the updates are. That's probably the most reasonable conclusion though.
  4. NEW UPDATE =========================================================================================================== New month = New update, and boy is there a lot. The highlights for this update are the introduction of the Japanese pantheon with the new god Amaterasu, the Rising Dawn event, where you can get Japanese themed skins, and as expected, there are also a few more achievements added into the mix, along with a few bug fixes. You can see a short summary in the video below If you would like to know all the little details, here are the patch notes. https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-xbox-amaterasu-the-shining-light-2-21/
  5. Yeah I noticed that it definitely did not come out on the 15th lol I think the 15th was just the day they decided to post the details
  6. NEW UPDATE ============================================================================================================================ It is a new month for Smite, so therefore there is a new update. The highlights of this update are the remodeling of Ne Zha, new skins, and the game mode Clash coming out of Beta. You can see a short summary of the update in the video below If you want to know all the little details, here are the patch notes. https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-xbox-the-reborn-prince-2-20/
  7. NEW UPDATE ========================================================================================================================== The most recent update to SMITE on Xbox (December 11th) has made some balancing changes, added some new achievements, and of course added the new God/mythical being Chiron, The Great Teacher. It also added the beta to a new creative game mode called Clash. You can see a short summary of the biggest changes in the video below If your interested in all the little changes here is the article https://www.smitegame.com/new-in-xbox-the-astral-hunt-2-18/
  8. Welcome to the forums kamilius, if you want to play sometime or attend a Smite event just add me and send me a message. You can see my vulgar gamertag under my username to the left<<<<<<
  9. Though I don't personally have the Ultimate Edition, if you ever find the time to attend one of our events ask whoever is there if they have the game and are looking for people to play with.
  10. I personally kind of felt the same way while playing the remastered versions of the game. More specifically regarding the gameplay aspects. 2033 felt 10x more difficult than Last Light. I felt like I was low on ammo and air canisters a lot more often, which made the game feel a lot more authentic. Last Light kind of felt more shooter and less survival; however, I still enjoy Last Light for its story and overall game mechanics. P.S. Welcome to the forums
  11. xRubMyNixonx thought that I had replied to this
  12. Python you know we still do Smite events on a bi-weekly basis right? I extremely support the idea of getting together and playing; however you kind of gave me the impression that you thought we were not supporting Smite anymore lol
  13. Glad to see PS4 is taking advantage of such a brilliant game. I've been trying to get events going over on Xbox since the launch of MGO
  14. Welcome!