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  1. QwiK liked a post in a topic by James in NAS (North And South) American Civil War Events!?!   
    Hi my name is James and I LOVE NAS, I have been part of the NAS community for a year now and have my own regiment (The Chalmette Regiment) and I am part of the DA as a member of staff.
    If anyone is interested and wants to bring the Angry Army into NAS, reply or add me on steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/jameswalding/) and we can organise integrating the AA into my regiment and the NAS community! Image courtesy of Hawk (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063165227)
  2. QwiK liked a post in a topic by keneticsteele in Hello Angry Army   
    Hey guys, just introducing myself. I am KeneticSteele and have joined up a while ago but never got into it. I am looking to change that, I play BF1 and Gears 4 mostly with other games scattered around on PC. Let me know if any of you want to play some gears at night, happy to help.
  3. Scope liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Battlefield 1 Origin ID Listing (PC)   
    Im putting this on here to mainly gatter as much Origin ID as possible, so we can play with each other as most as possible.
    I will start with mine: QwiKAJSA 
    If I like your comment I got you added.
  4. QwiK liked a post in a topic by fifa21USC in Looking for friends!   
    Need a bunch of friends to work together in squads!. My origin name is: fifa21USC
    I'm 22, and have been playing battlefield for years!
  5. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Geralt in Battlefield 1 PC version: looking for squad members   
    Looking for Good Squad members to play operations with.
    I am 21 i just need someone who understands how to play operations correctly.
  6. Conan liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Burnout Paradise Event #3   
    We will host the third EF Burnout Paradise event this Saturday, the 22nd of October at 4pm EDT/ 9pm BST. For this event we will be using Discord.
    It is recommended for everyone to have unlocked some cars first (preferably mid end level) to make sure the balance is there for everyone. (Except in custom races where the host will choose the group of cars based off its performance.)
    We will play a lot of Marked Man, Team Road Rages, Custom Races and Freeburn Team Challenges. 
    Stay tuned for next week event, we got something special cooking in the background!
    Dedicated Players

    We encourage commitment and attendance within the EF, thus we offer attendance pips for those players who register themselves as dedicated players (You can still attend all events without making this commitment). As such dedicated players promise to attend at least 50% of the events, for which they will receive said attendance pip at the end of the month.
    If you want to suggest ideas, discuss the game or make other recommendations, then feel free to do so in the EF forum here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/31185-future-ef-games-post-your-suggestions-here/   If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the EF leaders, namely Acepilot666, ArisingFlame, Brandykins1982, Conan or Digs.  
    I post this out here for the only purpose of tossing the news around even if there were no article on Wednesday. Aswell showing iniative being taken for that reason as well. Thank You! If you wish to edit it feel free to do so. Things still stays the same afterall.
  7. QwiK liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Battlefield 1 Rent-A-Server   
    I would assume, but don't assume they will be out day one or even anytime soon.
    Battlefield 4's Rent-a-Server program didn't hit console side until about April after the games release. So around 4 months later, that's after knowing that Battlefield 3 had the same outcome when it came to it's Rent-a-Server program.
    I am not saying this is what will happen, but because of history being repeated nearly twice just assume that it'll end up the same here.
  8. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in If Witcher 3 was made by a small indie studio...   
    Witcherscape 3



  9. QwiK liked a post in a topic by TheTitan in 2nd AJSA League of Legends 1v1 Tournament   
    I would like to welcome you to the 2nd AJSA NA League of Legends 1v1 Tournament. The tournament will be hosted on November 19, 2016 at 6pm Est. There will be 16 spots available in this tournament. Prizes will be handed out for first through third place finishes. Third place wins a $35, second place wins $50 cash and first place wins $75.
    To sign up for the tournament you have to be apart of the AJSA League of Legends Club and respond in the forum announcement with your in-game name. Seeding will be randomized Check in will be at 5:30pm Est in the club chat. If you are not present by 5:45pm Est your spot will be forfeited to the reserve list.
    The opening rounds of the tournament will be single matchups. The semifinals and finals will be best of three.
    Match Rules: The 1v1s will be played on Summoner’s Rift (in the mid lane) and the win conditions are first blood, first tower or first to 100 CS.
    Selections, Early Rounds: The selection process will include a “chat ban” phase before a blind pick during the opening rounds of the tournament. During this process each contestant can ban up to 3 champions. This ensures nobody has an unfair advantage in the single matchups.
    Selections, Finals: The semifinals and finals will have a draft phase. There will be a coin toss to determine the order in which sides will be picked in the best of three.
    Winning: Once any win condition is reached, both participants take a screenshot of the scoreboard to submit for review if your game is not being casted. If the score board is suspicious, the matchup will be replayed with an observer. Suspicious scoreboards include reaching 100 CS before 9.5 minutes into the match which is the realistic threshold for 100 CS without missing a minion.
    Streaming: Games will be broadcasted on https://www.twitch.tv/thetitan18 and/or https://www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming
    . Every semifinals and finals matchup will be broadcasted. Broadcasted matchups in the opening rounds will be chosen at random and participants will be informed if they are selected.
    Unbroadcasted Matches:  All unbroadcasted matches in the first round have to be underway by 6:20pm Est. All unbroadcasted matches in the second round have to be underway by 7:20pm Est. This allows for remake time if necessary.

