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  1. With success comes diversification. When AJ drops his dramatis personae you can see an intellectual individual who is drawn to storytelling through multiple mediums (books, games, film, graphic novels, etc.). Individuals like that need to evolve and that’s what the success of his videos has enabled him to do. Gaming is a big part of him but not ALL of him and he’s exploring that. The GOOD NEWS is that AJ’s audience appeal is large but PATICULAR. It’s people that enjoy him being him. So we won’t have to worry about a Disney-esque watering down of content to win the mindless Roman mob. The best way to ensure that continues is contributing $$$ to his site when you can. I’m looking to do that now. I don’t know who his inner circle is or whether they show a smidge of his aptitude or if their just sycophantic ass kissers like “Turtle” from Entourage, but hopefully some of them can share more of the burden to allow him to do what he does best – saving me money from shitty games and making me chuckle.
  2. I literally discovered the existence of “Angry Joe” not 3 days ago by accident but came away utterly impressed. As I watched his content reviewing games I’d played I was blown away by his talent for voicing the very same gauntlet of emotions I’d experienced in everything from Skyrim to Mass Effect 3 to George Lucas. What first strikes you is this guy is extremely intelligent, he’s articulate and that behind the theatrics there’s a sharp, insightful mind at work. As I watched these carefully scripted and f**king hilarious reviews I thought to myself, “This dude’s operation can’t be cheap.” To ensure he continues with his content tonight I’m taking a look at my budget so I can begin contributing $10-$15 monthly to the “AJSA”. The money I will save from buying $h!tty games like Aliens Colonial Marines (pure suck) will MORE than off set this small amount. I hope more members of this site will come to the same realization. This material NEEDS to continue. There is no greater bane than lawnmowers that won’t start and a BAD game. I have enough confidence in Joe’s opinion to base future purchases on his reviews. That is a FACT. Unfortunately, I am a widower, so I have the authority to make those sorts of budget decisions (I was getting tired of sending money to Africa for vaccines anyway… J/k that stays). I can’t swear to become a disciple or “active duty” member of the Army as I served with the U.S. Navy Sea Bees (Can Do!) but I’m certainly a convert.