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  1. I didn't see this being reviewed on the front page so I decided to give this a go. Please note I am reviewing the Xbox one version and performance may vary. Fallout: Nuka-world is the last DLC pack that was released by bethesda for Fallout 4 and adds a brand new open world, based around a abandoned pre-war theme park based off the iconic drink you constantly encounter across the fallout franchise, adding with it, a brand new questline where you can literally become a raider warlord and conquer the boston wasteland settlements by violence or raider diplomacy (ie blackmail and intimidation). I'll be covering a few sections in this review, so lets begin... New world map: The map where the majority of action will take place, the park in the title, is truely huge, in my opinion easily twice as large as far harbours world map. The park itself has several areas to explore, beginning in a central hub already made 'safe' which includes a arcade filled with playable games, which allows you to win prize tickets that can be refunded for special weapons, the home bases of the three major factions in the area and also features, in a nice link to fallout 3, the reappearence of the character of Sierra Petrovita, the nukacola obsessed NPC from fallout 3. Other areas include a sci-fi themed zone, a wild west themed area that for some reason is full of mini-graboids and a zoo full of mutated wildlife as well as areas outside the parks walls, such as a haunted house with a creepy quest I will not spoil here. Some of the rides can also be repairs towards the end of the main story by rebooting the parks nuclear power plant and restoring power to many parts of the park, a nice touch for completionists. New Content: Next up, new things. As stated above, the park itself is controlled by three raider gangs...the pack, a animalistic gang based off a wolf pack mentality...the operators, a almost spec ops outfit and the disciples, a classic violence and torture raider gang. As you progress through the story and clear zones of the park, you have to choose which gang controlls which area, with the one you ignore the most turning on you in the final mission. Each faction has its own preferred weapon and armor, with the packs weapons being brightly and garishly coloured over the operators professionally upkept weapons. It also includes a brand new follower in the form of a raider who will help you in guiding you through the main 'raider path' quest... The DLC also adds a horde of brand new gear and a new ammo type, in the form of the 7.62 round, which is used in the Kalashnikov-like handmade rifle. Other weapons include a new type of nuka grenade, a new version of the fatman called the nuka-nuke launcher, MIRV grenades and a water pistol that can be modified to fire exploding rounds powered by weaponized versions of nuka-colas. Others include a vastly superior version of the X-01 power armor that is found by performing a 'scavenger hunt' style quest to locate computer cores to repair the sci-fi zones main computer. For kleptomaniac/weapon and armor collector players like myself, this is great fun and the handmade rifles new ammo packs one hell of a punch. There are even nuka-world themed robot parts to customise and bots made via the robot workbench. Finally, there is, as stated, the ability to take command, over the course of the main story, the raiders of the park and lead them on a campaign to take over the settlements in the wasteland, eventually coming to blows with preston and the minutemen. For evil-aligned players, this is great fun and is a wonderful reward when you take over the park. Sadly this also brings us to... Cons: The above 'raider path' is also a con for players like me who wanna play the hero, as the only way to power up the park is to choose the alternate quest to kill off the raider gangs in the park with extreme prejudice and a minigun (weapon of raider annihilation choice may vary). This sadly can make it hard to know what to do, as it converts all the quests, such as the one to pacify the park zones or repair the power, into unmarked quests, making a raider playthrough essencial the first time round for new players to the DLC to know exactly what to do and where to go, though luckily zone-specific quests such as the computer core scavenger quest can still be activated and retain their markers when you discover them and from my experience makes it far harder to get some of the special weapons without the use of cheat mods as, using the 'good guy' quest path requires you to kill the NPC's giving out the reward and limits some weapons like the hallucinagen grenade to what you can find in the DLC's world map. Luckily these cons are not truly game breakers and can easily be ignored via the use of separate saves. The new area is a little small and some areas on the map, such as the town on the top right of the map is nothing but a ghoul-infested filler, with no purpose then just being there, which in my opinion is a missed opportunity, something I hope the modding community takes advantage of at some point. Final verdict: My final verdict is a nice, solid 8/10. Nuka-world is a nice little finale for the official DLC packs of fallout 4, adding lots of content, the ability to play as a proper villain and raider and a huge world map to explore which sadly suffers from lightly penalising players that wanna play the good guy by either forcing them to play evil the first time round or spend some time getting lost. Its a fun DLC that fallout 4 players will find enjoyable however and worth a play.