    Disconnects, Hardware Failure, and Bugs: In the event of any of these situations, the game will be remade if neither side has hit 60 CS. If one side has hit 60 CS, the CS delta has to be under 15 for a remake if the player affected is behind. If a remake is the outcome, the game will have an observer, and has to launch within 5min of the decision. If this happens two times to one player in a match, that player will forfeit that match.
  10. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Erikwa3290 in MWO EVENT SURVEY   
    This is just a general survey on possible themes for future events and a few general game play questions.

    No Guts, No Galaxy.
  11. QwiK liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Battlefield 1 complilation videos by YORKSHIRE1993   
    Compilation videos of the Battlefield 1 game made by me, I know some of them are quite long.
  12. QwiK liked a post in a topic by YORKSHIRE1993 in Thoughts about what the upcoming DLC may contain?   
    I have some thoughts about what the future DLC may contain, I am interested to see what you think may be in the future DLC.
    French DLC
    Weapons - Lebel Model 1886 rifle or Berthier rifle, Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917, Chauchat machine gun, Modele 1892 revolver, Ruby pistol, Ste. Étienne Mle 1907 machine gun, F1 grenade
    Vehicles - Tanks: Saint-Chamond tank or Schneider CA1 tank
    Fighter plane: One of the Nieuport fighters
    Bomber plane: Caudron G.4 or Letord Let.9
    Attack plane: one of the SPAD fighters
    Field artillery piece: 75mm Canon de 75 modèle 1897
    Russian DLC 
    Weapons - Mosin-Nagant rifle, Berdan rifle, Nagant Model 1895 revolver, Fedorov Avtomat, PM M1910 machine gun, Model 1914 grenade
    Vehicles - Bomber plane: Ilya Muromets
    Field artillery piece: 76 mm divisional gun M1902
  13. QwiK liked a post in a topic by ROGUEON3 in Where do I find squadies   
    Hi, mainly joined to play BF1 on PC and actually have decent squad. Australian (fast internet) play pretty often got 0 friends on Origin atm 
  14. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by QwiK in BF1 - So if you are on the winning team then get ready to get shit on by a warship   
    The ship look badass  As for the other stuffs im 50/50 on it. Not much else to say.
  15. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in BF1 - So if you are on the winning team then get ready to get shit on by a warship   
    I'm kinda on a mix here. I feel like it's a great idea, but I'm sad because I would love if there was a gamemode which focused only on naval warfare...OH GOD PLZ!
    But yeah, I'm liking the new mechanic of giving one last chance to the losing team. Damn, must be fun getting bombarded by a warship while you are on shore.
    Another interesting thing is this...

    It's a prop gadget you use to trick enemy snipers and players in order to bait them.
    If you are too lazy to view the whole video and you are thinking "but everyone knows they are fake and what else do they do besides being fake useless heads?"
    1. They still do a scope glint, so enemy snipers will see a scope glint and will think it's an enemy sniper.
    2. Once they are shot, the enemy who shoots them will be 3D detected for you and your team.
    And another thing that's in the game is mortars, which are now more powerful than ever

    One thing I don't like with the mortar is how it's giving you a aerial view of the map. It's kinda cheesy and you can know where half of the team is and where everyone is hiding so I can see this mortar being a little too easy to use...
  16. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Battalion Hall of Valhalla   
    My best one in a while.

