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  1. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.
  2. SN: https://steamcommunity.com/id/n2slow4me how many hours/games played: around 1200 hours, dont know how many games. MMR: 3500 Timezone: GMT+1 availability: Anytime you can see me on steam what roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with: Virtually anything any heroes youd like to play on team/Most comfortable heroes: Mid/Jungle heroes, mostly aggressive/carry heroes, but i can kick ass with a support I would like to find people who are interested into grouping up for some online tourneys and eventually going competitive. While having a lot of fun ofc I'm preferably looking for more experienced players to join up with.
  3. You could've waited another 5 days to make it 2 months to respond
  4. "Went mid no ganks we lose ggwp" Every single time i see someone typing this, i want to beat the crap out of them. The fact that i went mid doesn't mean i'm going to gank other lanes all the time because some idiot can't stay alive.
  5. Damn, that furi is bad.
  6. pls ban eredar, charlie too stronk
  7. Pray for teammates that aren't complete idiots
  8. Any chance of doing one this saturday?
  9. Steamname(Forum name/Teamspeak name if different): https://steamcommunity.com/id/n2slow4me Region/Continent(server locations)/timezones youd be willing to teach: EU East, EU West, Russia Languages(any languages you know, plz list english): Serbian, English. Availability(around what times would you be playing/free time): Uhm, i'm usually available a lot during the day, unless im at my college, where i dont have steam access. Your best bet is to contact me on steam, but expect me to be able to play usually at nights/mornings. How many hours/Games of Dota 2 experience - 3 Years Dota 1, 1 Year HoN, 1 Year LoL, 1089 hours Dota2 Ranked MMR: 3.4k Prior Coaching experience(if applicable)(not required but helps): I've helped some of my friends pick up and learn the game. What your coaching would cover(topics): Whatever you goddamn need. That excludes feeding and cursing. I can even teach you how to pick your nose while hitting sunstrikes. any specific hero youd be excellent coaching/Teaching people about: I will teach you the art of using support heroes to carry the game. There is no greater skill then going Deadalus Crystal Maiden or Wisp Radiance. Because i am THAT awesome. (if you can't stand sarcasm, i can teach you anything you want. But you're missing on the excitement of carry CM) EXTRA: IF YOU EVER WANTED THAT RELATIONSHIP SIMILAR TO ROCK LEE - MIGHT GUY IN NARUTO, THEN I'M YOUR MAN! (I do not have and will not provide you with those green leather spandex suits because they creep me the hell out)
  10. Same name as my profile ofc. Too many MOBA hours to count, got around 950 hours in dota 2 xD 3300 MMR (i dont play ranked often, my friends whine about ranked), started getting into ranked more seriously a while ago EU East would be preferable, think i can handle west. Anytime i'm online, any hero needed.
  11. Expecting everyone this saturday
  12. I was on the TS and the chat, i believe only one guy (can't remember who) said he was listening but he couldn't talk because someone was sleeping near him.
  13. I haven't entered on my account since 4-5th of May, and i can't login for another two weeks, goddamnit
  14. Yes, i know there is an Inhouse theme. Yes, i could've written this there, but that's not the point, the point is something i think should be adressed. Let's start from the beggining. The gathering for the time i was in was slow. We needed 2-3 more players and even though i could count around 40 people in the chat, we just couldn't find the needed members. Magically, once we found them, we managed to find spectators (lol to the Murphy laws). The people that were there were amazing to play with, unfortunately i only remember 2 guys Ziggy and Craig, because they had memorable names (and Craig's freaking Scottish accent :jealous:). It was a shitload of fun. Even though i didn't have a freaking idea what a goddamn 'gimmick' is (still don't), we still had lots of fun, with many memorable moments (OP weaver jukes, our fail rock gimmick, amazing bloodseeker by Ziggy i believe, and my evil-teddy-bear-advised-carry-centaur). For three games (perhaps I will upload some of these, so you can see the fun we had, especially in the first one [because my evil-teddy-bear-advised-carry-centaur WILL NOT BE IGNORED]). The fourth one is the one i had a problem about. We were losing the game from around the 10 min mark, when the Tinker (who managed to FB me on mid) started ganking crazy and pretty much obliterated all lanes. Near the end of the game, two of my teammates started arguing and cursing each other over teamspeak, causing several people to log off, and i guess some people, like myself, muted the freaking channel. I understand arguing and wanting to discuss why we lost. I don't understand saying "fuck you" 50 times over 10 minutes to the other player. I would like to say i know the names of the players that were involved, and i was considering publically doing this, with both Steam/Teamspeak iddentities, but i realise that sometimes people get annoyed. I just want to use this ocassion to remind everyone that we are here to HAVE A GOOD TIME first, and then comes everything else. You, me, the random guy on the forum, we all joined because we were sick of the idiotic matchmaking (damn you Volvo), vulgar Russian players (appologies to our Russian players on the forums who aren't like this), and simply put - assholes. When you play with your teammates, if you don't have anything smart to add to the conversation or if you just want to blame someone else - mute your fucking mic.
  15. I went for Far shiverpeaks, also a highly populated server.