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  1. New footage coming from E3 PC Gaming Show 2017.
  2. http://mp037jm24.mapyourshow.com/7_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?ExhID=L8EGYza9 Its on that list soo yeah.
  3. More Mount and Blade Bannerlord gameplay and a release date (hopefully?), CoD WW2 multiplayer, Red Dead 2 gameplay? I can expect much more but this is the only things in my head currently.
  4. I've played it by myself and to be fair it's seems boring at first especially if you are playing alone but once you get into a battle it gets really interesting. I'd wait till the game is more polished before touching it more though. Really great concept though!
  5. My most kills in a game ever...
  6. Welcome to the AJSA! Nice to see you sign-up!
  7. I must approve this event! Don't miss it guys.
  8. If your talking on PS4 then yeah...theres a chat where you can find peoples. I myself is a pretty darn good medic..
  9. Currently there is a 100 members restriction but could later rise up to 200+. The other reason why it was made on all platforms was because the platoon system isn't (as of yet) cross-platforms compatible. As a final note make sure that once you join it, to press the Represent button, so your tags and emblem can showup on your profile.
  10. Well, the leaks were real afterall. CoD is back on track BABY!
  11. Weird scenario you got yourself in. Have you tried reinstaling the Discord app? Hence maybe create another account see if it works. I have seen similar cases of that happening recently.
  12. Will be there at 5 then.
  13. GTA 5 for the mods, GTA SA Multiplayer for the online component, damn good old fun times.
  14. poll

    OJ...(could of used more OJ emotes but they are in our Discord only)
  15. God those eyes! Certainly seen those somewhere before.