  17. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Battalion Regulations and Documents   
    I thought of putting this here so peoples know who are in positions of staff/command for the unit so they can easily contact them for any problems/questions. Be aware that it may change at all time. (If you want me to have this in different post let me know.)
    Battalion Commander - BlackOpsElf Battalion Admin - QwiK Company Commander - Maghorn
    Company Sergeant Major - Naqser
    Battalion Academy Officer In Charge - Erikwa
  18. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in MWO Recruitment Guide   
    Thread is W.I.P  (Will add more contents overtime)
    First off,  I will start off by saying that recruiting in any games IS always hard depending on the type of clan/guild/unit/outfit you are in. There are many variables to consider when joining those. Here in this thread I will be showing some DO and Don't and some general tips from my experience. If you have any feel free to reply!
    -Getting recruits, or new members is almost essential to keep the player base active and especially crucial to get that high attendance. 
    Ex: You have 9 active members in your Unit..... but sometimes you do not reach the peak all the time because of peoples that cannot attend for whatever reasons. While having 18 members you will have a higher chance of getting a high attendance everytimes.  
    - Another Tip i would like to bring out, is to get engaged with those new peoples, talk to them, talk about your experience and so on..they will likely stay longer and make friends along the way.
    Now for some MWO centric tips. while i personally dont know much about the game i can still offer some advices when recruiting in-game or on forums.
    Talk to your friends about it! If they are looking for a mech game in particular tell them, obviously they might not all like it at first but that's just part of the game. Play good, often enough, interest is build off initial impressions. If you try your best and work together with Pugs (as they so called it) you may find yourself having somebody to play with without even asking. It does not happen all the time too, but it's nice to see. More to come later...
  19. QwiK liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Hello, I'm DoctorEvil, a Council Man   
    [begin Haiku Mode:]
    In the beginning--
    Fighting the eternal war
    Upon Guild Wars 2,
    Fought we in Stonemist;
    The castle we claimed for
    The Army of Joe.
    Wearing red and black,
    We moved to Auraxis
    To fight our new foe.
    There events we held,
    Galaxies were lit aflame,
    Flashes ran to ruin.
    In forums of old,
    The spam was never-ending,
    Yet still we banned.

    Rebirth upon us--
    The Army marches again,
    Doctor Evil goes.

    Also I wait for
    Star Citizen and Hex with
    hopeful excitement.

    Crap, someone help me
    Stop talking in damn Haikus
    [End Haiku Mode:]
  20. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Delrith in Hello, from Council Member Delrith!   
    Hi guys!
    Joe yelled at me and told me I should post more to mingle with all of you, so here I am! First of all I'd like to welcome all of you to the Angry Army! I look forward to meeting a large number of you individually and participating in a lot of community events with you all in the future.
    My name is Delrith, and I am here to help Joe run things (Primarily FPS related stuff and competitive teams in the future) and make us look good in the process while playing with viewers either with him or on my stream representing AJSA in the future. I also, of course, participate in the day to day operations of assisting people with anything that needs to be done and maintaining some semblance of order around these parts.
    Do not worry, either! I have quite a bit of experience with maintaining and managing a community as well as participating in QUITE A FEW professional gaming tournaments, with a few victories under my belt as well to back it. I believe that with the dedication you all have shown within the first few days of launch and the willingness to participate we can mold a lot of you into a hardcore bunch of badasses who don't take any sass.
    I look forward to playing/training/participating with all of you in the near future, and I apologize if I cannot speak to everyone who has attempted to talk to me thus far!
    POST EDIT: This will be my twitch for the Angry Joe Show Army - www.twitch.tv/ajsa_delrith - I will be streaming a LOT in the near future so I ask you all to hop over and follow beforehand! Thanks!
  21. QwiK liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in A New Commander Has Appeared! WITHASTICK   
    Hello AJSA, Commander WITHASTICK now approaches! You may know me if you've been within the PlayStation 4 Division side  AJSA Community. I’m more than honored to be offered and given such a position within this Community. I like many of you came with burning hopes and wild dreams. I owe everything to this Community, for always pushing forward and working to be that much better. It’s something so natural, being within this Community. No matter who, every time I talk to someone in this Community there is love in their voice for all Games. That’s what this Community is though, we’re Gamers. We all play, talk, get angry at Games. Whether your PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile, etc Gamer we all find that common ground. That’s why I’m honored, because it is that common ground that we share. That’s why I’m honored by every single AJSA member.
    We come from many worlds, and they share the same sky - one sky, one destiny.

