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  1. I should have not expected this game to be good but i saw the trailer and i had my hopes. My hopes were wrong. This game disappoints me. I like the customization and the combat system is very nice.No more Crystarium and i like just playing as lightning and the open world. But the writing sucks! And your timed! You have 24 hours to get through side quests and the main quest, if you dont get it all done, oh well! The game even states it that you cant do every side quest! Whats the point of the game if you cant play as much as possible! It makes me feel rushed, and i dont like being rushed through a game Sqaure needs to get better writers and better story's. They need to put out the HD re-make of final fantasy 7! the 13 series is definitely not making them money so its time to put out the game that will make them money! I hope that 15 is going to be better, otherwise my hopes for the Final Fantasy series coming back with good games are gone. Whats your opinion of the the 13 series and 13-3? Did you like the games or did 13,13-2,and 13-3 just ruin Final Fantasy for you as it did for me?
  2. Im not saying the templars are bad,i just think they should not be putting all these mages into a tower,locking them away from family and basically having no life at all but to resist demons and blood magic. I think there should be mages in each city in thedas to teach new mages how to control their powers, teach them the rights and wrongs of magic and to tell them no blood magic or templars will kill you, same with the demon thing. If mages werent locked in a tower they wouldnt turn into demons or resort to blood magic. This is a simple solution. Each country would have a first enchanter and there would only be 1 tower for meeting and such with other first enchanters. The templars are people who are to power crazy. Again Magic should not be a curse it should be a gift. Just because they have magical powers does not mean they will resort to what previous mages did thousands of years ago. 1 incident should not label every mage from then on. The whole blood magic thing and demons would not happen if they were not locked in a tower and torn away from a normal life by something they were born with and constantly being watched by templars who have the power to kill them. The only way they could possibly fight back is by blood magic, and that is a terrible last resort just to get their freedom.
  3. Mages or templars? Of course this is about Dragon age. I am all for Mages,i think they should not be oppressed at all,i am not saying the templars are not needed,i just think they should not be doing what they do now. Templars are the soul reason why the mages merge with deamons. Think about it, Orsino in DA:2 turned into that weird monster thing because he was afraid of the templars,he wanted to be free and the rest of the mages as well,he also wanted Meridith dead. Now i know that it could turn into the Tevinter Imperium, but not all mages would do the same thing that happened in tevinter. The Tevinter Imperium was bad,but not all mages would do that. Just because it happened once doesnt mean it would happen in all parts of Thedis if they are not locked in a tower guarded by templars. this is just going to make the mages rebel more. A good example is the mage's (origins) friend in the temple that wants to escape so he could marry that girl. He destroyed his falactory, but in the end he got caught,now the templars were threatening to turn him into a tranquil,now who wants that,so he used blood magic to escape. He was pushed to do this because of the templars. Mages cant fall in love and cant have kids otherwise the kids would be taken at birth and the templars would have blackmail over both the mages that are in love and that is not something to hold over your head everytime you do something wrong. Mages are forcebly taken from their families to be put in a tower until they die,and they cant even see their families! And then there are the tranquil mages,striped of any emotion and are for failed mages. Thats right,you cant be a good mage you get turned trainquil. NO EMOTIONS,JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS. Whoever came up with that is just not a good person at all. The Chantry has taken to many cautions and it is not solving anything,the incident in Kirkwall proves that. Magic should not be curse,it should be a gift. So which side are you on? Mages or Templar?
  4. I dislike COD,every year it comes out,nothing changes,maybe a few game modes come out but its still your basic COD game.WIth Pokemon and Mario,these games were good from the start,nothing needed to change,maybe a few new stuff gets added,and still people love it,those were the games people grew up with,a game that is amazing doesnt need to change,but that isnt the case for COD,the developers need to realize that they need to take more than 1 year or 6 months to develop a game that is basically a recycle of the older games,with the flop of COD:Ghosts i hope they take more time to develop the game and add alot of new features,even extend the hours on the campaign,otherwise they will loose money.
  5. I have never really played guild wars 2 so i dont have an opinion but i started out in MMO's with WoW, and i have to say if it wasnt for WoW i would never have learned the basics of how to play an MMO and without that i wouldnt be a good player in MMO's, but for me i will always say WoW is better in the MMO franchise,until ESO comes out lol
  6. My favorite is either the Dragon age origins soundtrack or skyrim,its hard to choose
  7. I got a piggy bank that resembled sponge bob..very weird gift
  8. Im so excited on this game. Yes bioware did flop on some things but obviously people do like SWTOR (by an offical guild starting) and i havent seen any plot holes at all in mass effect 3, and ive played that game so many times. Bioware has learned from there mistakes. they are listening to the fans and are making a great game. If anyone is to blame for there games not being as good, blame EA not bioware. they want to make a good game but EA wants money, so they rush them so much to where they have no choice but to put out a unfinished game like DA:2 but now they are taking there time. this game has been in development for 3 years now, this game is going to be good. Actually there is mention of previous events if you listen clearly. epically with the liar of the shadow broker and in the beginning talking about why shepard was grounded. i have played ME:3 with no previous save file and i noticed a huge difference in the game and conversations. The writing in ME:3 was on par with all the other ME games. What bioware did with the ending was a nice touch, after the reapers are beaten and seeing what the characters do after the fact isnt the best way to end but its better than what it was.
  9. i love my cats. i was a dog person until my dog died
  10. I personally have never played,Ive been wanting to though. i hear it has a great story and characters so if i get the money and time for it i will definetly pick up this interesting series
  11. im very curios about these glasses
  12. Personally i love both.i love the fantasy in Dragon age but im a HUGE sci-fi fan. i would throw my support to any game that is either sci-fi or fantasy because the ways to write it is unlimited.
  13. I loved the new pokemon games but the one that really deserves it is The last of us. yes GTA V is really good to but the last of us just has the most amazing voice actors and story. My choice is either pokemon or the last of us
  14. Dragon age series, mass effect series,final fantasy series and kingdom hearts series. Love them all
  15. Definitely firefly. i loved that show.screw fox for fucking up and making a good show get canceled. it could have gone on as long as white castle has gone on or any of the other shows that has been going for almost 10 years aka Supernatual