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    Fort Worth, Texas
  1. I am running an RP server for this atm. Just started so its kinda slow going.
  2. As I have said, I have a server for any interested in playing and perhaps making a community for the ASJA. PM me for server info
  3. I have the game, rented a server, and have logged more than 100 hours on the game so far and it has HUGE potential. It is a complete sandbox game that is easy by no measure. With the correct server settings, it IS impossible to accomplish most things alone. Forging requires woodcutters, farmers require construction workers, builders require smiths and loggers. Everyone is codependent on one another. Combat is M&B-ish and is a little clunky at the moment as some things such as Siege warfare and mounted combat have not been implemented. The game is pretty grindy, especially alone, but with a good group you can easily mow through any project. Villages and Castles can me massive and every person can have their own much needed job. For the roleplayers, aside from global chat, there is alot of potential here. Thrones can be crafted for peasant to bow before, and special "Royal" armor can be crafted for the Lords to show off. I recommend those interested to give it a try, though the $40 price tag might scare some off. At his stage in the game it is about a 7/10 maybe a 6, but when everything gets fleshed out it could be a top of the list title.
  4. Leagues are side dependant. Also, a DCUO channel got added to the Teamspeak.
  5. JaredxThexJerk, add away
  6. I got back into DCUO and even subbed for a month just to try some content I didn't have before. Just a heads up, Angry Army wasn't taken as a League, and I have it reserved for IF it gets made into an official game. Add me on steam if you wanna team up. I currently play Villian on PvP.
  7. Go for it, I say. Angry Joe's videos brought alot of people back to the game to check it back out, including myself.
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Jared and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am 26 years old, married with 3 kids. I spent 4 years in the Marine Corps as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle Operator, or 1833. Sometimes I get a bit ragey and get called an asshole, jerk, etc... so that is where the name comes from. Though lately I have attempted to keep the outbursts to myself. I have gamed almost all my life from the NES forward. I started online with the Xbox playing FPS games such as Wolfenstien and Rainbow Six. I play both PC and Xbox One at the moment and stray between shooters, rpgs, mmos, and mobas. I am open to play with anyone and I come to help kick ass. It is a pleasure to be here and look forward to playing with many of you in the future. JaredtheJerk