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  1. Do not mail it to him just deposit to the guild bank. You do not want for his mailbox to overflow!
  2. Well, be ESO's Match.com! For the players who are new to the guild and the game, have a sub-forum to find a guild member to partner with for the bonus. I have my half already but someone who does not know anyone might need help.
  3. Some treasure maps are not easy to find. There are a bunch videos on YouTube though how to find some of them. During the beta some of the quests and NPCs were deactivated on purpose to slow down progression and prevent new content from opening. There was a bunch of bugs like in any other new game. I think there might be still many. I doubt they will have all of them fixed on time.
  4. Definitely playing this Sunday! I will be very busy on Monday and Tuesday but hope to play again on Wednesday. First thing to do - reserve the names! Second - join the guild! Third - group with friends and kick a..e! I am so excited!
  5. Hello! Hello!
  6. Hi, I just joined per friend's recommendation. I hope to become a part of AJSA ESO chapter. I've been playing MMO RPGS since original Everquest. My husband is planning to join also. Thanks! Moonglow