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  1. Deadeye_DK liked a post in a topic by Traveller800 in Star Trek online: Have they listened to Joe?   
    I've been a long time player of this game, first as free-to-play and eventually becoming a lifetime sub.
    I recently came across Joes '5 things I hate about STO' video on spoony's site and, as there is no sign of a follow up review (which I rspect why, Joe's a busy man to revisit a game).  To that end, I have decided to do a follow up review to see if Cryptic have listened or if they are still squarely in Corporate commanders pocket.
    I can say that some improvements have been made.  When I first set up my FTP account, there were already ship interiors to explore and some minor voice acting in the form of Leonard Nemoys voiceovers when you entered a new sector and some signs of the new implemented view coms, though lip movement is still not implemented
    Some variety was already around in that some missions offered a second optional path which was different depending on your character type.  This was usually most obvious in the first federation mission where you respond to a distress call from a freighter.  Science officers could heal injured freighter crew (most likely adding them as NPC combat support), tactical could vent ship plasma to disable enemy teams and the engineering char could literally alter the ending by saving the freighter from a warp core breach.
    Team events have also expanded from simple 'federation vs klingons' to include fleet fights against the borg, the elachi (a race added to the new romulan storyline), the tholians and even species 8472 and the voth from voyager.  I cannot speak for PVP as I was never really into PVP on star trek online.
    Joe will also be happy to know that, admittedly via a c-store unlock, you can now play as a federation klingon or have a klingon as a federation bridge officer.
    Some missions added with the 'new romulus' story do also allow dialogue control or have you having to sneak past tholians to hack their satellites.
    The ingame guilds/fleets have also gotten some attention, fleets now able to club together to build their own starbase, new romulus embassy, dilithium mine, and as of season 9, a spire on a dyson sphere.
    Lock boxes also now have a chance of giving you a alien ship depending on the lock box type...at the moment the 'undine' lock boxes have a small chance of giving you a species 8472 starship.  The lobi store, which uses currency given out in lock boxes, also sells various alien ships, such as hirogen cruisers, tholian carriers, Jem'Hedar heavy cruisers and even a 29th century 'wells class' destroyer.
    The 'exchange', the star trek online auction house also means that it is possible to get high grade weaponry and ships as long as you have the ingame credits to buy them.
    Finally, added with the romulan playable side, was a proper story for the klingons, a story that adds a proper story for the klingons.  The Federation tutorial, as of season 9's update has also been upgraded into a tutorial worthy of the star trek franchise.
    My first problem I had when I began was with the paywall locking off several ships.  However, it became clear that the money is being sent back into the game and is slightly forgivable given both the games 'free to play' status and and the star power that has been brought in to fully voice a good dozen or so missions, such as Michael Dorn (voicing his original character of worf) Tim Russ, voicing admiral tuvok and Denise Crosby, voicing both Tasha yar (in a singular fully voiced mission which ends with you flying the enterprise C) and empress sela as well as improved missions.  Also the 'paywall' cannot really be called that as the game can easily be beaten without buying a single c-store ship.
    Continuing the subject of voice acting, more and more missions are seeing added voice acting, and upgraded visuals...a definate improvement over when I opened my account.
    However, the main problems I feel should be mentioned are on the technical side.  Star trek online still has some trouble conn ecting to certain internet providers, including Virgin Media, my own and some of the upgraded missions are bugged, not bugs that perma-break the missions as each bug is easily bypassed should you know the trick but the fact is that cryptic should have spotted these bugs on their 'tribble' test server and should not rely on the players using that server to spot bugs for them.
    My final score is a 8/10
    The game has improved alot in the last couple of years, be it with improved missions, voice acting and the addition of a klingon story.  There is lots of things for groups to do, be it building your starbase with friends or taking on the borg queen in a group via a 'STF' PVE event or even playing the 'Q winter wonderland' christmas event to win a breen starship.
    While it still has a little way to go and is still held back by the modified Champions online engine, it is clear that cryptic are doing the best they can and are putting true effort into making a good star trek game.  Hopefully they will continue to improve and eventually meet the standards of the AJSA community.