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    Fayetteville, NC
  1. Saying that im not in the guild any more @azraelevans sent
  2. That was a good day and you know what im sure we will have another glorious day(s) on the battlefield. Our resolve is strong, and the troops are hardened by constant battle. To overcome the odds we must defy the odds; in any army and on every battlefield; these words ring true in the ears of underdog units.
  3. Last night was fun. Sorry I had to leave after the outpost. I was playing through pain, hot an infection in my toe form a spider bite. I will be on tonight but wont say much in TS because I was prescribed Tyenol w/ codine LOL. With the leaders we have; there is no reason we will not succeed as long as we stick together and follow the oders of our superiors.
  4. Hello all I go by the name Azrael Evans or Rich lol. Im an active PvP'er in ESO with my toon Setey and im enjoying being apart of the Angry Army. I live in Fayetteville, NC so im an eastern time guy. Together we will smash Cryo... Lets go AJSA!
  5. @@@sent @azraelevans