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  1. Weird scenario you got yourself in. Have you tried reinstaling the Discord app? Hence maybe create another account see if it works. I have seen similar cases of that happening recently.
  2. Will be there at 5 then.
  3. GTA 5 for the mods, GTA SA Multiplayer for the online component, damn good old fun times.
  4. poll

    OJ...(could of used more OJ emotes but they are in our Discord only)
  5. God those eyes! Certainly seen those somewhere before.
  6. Hah ! You have been diverted ! That what it gave me.
  7. Oh and thanks for joinning. Welcome man!
  8. EF events are always on PC. Sometimes the games can be cross-platforms playable but thats rare.
  9. I don't want to play this game but your'e forcing me to now...#TheGrind
  10. Applied as host. Looking foward to help and to create some variety in those events, despite my current workload.
  11. We had in the past but its pratically non-existant today.
  12. A good thing is that at least for anti-tank grenade, infantry will be having a much easier time to deal against tanks which otherwhise can be op if those tank drivers know what they are doing. The rest I can see what your complain.
  13. He copy and pasted the very old info and just changed the top not the bottom. Also Dark, if you are looking to recruit Off/Sgts for the near future, might aswell post a thread on that secret subforum. (Not implying that I would be interested but I could go into detail if you decide to post there)
  14. Yet another priceless perfomance of OJ as the princess.