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  1. Banned from Polygon because the author of a Bloodborne DLC article couldn't take criticism. He calls himself a fan of Souls game and yet he complained that the DLC wasn't available at the get go and didn't want to play a new game or NG+ even though it would have only taken him a couple hours to reach. The last line in my response was basically me calling him lazy without actually saying it. My response came after the die hard fans of the game flamed the crap out of him, so he must have had enough and went off on everyone. Whatever.
  2. Who cares if I don't show my gamertag. Regardless, you haven't even played the game long enough to run into issues. Point is, it doesn't run as well as it should on consoles, and I have seen my fair share of glitches and performance issues personally experienced as well as seen on various streams.
  3. As expected, reviews are coming in with 9's and most of them entirely ignore the technical issues the game has across all platforms. XB1 framerates drop to zero, 9.5/10.
  4. Stop acting like mods give Bethesda an excuse to make their games look substandard.
  5. I actually downloaded more RAM slots to download more RAM onto.
  6. Ah sorry, what was I thinking? 100+ hours of the same caves and dungeons, dull combat, and never ending glitch-fest was amazing.
  7. The whole "Fuck Konami" and the microtransactions (as harmless as they appear to be) will certainly hurt it's chances for GOTY, but it's going to do very well regardless. Fallout 4 will get GOTY just because it's Fallout. Much like Skyrim ended up being GOTY just because it's Elder Scrolls, even though it turned out to be garbage.
  8. Rockstar makes money from players buying Shark cards. No players on their servers, no money for Rockstar. Mods and Hacks are the reason GTAO is terrible to play in the first place.
  9. Hold the phone. 7 is no more anime than 5 and 6. They went full creeper anime with 9's bug eye adult-children, then toned it back since then. SE is quite tame with Final Fantasy compared to their other titles and what ALL the other RPG developers are doing.
  10. Zombie Dinosaurs..
  11. As long as I have full control over my party, materia system remains largely the same, and none of that auto-battle BS from 13, I will be fine with it.
  12. "Scott shouldn't be intelligently making money! Rabble rabble rabble!"
  13. Don't understand why Scott is so heavily criticized when there are a billion Angry bird, CoD, Asscreed, Street Fighter, Minecaft clones, and countless survival games. He's only made 4 simple FNAF games. It's time to get off his ass.
  14. Being capped at 30 fps should be the least of anyone's concerns... This is "entered a building and the game crashed for no goddamn reason" Bethesda.