  2. I've given it a play. The single players actually pretty fun, but I doubt it'd appeal to people new to the series given it relies on you knowing who characters like Gabriel angelos are...hell I was thrown for a curve as it introduced a eldar character who only appeared in one of the DoW 1 expansions and in the novels.. That said, I would recommend it to play. The tutorial guides well done to guide old and new players into the new features and I am happy to see a mix of DoW 1's base building and DoW 2's elite squads aspects. Its worth a go to fans of the series.
  3. oh, the risen 3 review...I never got round to watching that *pulls up browser window* VIDEO TIME *throws self out window*
  4. I'm guessing this is from a video or comic...link please
  5. the clan search engine seems to be broken. I got a 'something wierd happened' error when i tried to see if my application had been accepted. I think bungies getting day 1 problems edit: its working now...I;ve sent my invite from the PSN tag 'Lynchpin451
  6. I'm not sure...whichever causes the moast PAIN on the enemy, most likely...I do love my high DPS.
  7. Going playstation 4
  8. I actually play this game...its good fun and the puzzles are fun...hell, in one case, the creators actually made a fake website about the town the puzzle is in so you can find the solution...a classy touch that immerses you in the world just a little more. That said...its hell to try and slowly gather up SP and AP to get that weapon you want with no option to respec if you goofed up.
  9. I've been a long time player of this game, first as free-to-play and eventually becoming a lifetime sub. I recently came across Joes '5 things I hate about STO' video on spoony's site and, as there is no sign of a follow up review (which I rspect why, Joe's a busy man to revisit a game). To that end, I have decided to do a follow up review to see if Cryptic have listened or if they are still squarely in Corporate commanders pocket. I can say that some improvements have been made. When I first set up my FTP account, there were already ship interiors to explore and some minor voice acting in the form of Leonard Nemoys voiceovers when you entered a new sector and some signs of the new implemented view coms, though lip movement is still not implemented Some variety was already around in that some missions offered a second optional path which was different depending on your character type. This was usually most obvious in the first federation mission where you respond to a distress call from a freighter. Science officers could heal injured freighter crew (most likely adding them as NPC combat support), tactical could vent ship plasma to disable enemy teams and the engineering char could literally alter the ending by saving the freighter from a warp core breach. Team events have also expanded from simple 'federation vs klingons' to include fleet fights against the borg, the elachi (a race added to the new romulan storyline), the tholians and even species 8472 and the voth from voyager. I cannot speak for PVP as I was never really into PVP on star trek online. Joe will also be happy to know that, admittedly via a c-store unlock, you can now play as a federation klingon or have a klingon as a federation bridge officer. Some missions added with the 'new romulus' story do also allow dialogue control or have you having to sneak past tholians to hack their satellites. The ingame guilds/fleets have also gotten some attention, fleets now able to club together to build their own starbase, new romulus embassy, dilithium mine, and as of season 9, a spire on a dyson sphere. Lock boxes also now have a chance of giving you a alien ship depending on the lock box type...at the moment the 'undine' lock boxes have a small chance of giving you a species 8472 starship. The lobi store, which uses currency given out in lock boxes, also sells various alien ships, such as hirogen cruisers, tholian carriers, Jem'Hedar heavy cruisers and even a 29th century 'wells class' destroyer. The 'exchange', the star trek online auction house also means that it is possible to get high grade weaponry and ships as long as you have the ingame credits to buy them. Finally, added with the romulan playable side, was a proper story for the klingons, a story that adds a proper story for the klingons. The Federation tutorial, as of season 9's update has also been upgraded into a tutorial worthy of the star trek franchise. My first problem I had when I began was with the paywall locking off several ships. However, it became clear that the money is being sent back into the game and is slightly forgivable given both the games 'free to play' status and and the star power that has been brought in to fully voice a good dozen or so missions, such as Michael Dorn (voicing his original character of worf) Tim Russ, voicing admiral tuvok and Denise Crosby, voicing both Tasha yar (in a singular fully voiced mission which ends with you flying the enterprise C) and empress sela as well as improved missions. Also the 'paywall' cannot really be called that as the game can easily be beaten without buying a single c-store ship. Continuing the subject of voice acting, more and more missions are seeing added voice acting, and upgraded visuals...a definate improvement over when I opened my account. However, the main problems I feel should be mentioned are on the technical side. Star trek online still has some trouble conn ecting to certain internet providers, including Virgin Media, my own and some of the upgraded missions are bugged, not bugs that perma-break the missions as each bug is easily bypassed should you know the trick but the fact is that cryptic should have spotted these bugs on their 'tribble' test server and should not rely on the players using that server to spot bugs for them. My final score is a 8/10 The game has improved alot in the last couple of years, be it with improved missions, voice acting and the addition of a klingon story. There is lots of things for groups to do, be it building your starbase with friends or taking on the borg queen in a group via a 'STF' PVE event or even playing the 'Q winter wonderland' christmas event to win a breen starship. While it still has a little way to go and is still held back by the modified Champions online engine, it is clear that cryptic are doing the best they can and are putting true effort into making a good star trek game. Hopefully they will continue to improve and eventually meet the standards of the AJSA community.
