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  1. I have a few add-ons, mostly UI changing ones, including combat text. I tried the mini-map one yesterday but I kept getting an error for it, so I uninstalled it. That would be handy though, if it is fixed.
  2. There are books in bookcases that can increase your skill as well as scrolls and books lying around on the floor or on tables and the like as you explore through the countryside. Following the mage quest-line also advanced those skills, faster than the Fighters guild one's!
  3. I believe the server is down for maintenance according to the log-in page. I got booted from playing around 12:30, got the error 328 and 108 before I checked ESO official website and they have a noitce there as well. So hopefully that shouldn't be an issue once their done working on this unscheduled maintenance. If the problem persists after the servers are back up, I'm not quite sure what to do next. I suppose sending the email won't hurt, but it seems to be an issue that they don't have a fix for atm.
  4. ****sent ID @slyfishey for an invite!