    Character Bio
    Name - WITHASTICK Gender - Male Race - Land Shark Homeland - The Wild Wind Lands of Chicago Age - Shark Years  
    Character Equipment
    Weapon - Stick Helmet - Crown of Hearts Chest Armor - Ellie's T-shirt Legs - Hipster Demin's Boots - Tracer's Shoes  
    Character Move List
    Capristick - Self-resurrection, and gain Sun God powers for 1 minute duration. Stickarang - Throws Stick for critical damage, and instant cooldown if target is hit Nerf This! - Sacrificing Mecha suit to unload a tactical nuke on to the enemies.  The Commander’s Lightning - Unleash a powerful Lightning strike, leaving a thunderous roar of Lord Commander Joe’s yell.  
    Character Stats
    Favorite Game - Kingdom Hearts First Game Ever Played - Star Fox 64 First Console Ever Owned - Nintendo 64 Favorite Story - Final Fantasy VI Nintendo Console Own Counter - 8 PlayStation Console Own Counter - 4 Microsoft Console Own Counter - 2 PC Own Counter - All The Time  
    Character Perks
    The Final Fantasy - +3 Willpower permanently Kingdom Full of Hearts - 75% more critical damage on finishing combo Ubisoft Boycott - 100% Resistance against Ubisoft titles. PlayStation Fan - +50 Carry Weight YouTube Watcher - Regenerate 2 HP per second while a YouTube video Anger of Joe - 25% Lightning damage increase for a day, after watching an Angry Review. Critical Biscuit - +3 Intelligence Iron Cox’s - 50% RNG boost Wrath of The Command - 10% Damage increase on minion enemies Gamer for Life - 25% Defense increase against Corporate enemies Cheers Love! The Calvary is here! - 10% Morale boost for teammates
  22. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Tons0fun in Tons0fun incoming!   
    Hey AJSA soldiers!
    I am Tons0fun, you may remember me from the primordial age of the Angry Joe Show. I have been here from the beginning but life has required I take a back seat for a while. I've always had a blast working on the show and I'm really looking forward to seeing where we can take this!
    I've been a gamer for damn near as long as I can remember. I've owned a Turbo Graphix 16, NES, SuperNES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, and Playstation 1. Then my passions switched over to PC gaming thanks to the likes of Dune 2 and Red Alert. Loved me some RTSs back in the day.
    I've worked in the video game industry for 4 years. Working stints at NCSoft, Zynga, and Portalarium giving me contacts all over the industry. I'll be using these contacts in our favor seeing what I can get for us in the AJSA.
    I'll be dabbling in just about all of the official games and bring a new concept to the channel centered around Kickstarter, stay tuned!
    Call your friends to rank and lets make this the best gaming community ever!
  23. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Commander Jayson and the Philosophers Stone   
    Hello friends of the AJSA! I have now been appointed as Commander here in this wonderful community as the "Community Content Manager" which is fancy speak for "He does the YouTubes" as well as dabbling in other areas.
    It has been a fun ride since I joined back in February of 2015 and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon! It all started when Commander Withastick took me under his wing and showed me how I could use my talents to not only further my progression in the community, but also how those talents could help the community in areas that lacked direction. 
    If ya got any questions about me or what I do, shoot! Until then, this is Jayson signing off.
    Also, you beautiful bastards stay sexy out there.
  24. QwiK liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Skyrim Remastered edition PC system requirements are out and it’s extremely demanding   
    I really hope that Bethesda didn't optimize this remastered Skyrim like they did Fallout 4. I mean Fallout 4 graphics are terrible when you look at it a bit better and they added Godrays and better lighting into the game that still didn't manage to look toogood (comparing to most other games), but took MASSIVE power from the GPU, specially at the start before optimization patches.
    I'm having the feeling that this Skyrim Remastered will be almost like Fallout 4's and that's why it's so demanding
    This is insane
    Here are Skyrim’s original minimum specs from 2011:
    Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
    Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
    2GB System RAM
    6GB free HDD Space
    Direct X 9 compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
    And here are the minimum specs for the Special Edition, via Bethesda:
    Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
    Intel i5-750/AMD Phenom II X4-945.
    8GB of ram.
    12 GB free HDD space
    NVIDIA GTX 470 1GB /AMD HD 7870 2GB
    I'm wondering if the textures and other things will look better or will it be just lighting and these kind of things.
  25. QwiK liked a post in a topic by WITHASTICK in Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp Members Charged by US Feds   
    Welp it's starting to happen, as of right now two members of both Lizard Squad and Poodlecorp have been charged with "conspiring to cause damage to protected computers". Both parties had both software for DDoS attacking from both Lizard Squad and Poodlecorp. They also found both parties had access to their two groups respected sites.
    What we might be seeing is hopefully the downfall of these two groups finally.
    Source: http://www.pcinvasion.com/lizard-squad-poodlecorp-pair-charged-feds