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  1. I know the feeling, but i strongly recommend to give sd44 a try. It's basicly improved wargame. I'm having a blast with it.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for people to play SD44 with. I like 2vs2, 3vs3 and 4vs4 the most. I can play both Allies and Axis. Add me on Steam if you want to play.
  3. Hello, i'm looking for players willing to play some AVP. I play every day with my 2 friend, but we'd love to have more people on board.
  4. Add me on Steam, we can play together.
  5. Hi there, add me on Steam.
  6. Hi there, sure. Add me on Steam.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for people, who'd like to play some Battlefleet Gothic. This topic is NOT for discussions of any kind, so please, don't comment on this topic about the game itself, it's sole purpose is to give YOU a place, where you can find other Lord Commanders wiling to kill some aliens, purge few mutants and exterminate all heretics. Please put your steam names below, and maybe which fleet you'd like to play. May the Immortal Emperor deliver you from the horrors of the warp. Me: Steam ID: Pellas Mir'san can play anything but orcs
  8. Hi guys. I thought it would be much easier for ous to organise game sessions if we had a single topic in which all people willing to play Vermintide, could give their steam names. This topic is NOT for discussions of any kind. Please stick to this formua, when submiting a message: Steam ID: preferable character: in game lvl: Me:Steam ID: Pellas Mir'sanpreferable character: Bright Wizard in game lvl: 22 I'm looking forward to play games with everyone.
  9. Hi guys, during last week i was testing different ammo types. I used all nations, tiers (all but T5) and ammo belts. My conclusion is that "stealth" is the best choice even if aim isn't good enought. With "non stealth" ammo even if i landed many hits target sometimes didn't recieve lethal damage, while with stealth i had dogfights, where basicly 2-3 "lucky" shots done withmachine gun were igniting or cutting off my target's wing. the biggest differance i could notice was using stealth ammo in japanese planes, expecially, when encountering russian's. Since i started to use stealth ammo, i don't have any problems anymore with damaging russian planes in "zero" or "Ki". I'd like you guys to comment, and say what do you think about using "stealth" ammo.
  10. Well, it's not steam, but it doesn't bite either.
  11. You get a game licens legally, so i think getting a crack wouldn't be illegal in this case, but i'm no sure.
  12. Hi guys. For all those who's got account on Origin, you can get "Dead Space 1" for free! Just go to Shop, find Dead Space, and "buy" it. it's free until May 8 2014.
  13. Iron Maiden fan, right? Aces High
  14. Thank you guys, where can i find AJSA Team Speak? I think it will be less annoying to ask there, than write new topic, just to ask about something Found it, i don't know how to delete this post, so i'll just update it.
  15. I've just joined AJSA, and wanted to say hi I'm not very familiar with forums, so could someone tell me, where could i apply for AJSA in War Thunder? Have a good day