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  1. Red Dead Redemption could be coming since at the Xbox Gamescon conference it was said that 2K is one of the ones on board with backwards compatibility that's coming this November. Also all future Games with Gold free Xbox 360 games will be backwards compatible. http://www.polygon.com/2015/8/4/9094731/xbox-360-games-with-gold-backwards-compatible
  2. Here is my first video I did using the new Upload Studio.
  3. Create, Ride and Destroy in the ScreamRide demo tonight Already available for pre-order in stores, ScreamRide’s digital pre-order and pre-download also go live today.
  4. I'll believe it when Rockstar says something about it.
  5. NASA will be using it this Summer and I think if it already didn't work well they wouldn't be using it. They are testing it now.
  6. Yeah the almost transparent tiles are great. It still shows a bit of the color but you can tell what is behind it.
  7. The Xbox One is going back up to $399 on Saturday. Personally I think it's a big mistake to do so.
  8. I just got that but haven't payed the $8 yet for the non-trial version and I got today a Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X. HOTAS means Hands on Throttle and Stick. I got a profile for the controller off of a thread about it in the Elite Dangerous forums. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=15698&highlight=Thrustmaster Currently I'm looking at another thread that talks about using Voice Attack and has some profiles for that. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=12857
  9. I'm trying different controller methods to see which works the best for me. I first used a spare Xbox 360 controller and next I'll try keyboard and mouse. Lastly I'll try out my Joystick the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro since I don't want to have to get it and plug it in every time I need to use it. unless I need to.
  10. My biggest pet peeve is landing in spaceports. It needs either a flight path to show up in the HUD or have the ship's computer take over or otherwise it'll take many tries in the training simulator to get it right. I have yet to play the game due to having to do the training tutorials over and over again.
  11. There has been no mention of "Rise of the Tomb Raider" being a permanent exclusive to the Xbox One. My guess is if SF V does well SF VI will be on the Xbox One. Phil Spencer had a nice response to it: http://www.polygon.com/2014/12/8/7352609/xbox-head-reacts-to-news-of-street-fighter-exclusive-its-all-part-of
  12. I was going to wait to get it but for today only at Amazon it's $44.99. I ordered it and should get ti tomorrow. http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=lp_8524689011_gb1h_tit_c-2_6282_5ecdfb27?rh=i%3Avideogames%2Cn%3A8524689011&ie=UTF8&node=8524689011&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DERascsubtag=%5Bt%7Clink%5Bp%7C1646775845%5Bau%7C5856732741879800112ascsubtag=%5Bt%7Clink%5Bp%7C1665081128%5Bau%7C472972639ascsubtag=%5Breferrer%7Cgizmodo.com%5Bt%7Clink%5Bp%7C1646775845%5Bau%7C5856732741879800112ascsubtag=%5Breferrer%7Cgizmodo.com%5Bt%7Clink%5Bp%7C1646775845%5Bau%7C5856732741879800112&tag=sluncom-20&ascsubtag=%5Bt%7Clink%5Bp%7C1651933170%5Bau%7C5856732741879800112&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews
  13. http://majornelson.com/2014/11/19/many-thanks-one-year-xbox-one/
  14. If that would have been done for Dragon Age: Inquisition I might get it at launch but I'm going to wait for the collection or when/if there is a big Steam Sale for it.
  15. You can play GTA V in First Person mode which makes it almost look like a new game. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/11/04/grand-theft-auto-v-a-new-perspective