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  1. Apexhunter liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in So I gave GW2 a chance and...   
    Welcome to GW2!
    As a fellow member who has dumped 3k+ hours into the game, I'd like to tell you that my experience in the beginning was very similar, but for me, it was my first MMO.  When I joined a guild (before the AJSA), they showed me the ropes, taught me all about the different types of stats, gear, skills and classes while we levelled up.  If there's one thing that I can identify as unique in GW2, its the community.  While you do get some bad apples (particularly in the PvP scene), the majority of my interactions with the player base was very pleasant, people are usually happy to give advice and even some mats/gold if you ask nicely.
    In your case, I advise that you join a guild, such as the AJSA EU guild, especially one that has TS.  If you strike up a conversation with them in guild chat/TS, you'd get a much clearer impression of GW2. 
    Secondly, you need to keep in mind that the trinity does not exist in this game... the nature of gameplay is also different... for instance, damage absorption isn't such a priority as is dodging, using obstacles/walls to evade and timing of skills/combos. 
    The other thing I'd like to point out is that you most likely picked the elementalist class.  That class is mostly used as a glass cannon and can be difficult to master if you aren't familiar with GW2 gameplay.  I suggest that you start with a different class, such as the warrior or guardian... however, if you feel lucky, then I suggest you try out the engineer, I had a LOT of fun with that class and its a blast to play that class on PvP.
    Furthermore, the game showers you with xp for exploring and crafting as well.  I can lvl up 5-7 levels by just exploring a small part of each racial starting area.  You also gain about 7 levels for each crafting discipline you master (reach lvl 400/500).
  2. Apexhunter liked a post in a topic by Virwulf in Hiya everyone!   
    Hi everyone.
    I've been looking for people to game with for awhile. My schedule is nuts sometimes, and my real life friends don't game as much anymore. I hope to meet and interact with the Angry Joe Army . 
    I just wanted to add that I play League of Legends a lot. My gamer tag is,  MeatTrucker. 
  3. Izaya Orihara liked a post in a topic by Apexhunter in New recruit here!   
    Welcome to the AJSA !!!!!
  4. Apexhunter liked a post in a topic by Izaya Orihara in New recruit here!   
    Hey! I've loved this show for a while and the community but just recently decided to actually join with an account
    soo... HI!
    I love playing fps games and really really REALLY enjoy games with story. (guess I know why I like Joe so much).

    Would love to play with ya'll or meet u in future forums.

    Steam: 30similiefacez
    how to meet u guys sometime
  5. Apexhunter liked a post in a topic by Oreyn in The Spirit Away plothole   
    Because it was a magic world full of magic, so that tends to let most rules and logic vanish. So, I'm going to guess at your questions.
    1) probably an actual mythical creature in Japan, they have lots of them.This one probably devours the greedy.
    2) Because it's a spirit world and those are random spirits.
    3) Because magic. and sibling rivalry. But mostly magic.
    4) Because magic? Probably some sort of seal that keeps the spirits there that might destroy them if they try to leave. And if she looked back maybe she'd become trapped?
    5) Because the story was completed, happy ending. You really want them to have 20,000 sequels? That ruins the magic, and then logic gets applied, then one thing leads to another and we're stuck with nuclear fallout and zombies and every other form of apocalypse. Or we get politics, either way no one's happy.
  6. Apexhunter liked a post in a topic by SloppyG in Thorker of the AJSA Crowned first emporer of AD on Skull Crusher   
    After hours of intense battle, the AJSA pushed through to Aleswell keep, claimed it and crowned Thorker as the first Emporer for the AD Alliance!
    Thorker Declared Emporer!

    Sorry, poor screenshot from a video.
    Check out that armor!

    Kneel before Zod!

    We've all seen game of thrones though... this will only end one way
    Here's the full screenshot:

    Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who helped turn the tide over the past day!
    Special thanks to our Sergeant Morwenna, great work soldier!