  10. I am a long time player of this game and I have seen Joes '5 things' co op video with spoony on the game Pros: Most of the problems have been fixed. 1: The ships now have some great interiors, there are things like DS9 to explore properly. 2: There is some decent variety for combat (depending on your char type...for example, a tactical will have a different option from a engineering). One example was during the mission, 'the vault' where I could choose how to safely bypass a bases security perimeter again depending on my characters role. 3: There is plenty of ship variety, though this may still lose points as ships like the vulcan ship are gotten through the c store. 4: The tutorial missions for all three sides *the romulans are now in the game* now have some very good tutorial missions that feel like star trek and in many cases are voiced. The klingons also have their own extremely good story now. 5: Game guilds/fleets now are able to build their own fleet starbases and assets, including a new romulus embassy, a dilithium mine you can use to get your own ore, and a spire on a dyson sphere that was added in season 9. 6: They have even given one of joes demands...in that the feds can play as a klingon (though again...its a c store unlock) and get klingon bridge officers (I have such a officer as a science officer) 7: There is a foundry system that lets players make a story and give it to the community to play (some of which are worthy of being in the show) cons: It still has a few bugs but the game is now far from broken. 1: still some problems with connectivity with some providors like virgin media 2: lock box keys can only be gotten reasonably via the c store using real money. 3: at least a third of the ships are on c store credit only though the game is easily beatable without them, Its worth another look and I think the AJSA could really enjoy it.
  11. banned for not including
  12. banned for not causing world peace, not solving world hunger, not inventing warp drive and not making a black bin liner thats easy to open also...
  13. I've suffered my own incidents of bullying thanks to my aspergers syndrome and sheer bad luck. Only three incidents really stand out in my head, two at high school/college and one on a MMO. The first, at high school actually could have killed me when someone pushed me so I went face first into some stone paving slabs hard enough to be out cold for a few seconds. My friends said they had a small idea who did it as they saw someone run off laughing as I was being helped. The second was later, at college after me and my friends from high school had gone their seperate ways. I was walking home when a group of 6 formers on mountain bikes came across me and thought it would be fun to chase me through town, calling how they wanted to run me over. Luckily I got away from them but I was scared out of my mind. The third was more of a annoyance to me personally and occured on Eve Online. A player going by the name Black skull 929 decided that I should, and I quote 'get in the bath, drop a hairdryer in after me and end my retardedness for everyone else'. At the time I was heavily depressed by real life and this guy crashed the scope channel where my fellow corp mates were cheering me up how I should kill myself...for a second I actually concidered it. In all three cases the bullies never got into trouble...hell black skull 929 got free stuff from CCP last I heard. That said, its nice to find a guild like the AJSA who are fulol of friendly considerate fellow gamers.
  14. I am desperate to get at least to lvl 20...but my char gains XP at a pitiful rate. I seem to be unable to get beyond lvl 11 without running into quests at least 2 levels above my grade. Still stuck on Auridon as a result. Yet I saw at the last event that almost everyone was 12 levels or higher above me. Is there any trick to actually getting better levelling or am I doomed to grind/dying alot?
  15. banned for not believing in santa christ