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  1. Anyone willing to party up with me on this? Loving it so far but none of my friends play it. Same with: Battlefield 1 Vermintide Diablo 3 Killing Floor 2
  2. Please...halp. Lvl 40 Titan Sunbreaker 212 light. looking to do vault of glass or croata raids
  3. Honestly I would love to see them add a character from another game like they have done in the past and since WB also released Shadow of Mordor I would love to see Talion make an appearance. With the wrath powers and all those brutal finishers I feel like he would be a match made in heaven...or hell.
  4. Monolith has hit it out of the park with Shadow of Mordor, it's a lengthy well crafted game with a unique AI system and a truly top notch combat system. Yes they borrowed aspects from other games but they made it their own. The only real gripe I have is the climbing and hanging layout, its a little clunky. Love, love, LOVE this game.
  5. I was really lucky and bought the PX4 headset (http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/ps4-headsets/ear-force-px4/414) for only $60 at a pawn shop because they didn't price it correctly. I have been really really happy with it. This is the first headset I have ever owned. It's super comfortable and the sound is great, the 5.1 works well.
  6. I am always down for squad runs, I have a few friends that I play with on a regular basis but always down to play with new people
  7. My PSN is wolfmantooth84. I think the Naval Strike map pack is great but seriously they need to patch the shit out of this game. It's ridiculous.
  8. Instructions here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/1rqb2f/how_to_get_war_thunder_on_ps4_in_us/ I've been playing it the last few days and I'm starting to enjoy it a lot. Curious to see of anyone else is enjoying it. Definitely worth checking out.
  9. Forum Name - Wolfmantooth PSN - Wolfmantooth84
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. Yeah I should have search first, lessons learned
  12. It's not the worst thing ever but the Turtles look like a mix of Shrek and a baby. Also why change the origin story, it literally adds nothing. What do you guys think?
  13. Hello all!- After years of watching Joe's videos I figured it was time I joined the site. I always really appreciated his reviews because I feel he does a great job of representing my concerns as a consumer and fan of video games. Anyway on the to the fun stuff: I am a huge music nerd, I listen to a little bit of everything but a few favorites artists are: Converge, Black Breath, A Tribe Called Quest, ISIS, Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles, and Wu-Tang. I Could go on all day. Ill be turning 30 this year but I still have a love for gaming, art, and cartoons. Just the way I roll. Right now I mostly game on PS4 and have most of the titles that are out. Please feel free to reach out. Again super happy to finally be involved here and I look forward to meeting some great people! -Jordan