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    Dark Souls, Star Citizen, Hearthstone, CS:GO, with more to come
  1. I don't think there will be an AJSA organization, the reason being the organization types (unless we want several small branches). Our members have different goals for the game, and it's better for pirates to join a large pirate org than something else. If we can find out what the majority of AJSA want, we can at least make an AJSA organization for them
  2. Tbh, the talent trees were pretty bull after TBC... every class had 2-3 "cookie cutter" builds with minor variations, everyone ended with the same talents anyway! Now we have the same, 3 specializations with options to pick a few abilities of our own
  3. Right now I'm way more interested in exploring the dark corners, getting a shady network, smuggling wares and selling for a hefty profit. Bounty hunter / Piracy / Dogfighting sounds like a very risky business with loads of downtime (wait for target, search for target, organize etc). I think it will be a lot more lucrative to be a trader, a hauler, escort, pirate or smuggler.
  4. I'll definitely be grabbing the consumer version of it if they ship it to Norway. It seems like it will be the next "must have" gaming peripheral for hardcore gamers, and I think driving and flying games will be incredibly awesome when using oculus Star Citizen + Oculus rift = All my dreams come true
  5. It gets real old, real fast. The only thing the game has going for it to keep it interesting in the long run atm is The Arena (good rewards, even if you lose you get at least 1 pack)... but earning 150 gold becomes a real drag. I got bored with HS after a few weeks and coincidentally alienware had a giveaway for Might & Magic duel of champions. I got into that game and never logged into HS since. It has way more cards, you can have tons of builds and variations in your decks, the gameplay is advanced with way more strategy required. It makes HS look like a card game for kids. Though, it is far more confusing and not as polished as HS by any stretch of the imagination.
  6. What about your video card drivers, are they up to date? Also, give this a try http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2688326
  7. FYI the standard hornet does not come with gatling guns. The Super Hornet (limited edition ship no longer available as pledge) came with two gatling guns on the side. So you can either buy the guns in game and equip them later on, or save up for a super hornet in-game that comes with them pre-equipped.
  8. It's classified as a merchant "clipper" ship, so I'm pretty sure it will be damn fast in a straight line
  9. I traded in my hornet and aurora for a Banu Merch ship! Remove 1 hornet and 1 aurora from our list and add a Banu Merchant ship
  10. Angry Joe should make a review on this game, seems like it would give him loads of ammo to become ANGRY joe
  11. I love watching videos of coordinated Arma games, it looks like a blast. I don't own Arma III, but would definitely get into it if we can get a good group together
  12. I was in the Beta for that, but never got around to playing it at release
  13. I haven't played a bunch of indie games, but the ones I've really enjoyed are: Kerbal Space Program (simplified rocket scientist/astronaut sim) Papers Please (immigration officer sim) Electronic Super Joy (Balls to the wall 2D platformer with amazing techno music) The Deponia games (funny point and click adventure heavily inspired by monkey island)
  14. I used to pirate back when I was a kid and didn't have any sort of income. The last game I pirated was Dishonored when it came out, I thoroughly enjoyed it (was not expecting so at all), and was so pleased with the experience that I bought it on steam once it came on sale, and given them continued support by buying the DLCs for it. Pirating to me has dwindled down to TV-shows because of the piss poor distributing and copyright systems they have. I subscribe to netflix, but say I want to watch game of thrones. Try googling it, first links are malicious websites that are full of ads. Next is the HBO site, which requires HBO Go to watch their series... and it's only available if you have certain cable providers. What a joke. They won't even let me pay them to watch their shows.
  15. Gaming laptops are so expensive... I'll never understand why people would want to buy them unless they travel between two homes often. At that price you can build a great desktop PC with at least the same specs as the laptop, and use the remaining money to buy a cheap laptop for surfing the net and doing work on.