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  1. Hmm, ok. But why was the forum also deleted?
  2. What happened to the AJSA's support for Archeage? The forum is completely gone. I played the hell out of the closed betas with the AJSA, but when the game launched I lost interest (especially cause the guild chose the east faction). Wondering if anyone knows.
  3. Hey Crazycrab, click "email" and they will email you the full code.
  4. Handicrafts. Those necklaces, rings and earrings provide some nice extra stats.
  5. Awesome, it's gonna be great. Let's dominate this world! Also sorry I couldn't be at the meeting, I had school.
  6. 10am PST. If that helps anyone.
  7. Woohoo!
  8. Yeah... this was for beta event 3. Also I don't like randoms who makes ajsa accounts just for giveaways. Sad.
  9. Ikr fuzzypanda, same thing happened to me. usually after a beta event i dont go looking for info on the next one till like 4 days later. Good thing we checked in time. Also I got my invite woohoo!
  10. That's strange.
  11. Chillin' in the guild house.
  12. Alright yog since only you entered, you won. lol I'll pm you it
  13. Hey I have 1 key that I'm giving away. All you need to do to get it is write a small post telling me what you look forward to doing in this next beta. I'll choose the winner. Good Luck.
  14. I know, Im saying buy something in the store with gilda stars that allows you to get labor offline.